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Meek Mill Quotes

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Meek Mill quotes: on how he got his name, what drives him, his first real car, becoming an icon and more.

“Only the limits of your imaginations can determine how far you go in life.”

“If you ain’t got a dream, you ain’t got nothing.”

“Big dreams turn into big things.”

“Just build your brand from day one, man. Your brand is your name, basically. A lot of people don’t know that they need to build their brand, your brand is what keeps you moving.”

Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest.”

“Live in the lead, but work hard like you’re trying to catch up.”

“Work harder than anybody you’ve ever seen. That’s what I believe.”

“No matter how successful you become you gotta keep grindin’ and be a good person and then good things will come to you.”

“If you don’t know where you make your mistakes, that’s your worst mistake: not knowing where your mistakes are at.”

“Yo, don’t let nobody beat you into no sh*t man. Pay attention. Don’t let that sh*t throw you off from what you came to do. You moving forward.”

“I always shout out to anyone that gives me the ambition to push harder, because I’m a fighter. Anyone who goes against me, I’ll fight back twice as hard. That’s what I’m about. I’m in the business of proving people wrong. That’s my favorite business.”

“It’s just the fighter mentality. The never-give-up, dream-chaser mentality.”

“The hardest hurdles for me was the streets, just getting out of the streets. Surviving. Staying out of prison and staying on track. Staying focused.”

“Being that I went to jail and came back, I went through a whole new experience in life. I went from being at the top to back down at the bottom again. In jail, you get stripped of your freedom and everything, so I experienced different things, [I] learned more.”

“I’ve been in a bad environment more years than I’ve been in a good environment. I’m still traumatized by what I’ve seen and been through. I just want to inspire people.”

“At this point, I feel like I’m a sacrifice for a better cause. I feel like God put me in a position to be the voice of the voiceless.”

“I don’t want to be judged off the fact that I come from a f*cked up environment, I wanna be judged off being a good person, a good soul first.”

“I know my way to the top. I don’t got time to be wasting my time.”

“See comin’ from where I come from we had to beat the streets, beat the system, beat racism, beat poverty. And now we made it through all that, we at the championship.”

“Philly gave me my ambition and drive to get more. It’s a reminder to stay on top of my game. That’s not a place I want to go back to.”

“I called this album Championships because I feel like a champion after overcoming poverty, street violence, racism, and prejudice in my legal situation to reach this point in my life and career.”

“I always had pressure on myself through my life. I put pressure on myself and not from other people. I always wanted to be one of the hottest rappers. So the pressure comes from myself.”

“I got into music when I was 12, 13. I’ve always been rapping before I was making money off of it. Before I made a profit, I had always been rapping.”

“My first songs were energetic because I liked their energy. When I used to battle people every day, I had to go hard. If someone went harder than me, they left with the win. I haven’t lost since I was 12 years old.”

“See my dreams unfold, nightmares come true. It was time to marry the game and I said, ‘Yeah, I do.’ If you want it you gotta see it with a clear-eyed view.”

“I’m on the page that I want to be bigger than the world, you know what I’m saying. People told me I wasn’t going to make it this far or never see the throne. But I always believed I was going to make it this far.”

“I just do whatever I feel. Whatever the beat makes me say, I do that and I run with that.”

“Sometimes I have to remind myself, that on my worst day I live like somebody on their greatest.”

“My talent is my talent. I ain’t really tripping off no ego; I just like to make good music with good people.”

“I think it’s way harder when you have success, ’cause people tend to not treat you the same or look at you the same because they see the success or the money you make.”

“Now I move with aggression, use my mind as a weapon.”

“I just was determined. Practice day after day after day and get better. And you know, there was a lot of people in my neighborhood that was actually, like, way better than me. But my drive just was, like… I feel like I worked harder than everybody.”

“I stay in my lane but I always try to graduate to the next level, you know what I’m saying. I stay hungry.”

“I used to pray for times like this, to rhyme like this. So I had to grind like that, to shine like this.”

“I gotta keep hustling. I know when it comes to the internet, we move units. I grew up on the internet.”

“I don’t sleep much. I’m up chasing my dreams!”

“I need, sometimes, individuals to spark an idea so that I can take off running.”

“Growin’ up, I just always felt like I should be the one that make the sacrifice to hustle, like, extremely hard to put my family in a better situation.”

“I work hard. I focus on myself and putting food on my dinner table before anything else. I don’t worry about other artists. Worrying about the next person in a negative way is the wrong way to be.”

“I know all I really wanna do is get money and take care of my family.”

“If you don’t have your friends and your family, what do you really have? You can have all the money in the world, but with no friends and no family, it’s no good.”

“I leave my circle tight and keep my family close.”

“Meek Mill—my homies used to call me ‘Meek Millions,’ and at the time I didn’t have no millions, so I ain’t really want to be called ‘Millions,’ so I just shortened it down to Meek Mill. ‘Meek Milli,’ my friends used to call me.”

“The Rolls Royce was the real first car. It wasn’t the first new car I got, but it was the first real car I bought that’s like, ‘Wow, I got this.'”

“When I bought the Rolls Royce they thought it was leased, then I bought that new Ferrari—hater rest in peace.”

“I may be talking about my Rollie, but this time, I’m telling you how I got this sh*t and what it took me to get it.”

“People say money ain’t nothing; money is basically everything.”

“Save you some of that money. Sh*t, you better stop splurgin’.”

“Appreciate the little things in life; they’re what really matter the most.”

“Count your blessings, not your problems.”

“I’m living the dream I once thought was impossible and I look at the adversity I’ve faced as simply part of my story.”

“I look at it as, 15 years from now, this’ll be a part of my documentary. I hope it’s a documentary on—on a great person, an icon, a person who achieved a lot. A person who made it through a lot of trials and tribulations. ‘Cause you know to be an icon, to be great, you have to go through some things for people to actually view you in that way.”

“I wanted to send a message to like people across the world. If you have a dream, you can really achieve your dream. I actually really did it and everybody desires somethin’, they have a dream. And I always thought that could touch everybody in the world.”

“Ain’t no price in the Lord. I got outta the system, I jumped right on the Forbes.”

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