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MJ DeMarco Quotes

MJ DeMarco Lambo

MJ DeMarco quotes: these are the most helpful quotes from the man who wrote The Millionaire Fastlane and UNSCRIPTED, MJ DeMarco.

“In the fastlane, the sky’s the limit, but ultimately, you have to be willing to start on the ground.”

“If you truly have the desire to create something powerful, your addiction to entertainment and other mindless distractions must be retired and replaced with meaningful action.”

“Here’s the truth any millionaire under 35, including myself, will tell you: millionaire wealth has nothing to do with the stock market, it has nothing to do with clipping coupons, and it has nothing to do with a great job and a 401(k).”

“Is it any coincidence that from age four you’re ‘educated’ Monday through Friday for 18 years… then you’re expected to work Monday through Friday for the next 50?”

“If you own a business where you trade time for dollars, quit fooling yourself.  You have a job.  Your business simply employs you instead of someone else.  If the clients disappear, so does your job and so does your income.  That’s not legacy.”

“If you’re not good at selling, writing, or communicating, hop to it.  Buy a book, learn, practice.”

“Stop giving a sh*t what anyone else says, thinks, or writes – unless they are your market and/or your customers.”

“Beware of the compound interest scam: waiting 50 years for wealth is like waiting eight hours on a sinking Titanic.”

“Action skews the probabilities of success which others mistake as luck.  If you want to get lucky, start taking action.”

“AltaVista existed before Google, Folgers existed before Starbucks, Budweiser existed before Sam Adams, MySpace existed before Facebook, Rio MP3 players existed before iPods.  It’s always being doing, but you can do it better.”

“I will not live the same year 90 times and call it life.”

“Expect doubt.  Expect apprehension.  Expect the journey to be rough.  Expect pain.  Expect failure.  Expect everything that will test your resolve.”

“Most entrepreneurs never succeed because they’re too busy jacking off to things that aren’t important.”

“Entrepreneurship isn’t about nomading in Thailand on a beach with an open laptop while drinking an umbrella drink.  It’s not about flashy cars and fistfuls of cash posted on Instagram, passive income, or a Forbes cover story.  Entrepreneurship is about problem-solving, creating convenience, satisfying desires, and becoming valuable.”

“Misery is the rotting decomposition of a dead dream; happiness is the breath of one that’s alive.”

“Luck is a product of process, action, work, and being ‘out there.’  And when you’re out there, you stand the right chance at being in the right place at the right time.”

“I don’t give a f*ck what some minimum-wage YouTube douchebag thinks.  I simply don’t give a f*ck what your opinion is of my haircut, my ‘slow-ass Lamborghini,’ or my shirt.  If such trivial matters are important to you and worthy of 17 seconds of your time to warrant a comment, it speaks volumes to how you value your life.”

“Don’t build a business, build a life.”

“If you’re thanking God it’s Friday, maybe you should take a closer look at your Monday through Thursday to determine why those days are so awful that only Friday needs a God’s thanking.”

“A financial plan that relies on the stock market, relies on hope.  A financial plan that relies on frugality, relies on mediocrity.  A financial plan that relies on a job, relies on time.  A financial plan that relies on yourself, relies on you.”

“Many people want to change their financial situation but they aren’t willing to change their choices.  Ultimately, this changes nothing.”

“They laughed at me because I was different.  Not I laugh at them because they’re the same.”

“If you want to take control over your life and freedom-filled millionaire track, you need to start your own business, one that you can control and leverage by virtue of your own good decisions and hard work.  It’s the cornerstone to the fastlane plan.”

“If you unconditionally accept conventional wisdom from conventional people living conventional lives, can you expect to be anything but conventional?”

“The sweat of success is failure – if you’re not willing to get wet, you’re not willing to succeed.”

“The ultimate definition of insanity is to prostitute your Monday through Friday for the paycheck of Saturday and Sunday.”

“The paradigm shift is realizing the paradigm is sh*t.”

“Stop saying, ‘I wish.’  Start saying, ‘I will.'”

“Friends beware: ‘after’ is scripted code for ‘someday’ and someday is never.  This is exactly how the script entraps you.  Of course, no entrapment is complete without a subscription to Netflix.”

“Want to accomplish great things?  Work until your feedback loop is kicked in the teeth.”

“Quit going to war with time; make it your ally.  Start creating and innovating legacy structures that exist on their own.”

“Are you really living life?  Or are you just paying bills until you die?”

“The real world doesn’t give you a trophy simply because you exist.”

“Your college degree doesn’t signify education; it signifies brainwashing.  Your education doesn’t end at graduation, it begins.  The sooner you learn that all the skills you need to succeed will occur after you leave the confines of educational conformation?  The sooner you will succeed.”

“I’d rather live in regret of failure than in regret of never trying.”

“Sorry, but saving $10 a week for the rest of your life just because you stopped drinking Starbucks isn’t going to make you rich.”

“Sorry to ruin your fairy tale, but nothing great in your life will ever come easy.  Great accomplishments don’t happen overnight or in just a few weeks.  They take years of constant action marred by failure, sacrifice, and discipline.”

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