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Ed Mylett Quotes

Ed Mylett

Ed Mylett quotes: max out with these remarkable messages from Mr. Mylett.

“You must become your own biggest fan and stop being your own worst critic.  Life really is too short to be at war with yourself.”

“There’s no such thing as a self-made millionaire.  I’m a team-made millionaire.  So many high-achievers don’t like to admit this, but we are not experts at everything.  It’s just physically and mentally not possible.”

“It’s what you do when you are not motivated that determines success or failure.”

“The most successful people understand that last year‘s victories will not produce this year‘s championship.”

“The brain is the most powerful organ in the body.  It is a weapon.  When you first understand how your brain works, you can then shape your brain to manifest more success, more joy, more happiness in every area of your life.⁣”

“The difference between winning and losing is so small, it’s almost too scary to talk about.”

“Get your ‘uniform dirty’ – you can always tell, in sports, who had a good game just by looking at someone’s uniform after the game.⁣”

“Nobody is a part of your life by mistake.  Everybody that enters our lives can teach us something… as long as we are looking for the lesson.”

“Balance equals boredom in our life.”

“I heavily rely on my habits and rituals when inspiration fails me.  I am honestly not an overly-disciplined person at all.  Instead, when I am weak, tired and under pressure, my mind and body go into the habit-mode.  I heavily rely on my habits and rituals to override my motivation.”

“Life is beautiful.  Life is precious.  Life is short.  Spend it in peace and not at war with yourself.”

“Stay away from people who are always tearing everybody else’s life down.  This kind of behavior will steal your energy and your spirit.  It steals your focus and it really robs you of your positive karma.⁣⁣”

“It is not always about learning a new skill or teaching a new principle, it is also important to acknowledge and celebrate the things in life, whether big or small, that you have achieved and are proud of.⁣”

“Where performance is measured, performance improves.⁣”

“Most people set a price on their will to win.  That means with enough pain, setbacks, rejection… most people will relent and sell their will to win when the price gets too high… when the pain gets too intense… when the rejection is too much.  When they do this, they are selling out not just their dreams, but the dreams of their family and ultimately, their destiny.”

“Being a perfectionist slows us down.  It’s the greatest hindrance to actually doing anything great in your life.”

“Do not misread failure.  Without failure, there would be no success.  You need one to achieve the other.”

“People who are #maxout caliber, negotiate their price in advance.  They know what their dreams and destiny are worth long before it ever gets tested.  They will stand strong and pay any price as long as it is legal, ethical, and moral to win.  So when the pain, rejection, and setbacks come, the price has already been negotiated in advance⁣.”

“I honestly believe that everything in our lives happens for us and not to us.”

“Many temporarily successful people also sell their will to win.  They stop doing the things that caused them to win in the first place.  They stop growing, they lose their hunger, weaken their habits, stop working as hard… when they start making money or earn that promotion or buy their dream house.  Slowly but surely, they allow their temporary success to strip them of their will to win.  It’s the silent killer, that causes all people to drift back down towards average and away from extraordinary.  Be careful of this.  Don’t begin to believe your own press clippings and think you’ve arrived.  You have never really arrived.”

“Blessings are all around you… but you have to be looking.”

“You have to celebrate your victories.  You don’t have to celebrate very long but you do have to celebrate.  Every time you celebrate, your brain receives a hit of dopamine that will train your mind to chase that next achievement so you can get another hit of dopamine through celebration.  If you cheat yourself out of celebrating your wins, your brain never gets that dopamine hit and you don’t enjoy yourself.  Slowly you lose your desire to achieve because it’s just not worth it.  You are literally cheating yourself out of becoming the next best version of yourself.”

“The difference between a thought and a decision is action.  If you don’t take an action, then it’s only a thought.”

“Trust your gut.  Trust your intuition.  Trust that you are guided.  I’m not talking about that nagging voice in your ear that is rooted in fear and doubt… that’s not your real voice.  I’m talking about the voice that tells you intuitively what the next right move is.  More often than not, that voice will be right.”

“As you continuously put out more intentional kindness in the world, the way the world responds back at you will change for the better, over time.”

“Show me a person who has a cause, crusade or mission in their life that they are passionate about – and they use their best gifts and talents towards that cause – and I’ll show you someone with the recipe for happiness, fulfillment and bliss.”

“Every great business leader is evangelical about their cause, their company, their vision, their customers, their vendors, their employees… everything about it.”

“You have to stop being so generic and unclear about what you want.  People who have non-specific goals have close to zero shot at achieving anything worthwhile.”

“I’ve come to realize that I was born to have peace and happiness and abundance in my life.  But first, I had to learn to love myself, to believe in myself, and to cheer for myself.⁣”

“My dream is that at the end of my life, when I meet the man I could have become – the best version of myself – we are not total strangers.”

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