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Alyssa Milano Quotes

Alyssa Jayne Milano

Alyssa Milano quotes: “Samantha” talks about the guilt that came with being a child star, her love of baseball and her female sports apparel line called “Touch.”

“If you believe in something then you should do it.  Don’t let anything stand in your way.”

“Life will always throw you curves; just keep fouling them off.  The right pitch will come, but when it does, be prepared to run the bases.”

“A big part of life is realizing what you’re good at.”

“Be present and in the moment.”

“First, accept sadness.  Realize that without losing, winning isn’t so great.”

“Don’t try to be perfect.  Do the best you can.  Enlist help!”

“Your self-worth is not wrapped up in anything that people can see.”

“Never doubt your ability to drive change.  Dare to make a difference.  Dare to raise your voice.  Dare to speak out.  Fight for what’s right and help others.  We must lead by example.”

“Plan ahead.  Keep it simple.  Most importantly, have fun and enjoy…”

“I’m a big believer in individual responsibility.”

“Time is an amazing enigma in which seeds that were planted can turn into a vibrant garden if properly pruned.”

“History is merely a list of surprises.  It can only prepare us to be surprised yet again.”

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to always be nice.”

“For me, there is no hope without faith.  Faith is a higher good.  Faith in our divinity.”

“I’ve always believed in experiencing everything in life.  When you walk out with blinders on, you cut yourself off from the angels and the fairies.”

“I’m a big believer in, no matter what you go through in life, as long as you can laugh your way through it, you’re going to be okay.”

“I remind myself of the power of thought and how it’s my obligation as a citizen (and student) of humanity to propel compassion.”

“I think that the celebrity is a really important thing, because we have the voice that’s recognizable, that can educate people to make a difference and empower them to make a difference, and to also get things in motion with the people in charge that can effect change.”

“Roles for women will be different, the way women are portrayed in media will be different.  I hope women will have the opportunity to be filmmakers, producers and writers.  By the very nature of that, the industry will shift.  I think that’s what ‘#MeToo’ is – you don’t have to tell your story.  You just have to say ‘me too.'”

“You may be surprised to know that women were responsible for inventing all of the following: the circular saw, the signal flare, the space suit, the bulletproof vest, and the windshield wiper.  You’re welcome.”

“Be an active participant in your community and country.  Every small gesture makes up the big gestures.  Resist, rinse, repeat.”

“I will continue to fight for equal rights for women.  It’s not over until it’s over.”

“Baseball represents family.  It represents my childhood.  Baseball is my escape.  The sights, the sounds, the way the park smells.  There is truly no place I would rather be than at a game.”

“Baseball is, in many ways, like a boyfriend or spouse.  You can love him, you should love him, but you need to learn that he exists without you, and you without him.  You need to learn the same thing about baseball, that as much as you care, you need to be able to step back.”

“The beautiful thing about baseball is that anything can happen.  It’s like life in that way.  As soon as you think you have it all figured out, something happens that makes you realize you know nothing.  The only thing that’s guaranteed is that it will be an exciting ride.”

“If you come from a solid family structure, it doesn’t matter what you go through in your life.  You’re going to be okay.”

“My biggest surprise when I became a mom was how I had so much love inside me to give to someone.”

“I’m lucky to have a job where I can bring my kids to work.  I love the days they come visit me on set.  My goal is and has always been to do work that my kids can be proud of – to set a good example for them.  As long as I can still spend quality time with my kids, I’ll continue to do what I’m doing and hopefully make them proud.”

“I’m just a big sports fan in general.  I learned the stats on how many females there are attending sporting events, and it’s literally 50% of the crowd.  I figured at least 10% of those women were looking for cute, fashionable fan apparel… so I decided to try and bring it to them!  It’s a really rewarding business endeavor.  To see fans wearing it, it blows my mind every single time.  It’s also changed bigger corporations into listening to the fashion wants of a female fan, and I couldn’t be more proud!”

“I don’t really have any advice because I feel like everyone’s on their own path.  But I will say, in my experience, that to be in a business at a young age is hard in the best of circumstances, and I had the best of circumstances.”

“My family is amazing and we’re all close and we have been forever.  And I think that is basically the thing that saved me from going down the wrong path.  But I don’t think that’s unlike what any kid goes through as they’re growing up.  But this business sort of magnifies whatever you would have turned into.  I think that there are people who struggled as child actors that would have struggled no matter what they chose to do in life.”

“I had to deal with a certain amount of guilt that accompanied being successful at a young age.  The guilt that my parents gave up their dreams, friendships and the only life they knew to make my triumphs a possibility.  The guilt that my brother had to deal with having a famous sister.  It was not easy, but thank God I had them to remind me what is important in life.”

“My whole take on Twitter is to try to use it how any other responsible community member would.  I don’t like to do too much self-promotion on there.  When I first joined Twitter, I started following celebrities, and they self-promoted so much that I just un-followed them.  So on my personal account, I really just try to share a piece of who I am with people, and be a good neighbor.”

“I have other accounts.  I have an account for the television show and for the clothing line because I figure if they’re interested in that aspect of my life, then they can follow those accounts.  But they’re not following my account to hear me talk about myself.  I just try to share links that I find that are interesting, things that I think it’s important to empower people about.  I love it.”

“I keep a day planner, which really helps me stay organized and focused.”

“I’ve learned that exercise alone is not enough to stay healthy – it’s a whole lifestyle.  I take vitamins.  I work out every day.  I always like to say, ‘eat less, live more.'”

“My passion should be clear and please know it runs deep within all levels of my consciousness.  I feel it.  I feel everything.”

“Every moment is such a blessing.”

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