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T-Pain Quotes

Faheem Rashad Najm

T-Pain quotes: the rapper who made auto-tune cool then not-so-cool’s coolest quotes.

“We must all learn to adjust with our surroundings.”

“Once people tell me I can’t do stuff, I’m going to go and make it happen.”

“Those who get stuck doing the same things for too long are bound to get left behind the strong who press on and reinvent themselves.”

“I guess you gotta take the good and the bad.  It taught me how to move around a lot of stuff and how to deal with people a lot better.  I think just having a label made me grow up.  That was just a big part of maturing for me, it was a big part of my life.”

“A lot of people grow out of things and get into new things and if you’re a musician your music has to do that too.  You can’t just concentrate on the music and you can’t just concentrate on your personal life, they both have to evolve at the same time.  Also, being that I don’t write down anything on paper, it all comes from my heart, so if my heart grows and if my brain grows, so does my music.  It’s just a natural evolution and that’s why I picked the title; it’s really just what has been going on in my life.”

“I used to sit in front of McDonald’s and ask people for dollars to get me a cheeseburger.  It was bad.”

“Oh man, at some point in our lives, I don’t think we get to pick anymore, you know what I’m saying?  You know, if I wanted to be a fireman I think I would have been a terrible fireman and would have been a musician instead.  I don’t think we get to pick, man.  I think music chose me.”

“[On how he got the name T-Pain] Well, because I was broke.  That’s one of those things you go through – being hungry and not being able to do anything about it.  It was tough.  It was a sucky situation.  Instead of calling myself ‘T-Sucks,’ it was ‘T-Pain.’  You know, it was just a heavy situation.  It just wasn’t fun.  I’ll tell you that.  But you know, normal struggle sh*t.  I mean, where I came from made me who I am today, so I didn’t want to change the meaning just because I’m doing better.  What if I go back to doing like sh*t?  It still molded me as an adult now, so I keep the name.”

“Everyone thinks rich people can’t do sh*t for themselves, too.  They automatically think we get waited on hand and foot with everything.  They don’t think we tie our own shoes.  Sometimes that’s what some artists portray and that’s not a real thing.  That’s annoying.  I hate when people tie my shoes.  I’m not a child.  I ran into money and all of a sudden I forgot how to tie my shoes?  But I get it.  It’s just what some people portray.  The most famous people portray that, so the general public is going to think that’s how all of us do it.”

“There’s people that still got something to prove.  People want to kinda make it seem like they’re on top of everything, but they’re not.  You a big fish in 
a little pond.”

“It’s about being talked about a bunch and actually getting benefits from your work.  The people that get too famous too fast, they’ll never get benefits from their work unless they start doing other things.  You know what I’m saying?  People like that get talked about every day because they seem interesting right now.  People can see when you f*ck up, and it’s interesting and it’s entertaining because we like to see people f*ck up.  You can get talked about a bunch, but where’s your advertisement at?”

“I write my music.”

“I don’t know if a song is going to be a hit or it’s going to flop.  I never know.  I just do the music and if people like it, they like it.”

“As long as someone wants to hear my music, I don’t care if it’s a ringtone or the album or whatever.”

“Keep in mind, you can use auto-tune and you can know how to work it perfectly, but you still have to know how to write a good song.”

“They can sonically sound like me, but nobody’s ever gonna be able to write songs like T-Pain.  There’s only one of those.”

“Songwriting is determined by me, man… just me.  I write from real life…”

“When I go in and write I just go from experience.  While a lot of my stuff is talk about stripper girls and drinkin’, I mean, it’s what I do, you know what I’m sayin’?  If I need something to talk about, I make it about my life, I don’t go in there and try to make up clever ways to make up songs.”

“The rapping was just something that I started doing ’cause I thought it was cool.  I just went ahead and did that ’cause everybody was doing it.  But it was cool though.  It’s just the R&B sh*t was easier.  Way easier.”

“I had to make different kinds of music for everybody but still keep it classic T-Pain at the same time.”

“You will never be at the top until you get to the f*cking top.  And you got to fill up multiple stadiums by yourself.  Nobody knows what the top is, so the level that they’re at seems like the top because this is the best they’ve done so far.”

“The reasoning behind ‘T-Pain’s School of Business’  is just to help.  Here are people that have been through the ringer already, and here’s the steps that you can f*cking skip to go right through it.  If I don’t tell people how I made it, how are they going to make it if they don’t at least get ahead of the game?”

“I’ve got to be sensible sometimes.”

“I’m still a person, a human being, no matter what religion I am.”

“A lot of people don’t know this about me but I am a deeply spiritual person.  Dude, I go to church just as much as I go to the strip club.  That’s saying something.”

“The way that people show me love on Twitter?  I don’t know man.  It’s amazing.”

“I don’t do the whole, ‘Put my name on it, make me famous’ thing.”

“I just keep my cars to myself.”

“I’ll treat myself every now and then.  Like if I get $100,000, I’ll spend $20,000 and put the rest away.”

“We’re celebrities, we do what we can.  We don’t have to live up to the expectations.  We try to make people happy, that’s the most difficult part – make everybody happy.  At the same time we don’t have to.  Ain’t nobody going out of their way to make us happy.  We do what we can when we can do it.”

“Yeah man, it has to be there man.  I don’t want to turn my career into a job.  I want it to be fun.  There’s nothing better than having fun and loving what you do instead of having to get up and say, ‘Ugh, I don’t wanna go to work today.'”

“People don’t think it be like it be, but it do.”

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