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Nas quotes: real talk from the rap legend.

“Look way deep inside yourself, discover the diamond inside, find ya wealth. Once you get it, you gotta live it to the limit.”

“’Cause you could have all the chips, be poor or rich.”

“How can you lose when you’re doing you?”

“If you scared to take chances, you’ll never have the answers.”

“And you get nothin’ without struggle and hard work.”

“Once you make it to your point of making it, you’ll appreciate the struggle.”

“Don’t ever give up on yourself. Keep pushing because the change of guards is what life’s all about. You’ve always got to stick with whatever you’re into because your day is going to come. Your day is destined. If you walk away from that, whether it be from fear or whether you’re just giving up—the greatest sin is fear and giving up.”

“A lot of times it seems like, you ain’t gon’ make it where you wanna be in life. But yo, if you got a plan, believe me, you gon’ get there. You gon’ get everything you ever wanted. I promise you, if you have a plan, you can accomplish everything you ever wanted.”

“Working with great people makes you great; you learn a lot and it also gives you the experience and confidence to move on with your own career.”

“Always observe, watch, and talk to older people.”

“With age comes common sense and wisdom.”

“People fear what they don’t understand, hate what they can’t conquer. Guess it’s just the theory of man.”

“Failure is not an option, and I always felt like I’m a man who doesn’t have regrets, and I don’t live with excuses. I can’t take excuses.”

“Never stop. Never settle. I believe in this message.”

“I think you gotta always do things that keep you excited.”

“You have to keep your vision clear, ’cause only a coward lives in fear.”

“You’re supposed to be who you are.”

“Mistakes make masterful teachers.”

“I’m sure we’re gonna meet some bumps in the road, but if it’s meant to be, it will happen.”

“No idea is original, there’s nothing new under the sun. It’s never what you do, but how it’s done. Imagination helps us to think in a different way. It gives wings to our imagination.”

“Everyone reaps what they sow; that’s how it goes.”

“No one’s promised anything.”

“I think a lot of us know when it’s our time. No matter what profession you’re in, you get a feeling. If you worked on it long enough, you know when it’s ready.”

“If you’re given an opportunity and you’re lucky enough to have freedom to do what you want to do in your career, why trap yourself, why do something that’s not you?”

“We all learn from our experiences… some sooner than others.”

“Change is inevitable in life.”

“Every great person educates themselves.”

“Read more, learn more. Reading is everything, and although you already know some things, you need to read to get those things out of you.”

“Stuff your mind with as much information as possible. You get the power to create a revolution of change. Knowledge can only make you strong. It empowers you to bring about changes in the world. Information is wealth nowadays. The one who has equipped himself with knowledge and information helps others to change the world.”

“The craziest things already happened to me, so either you’ll be laughing at me or you’re laughing with me, ha.”

“I’ve been lucky enough to reach a place where I can speak what’s in my heart, and people know that it comes from a real place; I don’t have to worry about doing what someone’s not doing. I can do me.”

“The flaws, the mistakes I make—that’s the real me.”

“I do what I can do when I can do it, feel how I feel when I feel what I’m feelin’, live how I live… it’s only ’cause I been through it.”

“You are who you associate with. Look around at your five closest friends and that’s who you are. If you don’t want to be that person, you know what you gotta do.”

“The whole thing is, do as much as you can, when you possibly can, and don’t stress.”

“There was nothing more important to me than having a voice. I wanted to make a big impact on this art form; I wanted to kick everybody out. I wanted to open up a doorway for another generation.”

“When I write a story, I just wanna tell you what’s in my head. It can come from real life and then turn into fantasy stuff, just rhyming. And write about what you know. I just like to tell stories that have not been told or told from my perspective.”

“I’m a storyteller and the Bible is a bunch of stories about life and things that took place here on planet earth. It’s a great example to use and a great reason to be happy about being a storyteller because the lessons of the land are always in stories.”

“I push my own limits every day, every moment—in the studio, on the stage and beyond so it’s truly a genuine fit.”

“I’m capable of anything; my imagination can give me wings.”

“To me, creatively challenging myself is my version of owning the Nets.”

“I don’t have any regrets. The things that I have said when I was young and curious about whatever the subject matter was, I respect those—those are growing pains. Even if you make mistakes, I go back to those things, my not-so-great moments because those are my truest moments; those are my human moments. I’m not even mad at the things I said that were a little dicey.”

“I know I can, be what I wanna be, if I work hard at it, I’ll be where I wanna be.”

“I want to have fun. It’s a beautiful life. You learn, you win, you lose, but you get up.”

“My success symbolizes loyalty, great friends, dedication, hard work. Routine builds character.”

“The further I get, the further I want to go.”

“I know you think my life is good ’cause my diamond piece, but my life been good since I started finding peace.”

“I don’t want any title. I just say what I say, and hopefully somebody gets it, man. I’m not perfect, and I’m just here and trying to make a dollar, and being real at the same time, you know?”

“You can’t please everybody. You’d be crazy if you’re trying to. So take some time out to do some things for yourself.”

“Do your body right and it loves you back.”

“Your look reflects what’s happening in your mind. You gotta have some swag to you.”

“I don’t go out unless I’m working. My quality time is when I’m doing nothing.”

“The hardest thing is to forgive, but God does.”

“Turnin’ nothin’ into somethin’, is God’s work.”

“Whose world is this? The world is yours.”

“Everything will eventually come to an end so try to savor the moment, ’cause time flies don’t it. The beauty of life, you gotta make it last for the better ’cause nothin’ lasts forever.”

“I just enjoy life now. I just enjoy every morning I get to wake up.”

“For my hustlers, here’s some motivation: he who has begun is half done.”

“Much success to you.”

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