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Brad Paisley Quotes

Brad Douglas Paisley

Brad Paisley quotes: about creativity, the 10,000 hour rule, his unusual day-to-day life, and more.

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.  Write a good one.”

“If you make the mistake of looking back too much, you aren’t focused enough on the road in front of you.”

“Thinking that your luck won’t ever change is like thinking it won’t ever stop once it starts to rain.”

“Unless you’re a true prodigy, you’re going to have to practice for a while being bad before you get any good.  And it will seem like a waste of time.  I remember that feeling well.  But don’t worry about wasting time, because it’ll be so worth it.  It’s my experience that in the end, life lessons and guitar lessons begin to blur in all sorts of interesting ways.”

“At certain times, your career should be a party.”

“I love any and all situations where you celebrate creativity.”

“When you’re a creative person, there are just times when you’re not listening.  You know, I could be looking right at you and thinking about something else.”

“You have different stages in your career where you have different things to prove.”

“It just gets easier in that you become more you in the process.”

“Anytime you do something from the heart, people just know it.”

“If you’re somebody that gets a chance to go somewhere – that has to work somewhere or go to another city – then do your best to see it.  Because I just think that’s the best way to have an interesting life.”

“I don’t think you can get everything based on who you know, but you can’t get anything until you do know the right people.”

“At certain times in your life, some things are heavier than others.”

“Life isn’t always black and white.  You’re not always sure you’re right.”

“Even in your darkest moments, you’ll think of something that’ll crack you up.”

“I’ve always known from the time I was eight years old what I wanted to do.  I would have been fairly content to be someone’s lead guitar player.”

“The big problem here is that getting any young person with a short attention span to spend 10,000 hours doing something can be an uphill battle.  That’s never been more true than these days when whatever kids do has to compete with so many attractive options.  It can be surfing the web, playing video games, tweeting, or Facebook.  Back in my day, I confess that I played my fair share of Donkey Kong, but even then there was no web for me to surf and I didn’t have a status.  Well, yes I did, it just wasn’t posted anywhere yet.  Whatever you want to do in this life, I’m here to encourage you not to lose hope or give up during the first hundred or so of those 10,000 hours that it takes to get good.  You should know that in my case it took me a while to ‘get the bug’ for guitar, as my grandpa used to call it.  He always said it would happen, almost like a slow sickness.  And he knew it would take time.”

“No one can make the album they made 10 years ago with a straight face.  There are two reasons: one is you change as a person.  To be a true artist, I have to be true to who I am now and write that way.  And the second thing is these are different times.  I think it was Ben Franklin that said, ‘May you live in interesting times,’ and we do.”

“This is real, this is your life in a song… this is country music.”

“If you’re really on top, you probably didn’t do that great, cuz you have to water it down a bit for it to get that mass appeal.”

“My first tweet was at the CMT Awards when I won an award and typed, ‘Thank you.’  Then I was hooked because the followers started multiplying.  It’s a great tool.”

“You look out there and there’s people that, their day is changed because of your contribution to it.”

“I’m aware of the fact that a lot of talented people out there will never get this chance.”

“When they say you’re the best, I always remember that the majority of the audience probably thinks someone else should have gotten the award.”

“The nice thing about the world that I’ve been able to inhabit for the last couple of years is that I’m given a lot of freedom.  Not all artists really get that.”

“Jackass millionaires – hey, hey, Hollywood, here we come.”

“I don’t like to look back.  I love the next challenge and don’t keep awards.  There are a few that are really important, but my parents have most of them.”

“As long as you continue to have new songs, there’s usually some new topic or something to present.”

“I’m going to obviously do my best as a father to set a good example for my children, and I want them to see good examples from our leaders.”

“I have a to-do list and I have a farm I care for, and things I like to do for fun – going to movies and all that stuff.  It’s a painfully normal life!”

“My life would be very puzzling to most people if they had to follow me around for a day or two.  They’d say, ‘Wait a minute, yesterday we were out fishing on your pond, and now today we’re going to William Shatner’s for dinner?’  I jet set around and play these songs and get to hang with some pretty amazing people, then I go home to a really great farm, though actually it’s a disaster area of a farm at the moment.  But it’s certainly a blast.  I wouldn’t trade lives with anyone right now.”

“When you got something you gotta do in your career, you do it.  When you get home, and there’s work to be done, you do that.  It’s all about balance.”

“It’s hard to be judgmental once you’ve been around the world.  It’s pretty hard to be anything but understanding, and I think it’s good for everybody to get out and see some place other than where you grew up.”

“You’ve got so much up ahead.  You’ll make new friends.  You should see your kids and wife.  And I’d end up saying, ‘Have no fear.’  These are nowhere near the best years of your life.”

“Time passes really fast, and it’s about the highlights in your life that are what you strive for, that you have to sort of both enjoy the ride as you go to that, and also really live in the moment when you’re there.”

“My advice to you, as you go through life, is to enjoy the moments.”

“Make memories, enjoy them, and don’t take yourself too seriously.  Go change the world, y’all.”

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