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Liam Neeson Quotes

Liam John Neeson

Liam Neeson quotes: the A-lister’s loveliest quotes.

“Your compassion is a weakness your enemies will not share.”

“If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, you become something else entirely.”

“Boy, you’ve got to wake up.  Get moving.  You’ve got to get going.”

“Life can be very hard, bad things happen, and you just keep on fighting.”

“We’re all always acting.  You need to be able to sit in silence and not beat up on yourself.  It’s hard to say to yourself, ‘You are human.  Welcome to the human race.'”

“You are not what you were born, but what you have it in yourself to be.”

“You traveled the world… now you must journey inwards… to what you really fear… it’s inside you.”

“Men fear most what they cannot see.”

“No man is an island, as they say.  No.  I’ve tried it.  I’ve gone on retreats at various times in my life for three or four or five days.  I was desperate to get out of there and talk to somebody.”

“All men with honor are kings.  But not all kings have honor.  Honor is what no man can give you, and none can take away.  Honor is a man’s gift to himself.”

“The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.”

“You think your life is going one way and then suddenly, you’re on another track.”

“I love it when a plan comes together.”

“It was a great feeling of achievement.  It does make you feel grown up.  It does make you feel responsible.  You realize your place in the world when you have a job, and when you get paid in that little brown envelope – it connects you to the rest of working humanity… and that just felt very, very comforting.”

“I’m a big believer in acts of kindness, no matter how small.”

“It’s extraordinary to look into a baby’s face and see a piece of your flesh and your spirit.  It makes you realize you are a part of the human race.”

“Every cliché about kids is true: they grow up so quickly, you blink and they’re gone, and you have to spend the time with them now.  But that’s a joy.”

“Sometimes you have to be a parent by the seat of your pants.  There are so many books written about it, but at the end of the day, you must trust your heart.  We’ve been around as long as trees.  A hundred and fifty thousand years, so we’re doing something right.  And I read all the books.  I’m sure you did too when you learned you were going to be a father for the first time.  At some point, you have to scrap them.  So, I’m still doing that.  Parenting is difficult, you know?  Especially in today’s age.”

“Looking out for your children is an ongoing process throughout your life.”

“Some mornings you wake up and think, ‘Gee I look handsome today.’  Other days I think, ‘What am I doing in the movies?  I wanna go back to Ireland and drive a forklift.'”

“I don’t think that I am a sex symbol, although it’s very flattering.”

“I keep fit as much as I can.  I’m not talking about having perfect abs and stuff, but you’ve got to be on top of your game.  You have to look after yourself.”

“I’m having fight scenes with guys half my age and I just can’t stop laughing.  It’s just so silly on one level and great fun on another.”

“I think I survived by running away some.  Running away to work.”

“Acting is invigorating.  But I don’t analyze it too much.  It’s like a dog smelling where it’s going to do its toilet in the morning.”

“For every successful actor or actress, there are countless numbers who don’t make it.  The name of the game is rejection.  You go to an audition and you’re told you’re too tall or you’re too Irish or your nose is not quite right.  You’re rejected for your education, you’re rejected for this or that and it’s really tough.”

“Listen, I know how old I am and that I’m just a shoulder injury from losing roles like the one in Taken.  So I stay with the training, I stay with the work.  It’s easy enough to plan jobs, to plan a lot of work.  That’s effective.  But that’s the weird thing about grief.  You can’t prepare for it.  You think you’re gonna cry and get it over with.  You make those plans, but they never work.”

“Overall I think I’m a much better actor now that I’m older.  I feel very comfortable in front of a lens and nothing throws me off.  Be I in a suit of armor with a false beard, on horseback being chased by dragons or looking at a Russian terrorist – it’s okay, this is the story.  This is what I have to do.  And I like to think I’ve minimalized my acting over the years – meaning, I’ve achieved something whereby less is more.”

“They’re still throwing serious money at me to do that stuff.  I’m like, ‘Guys, I’m sixty f*cking five.’  Audiences are eventually going to go, ‘Come on.’”

“If I get rejected for a part, I pick myself up and say, ‘Okay, not today, maybe tomorrow I’ll get this other part or something.'”

“I can always act.”

“I’m so touched that complete strangers will send me a script asking me to be in their film.  That still amazes me – and sometimes for a lot of money too.”

“I absolutely adore the business.  There’s a part of me that’s like the little boy in a toy shop thinking, ‘Oh, I want to have that, I want to have that, and I want that.  Can I do both those jobs?  Can I do all three?’  And you know, I also want to please everybody and do it all.”

“It’s still a great, big, beautiful, wonderful world no matter what the headlines of the newspapers are – and it’s there to be explored.  It’s there for our children to go out and explore and explore different cultures and learn from it.  I never lose hope.”

“It’s interesting, the more successful you become the more people want to give you stuff for nothing.”

“I’m not good without work.  I just don’t – I just don’t wallow too much.  You know?  And I just didn’t want to.”

“I’ve had an unbelievable life.  I’ve been very lucky.  You do create your own luck too, you know?  I never forget where I’m from.  Whenever I pass a building site or see somebody digging a ditch, I always think, ‘That’s real work.'”

“It’s time to move on, get on with your life.  I got on with mine, and I’m still getting on.”

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