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Dr. Oz Quotes

Mehmet Oz

Dr. Oz quotes: regarding love, medicine, health, happiness and more.

“If you don’t prioritize it, you’re not going to manage it right.”

“A hundred years ago, in this country, we were more comfortable with these discussions of past lives, touching the spiritual world, collective unconscious than we are today.  I think part of that is that we have gotten addicted to the same serum that I’m taking, which is the belief that the answers are always going to be right there in front of us.  And sometimes ya gotta take that leap.”

“Whatever you choose, do it fully—with passion and childlike enthusiasm.”

“As a surgeon you have to have a controlled arrogance.  If it’s uncontrolled, you kill people, but you have to be pretty arrogant to saw through a person’s chest, take out their heart and believe you can fix it.  Then, when you succeed and the patient survives, you pray, because it’s only by the grace of God that you get there.”

“You can’t get rid of a bad habit, but you can replace it with a good habit.”

“I really think it would be cowardly to pull back and not challenge the status quo, when the status quo may not be the right way for the field to go.”

“People change based on what they feel, not what they know.  Which means that understanding all that advice doesn’t matter if there’s no deep, profound, visceral awareness of why it’s important.”

“Clear your mind.  Clearing your mind is the same as clearing your environment.  Seeing a lot of stuff cluttered on the floor or disorganized in your cabinets can make you crazy.  Your mind becomes confused with a lot of things that you see and this might cause you headaches.  Try to organize your things in boxes, clean your room, fix your bed, sweep your floor, open your curtains to let the sunshine in and arrange things according to size or color.  If you work on your desk, this is the best time to organize documents into folders, arrange them properly in drawers and throw out those that are not needed anymore.  Making a habit of cleaning your environment can clear your mind and can make your life easier.”

“The opposite of anger is not calmness, it’s empathy.”

“Your genetics load the gun.  Your lifestyle pulls the trigger.”

“As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine, is energy medicine.  It’s not the mechanistic part of the joints moving.  It’s not the chemistry of our body.  It’s understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel.”

“No matter how old you are, no matter how much you weigh, you can still control the health of your body.”

“True health care reform cannot happen in Washington.  It has to happen in our kitchens, in our homes, in our communities.  All health care is personal.”

“Families that get healthy together, stay healthy together.”

“You need to be proactive, carve out time in your schedule, and take responsibility for being the healthiest person you can be—no one else is going to do it for you.”

“Every person has the right to look and feel like a million bucks.”

“A lot of folks believe their best years are behind them.  But I want Americans to recognize that’s not true.”

“I actually do personally believe in the items I talk about in the show.  I passionately study them.  I recognize that often times they don’t have the scientific muster to present as fact, but nevertheless, I would give my audience the advice I give my family all the time, and I have given my family these products.”

“We’re all human beings, but some of us are more sophisticated at covering our flaws.  We’re just smart enough to lie to ourselves that everything is okay.”

“Medicine has always been my calling.”

“It was a search for meaning at its most profound level.  I didn’t think you could really understand the world around you if you didn’t understand your own body.  And so this almost narcissistic drive to learn about what made me tick made me that much more interested in medicine.”

“I think I’m a better doctor than I am a husband.  I give myself a good grade as a doctor, then the next best grade as a father, and the worst grade as a husband.”

“Life is about being comfortable with being uncomfortable.  It’s about taking yourself and the people that trust you on a life journey, because that’s what health is all about.  And we all have our own individual health parade through life.  It’s a serpentine path that takes us to places we didn’t expect, but that’s part of our life experience.  Our job may be to incorporate approaches that we never could have envisioned playing a role in recovery.  But now, because we have the luxury of looking a little further, we can identify.”

“It’s more important to give love.  That is the healthier expression.  Of course, it’s great to receive love as well, but when you love someone, there is a spiritual centeredness that is very healthy and rewarding.  Also, to truly love you must be able to forgive, and that is the healthiest of all.”

“I think that love adds years to your life and it’s well documented that married people and people in long-term commitments live longer.  We don’t know why this is.  I do know that as a surgeon, a heart needs a reason to keep beating.  The short answer is yes, love and health are mysteriously and inextricably linked.”

“If I could change one thing, it would be to teach people to love themselves more.  You just have to keep repeating it to yourself until you believe it.  You have to reach deep inside and decide you are worth it.”

“I think it’s shown me that people are generally good—much more than we realize.  People are kind, they are compassionate.  I have found enormous goodness in humanity.  When you are a public figure you have the wonderful privilege of seeing the absolute best in people.  I have a new faith in the goodness of humanity, and I am better for it.  If you give people the chance to surprise you, they always will.”

“If you can laugh your way through life, you can have a good time as you’re going through the sometimes troubling time that we have in our lives.”

“Make the driving force in your life love.”

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