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Jason McKim quotes: the quieter half of Local Marketing Vault discusses mindset, marketing, success, and life.

“‘Jason, what is it you attribute to your success?’  I get this a lot.  Well, simply put, I worked f*ckin’ hard.  I put in the work.  I didn’t make BS excuses.  I failed a lot.  I thought about long-term gains versus short-term results.  I laughed at the pathetic trolls.  I told myself, ‘Why not me?’  When others said I couldn’t, I said, ‘Watch me.’  I did everything others wouldn’t do so I could achieve like others can’t – and we’re just getting started.”

“Keep your circle small and your dreams big.”

“You’re always closer than you think.  Never give up.”

“‘If you have persistence you will come out ahead of most people.’  This is probably the number one trait of any successful person.”

“Make an impact and leave a legacy of positivity.”

“Action plus perseverance is greater than skill.”

“You don’t have to be the smartest.  Just put in the consistent work.  There are no excuses.”

“There’s usually a longer story behind every success you see.  There are no easy roads.  It’s all about the persistence and patience.”

“There ain’t anything you can’t do when you’re in a pack of killers.”

“Don’t judge your first draft based on someone’s final copy.  We all start somewhere.”

“Don’t create problems that aren’t there.  Focus on what is standing right in front of you.”

“Invest more in your brain.  It will give you a better return on your money.”

“You’re in control, so make it count.”

“We all have something inside of us that can help make the world a better place.  Share it.”

“Business doesn’t have to be complicated.  Keep it simple and keep perspective.”

“Do something great… and leave no one behind!”

“Keep doing you and ignore the people that bring negativity into your life.”

“Everything always works out the way it should… just keep moving forward.”

“Take massive action and the details will take care of themselves.”

Being happy truly does solve most problems.”

“Not sure why people think businesses magically start themselves.  At a minimum, you need money to invest to educate yourself on business and marketing.”

“Don’t hesitate, just do.  Really… it’s no big deal.”

“Cut the unproductive and negative aspects of your life out, and watch yourself grow.”

“Kick, scream, claw… but don’t sit there and take crap from life.  Take it by the horns and make it what you know it should be.”

“Prove them all wrong.”

“No great achievement was done alone.  Don’t sit still being stuck.  Get help, solve your problem, and press on toward success.”

“Find a mission that is bigger than yourself… and you’ll win at life.”

“Your mind is your most powerful resource.  Change the way you think and you’ll change your life.”

“Keep putting positivity into the world and it’ll return tenfold.”

“The only times in my life where I’ve been the most stressed is because of money (mainly, a lack thereof).  Don’t demonize money.  It helps reduce stress (financial worry), [allows you to] provide for your family (don’t forget mom too), and ultimately, allows you to truly give back to what you are passionate about (for me, it’s animals).”

“It’s no coincidence that the people that work the hardest uncover the most opportunities.”

“Be a boss no matter what it is you do.”

“Embrace the setbacks.  The entire journey will define you – not just the good parts.”

“Create a business, not another job.  A smart business has a system in place that works for you while you focus on growth and scale.”

“Reflect on who you are.  Everything you need is inside of you already.”

“It’s all about keeping perspective.  Any situation is only as tough as you make it.  When I run into a business or personal problem, I simply ask: ‘Anyone going to die from this?’  If not, then it will be all right.  Trust me.”

“Choose your circles wisely.”

“Never pass up an opportunity to learn something new.”

“[On swapping self-education for football Sunday] Another Sunday watching training videos, reading, putting together training… getting smarter and better.  No TV on.  My time is worth money.  I’ll catch the scores later… on my phone.”

“Want more success?  Fail more than anyone else.”

“Action trumps ideas all day long.  Go do.”

“I love Mondays.  No better way to set the tone for the week than to kick Monday’s ass.”

“Doesn’t matter who starts – only matters who follows through.”

“Gotta start somewhere.  So just start.”

“Everyone that comes into your life is a direct reflection of the energy you’re putting out into the world.”

“I love the failures just as much as I love the successes.”

“Enough talking; start doing.”

“You either will or you won’t.”

“Master yourself, master the world.”

“We owe it to ourselves to make the world we live in a better place.”

“No one will do it for you.”

“Be cool and wait for your time.  Then strike when the iron is hot.”

“If you see the good in every situation?  You’ll see positive outcomes.”

“If your ‘why’ isn’t big enough… your excuses will be.”

“Keep your circle sacred.”

“Do good for the world and do good for you.”

“Always keep your eye on the prize.”

“It’s human nature.  If you’re getting criticism, it means you’re moving in the right direction.  So keep going.”

“Don’t assign limitations to yourself.  No piece of paper, stereotype, or circumstance can define or limit your ability to succeed… unless you let it.”

“Be inspired by other’s success.  It reminds us that anything is possible.”

“Everyone deserves to smile.”

“Success isn’t defined by the result.  It’s defined by the journey it took you to achieve the result.”

“Your past is just a stepping stone to your future.  Stop walking backwards.”

“[On hearing Sir Richard Branson speak at an online marketing conference] He is the epitome of ‘be the change you want to see in the world.’  He just does it with more flair than most.”

“Be obsessed.”

“Keep out all the distractions.”

“Don’t let life pass you by.  You only get one.”

“The journey to anywhere good is paved with action, tears, sweat, and focus.”

“Be a positivity magnet.”

“Focus on doing good for yourself and doing good for others and let karma do the rest.”

“Simply replace ‘should’ with ‘will’ and prove it.”

“It’s all happening for a reason.”

“Never settle.  Don’t limit yourself.  Others in your life will already try to do that for you.”

“A.B.L. – always be learning.”

“Let’s live like champions.  Always keep a positive perspective.”

“It’s not about how much money you have.  It’s about the amount of options you have with your life.”

“Embrace the failures and hard knocks.”

“Cut the dead weight and prosper.”

“Any success I have ever achieved in life and business is because I surround myself with killers.”

“Winners win.  Period.”

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