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Lil Nas X Quotes

Montero Lamar Hill

Lil Nas X quotes: on his journey from memes to music to mogul.

“Live your life to its fullest potential and don’t really care too much about what other people think of you.”

“I believe whenever you’re trying something new, it’s always going to get some kind of bad reception.”

“Keep going until you actually find something you can profit from, which I did, luckily.”

“The only way to fight it is to keep succeeding.  It’s the only thing.  Because people want to see you win, but not win too much.”

“I started using the internet heavily right around the time when memes started to become their own form of entertainment.  I started to get into every side of the internet around 13-ish.”

“I was doing Facebook comedy videos; then I moved over to Instagram, and then I hopped on Twitter.  That is where I really was a master.  That was the first place where I could go viral.”

“I just liked making funny videos – content that people would enjoy.  The likes and retweets – that was, like, a plus.”

“Twitter can make a lot of things happen if you get enough retweets.”

“‘Old Town Road’s’ the peak of me doing whatever I want to do with music.  I was like, ‘This one is special,’ and I promoted it heavily on my account on Twitter.”

“I run a meme type of account on Twitter; I know what my audience is looking for.”

“It’d never have made it out there without the meme culture that embraced it.”

“I was literally on everything.  It’s my entire story from nothing to something.”

“I’m like Twitter-famous, but in real life.  Instead of your mentions, it’s real people coming up to you.  People shake your hand instead of liking your tweets.”

“I was pretty familiar with TikTok: I always thought its videos would be ironically hilarious.  When I became a trending topic on there, it was a crazy moment for me.  A lot of people will try to downplay it, but I saw it as something bigger.”

“TikTok helped me change my life.  TikTok brought my song to several different audiences at once.”

“In 2017, I enjoyed my time on the internet more than doing things in real life.”

“And whenever I do step away from the internet or the music too long, it’s like I have to slowly get back into myself to get back into the groove.”

“Learning how the internet works is a lot how the world works, in a way.”

“But the one thing I’ll always know is that people don’t know what they want until they get it.  They didn’t know they wanted a song about taking a horse to the old town road in 2019.  But they did.”

“I want to build to that mogul, legendary level.”

“Just because you like one song from an artist, that doesn’t make you a fan.”

“‘Old Town Road’ came after a period of feeling like I was out of options.  I was living with my sister.  She was pretty much fed up with me being there.”

“‘Take my horse to the old town road and ride till I can’t no more’ basically means just running away, and everything is just gone.  The horse is metaphorical for not having anything or just the little things that you do have, and it’s with you.”

“Honestly the reason I’m not dropping new music right now is because ‘Old Town Road’ is literally still growing.  I mean the damn video still hasn’t dropped yet.  I’m gonna milk TF out this song till I can’t no more.”

“You can literally scroll down my [Twitter] account and see me promoting this f*ckin’ song for months.  Each accomplishment it gets just makes all this sh*t feel so worth it.  I can’t stop taking about it.”

“When I was 10 watching Billy Ray sing ‘I Want My Mullet Back’ on Hannah Montana, I was like, wow I have to make a song about horses with this man.”

“Growing up, I always liked so many different sounds from so many different genres – the different aspects they could bring.”

“Music was never something I saw myself doing.  When I started to make music I wasn’t as serious at first.  My dad initially was like, ‘There’s a million rappers in this industry.'”

“My actual writing process?  I have to just love the beat before I even write on it.  I can’t force myself to write to a beat that I’m not immediately loving.”

“I wanted to stay independent because I figured there was no way I was going to be able to have control to create the type of music I want.  I was basically ignoring a lot of labels.”

“I kind of revealed it… that I am gay.  It’s something I was considering never doing, ever.  Taking [it] to the grave.  But I don’t wanna live my entire life – especially how I got to where I’m at – not doing what I wanna do.”

“I feel like I’m opening the doors for more people.  That they feel more comfortable being out.”

“For one, the ‘countryness’ is pretty much in my blood.  I’m from Georgia, down south.  That voice just lives in me.”

“I know y’all think I’m just some goofy meme n*gga who got lucky but the truth is I’m some goofy meme n*gga who promoted the hell out of his song and got lucky.”

“I’m finna start acting, designing, modeling, investing in startups, and every f*cking thing.  I’m so ready for this sh*t.”

“I have my name, and I have a growing fan base, so I’m gonna do whatever I want.”

“People with degrees and no jobs, exist.  But I’m done discussing this.  We all have different outlooks.  Good luck to everyone.”

“Do everything you can because – snap! – it could all go in a second.”

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