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Pejman Ghadimi Quotes

Ghadimi Course

Pejman Ghadimi quotes: luxurious lessons from the founder of Secret Entourage, piggity PJ.

“By just focusing on money, you often forego the things that truly drive great businesses – such as passion and purpose.”

“The question I pose today is simple: are scams real?  Or are people blaming their failures on the idea of having been scammed, so that they don’t have to justify their continued laziness and failures?”

“I teach people how to progress through life and put themselves in a position for victory, which is much more important than doing the work to get to the victory.”

“There is a stark difference between how a successful person who has created a successful life on their own thinks, and how someone who has yet to have any major achievements thinks.”

“Too many books today take you from 0 to 100.  I want to show you how to get from -100 to 0.”

“Learning to keep your feelings from paralyzing your actions enables you to make better decisions, rather than dwell on what doesn’t work.”

“What was most interesting was that no matter what I started – like getting an education or a nice job – I never really found fulfillment, just temporary satisfaction.  I bought new cars, homes, and luxury gadgets that many people dream of, but I got bored with them in a few months.  I dated beautiful women, but became just as bored with them and moved on.  But there was one thing that was constant that didn’t bore me.  That was the knowledge gained from each experience.”

“There is a significant difference between what entrepreneurship really is and what it’s shown to be today.  There is nothing beautiful about the beginning of entrepreneurship because it’s incredibly hard.  The earlier people stop fantasizing about being an entrepreneur and get a real taste of what it’s like, the quicker they’ll stop focusing so much on the excitement that comes much later in the process.”

“Entrepreneurship is about vision, creation, and innovation – it’s a way of life and a means to a living.”

“You’ve probably heard it said that entrepreneurship is like jumping off a cliff and learning how to build a parachute on the way down.  That’s dumb.  If someone jumps off a cliff and they’ve never interacted with a parachute, there’s no way they’re going to learn how to build a parachute on the way down.  If you understand how the parachute works before you jump, you’ll have a chance to get back up and try again even if you crash.  If you don’t, you might not get another chance if you crash.”

“You don’t just do things to do them, but rather to do them and understand why and how they fit into the bigger picture of your life.”

“If you’re willing to commit the next 10 years to this idea and become the best at it, that will be the reason you end up becoming super successful.”

“You can’t focus on the money.  You have to focus on becoming so good at something that money follows you.  You’re going to get more of it in the long-term by finding your talent rather than focusing so much on making money.”

“A true entrepreneur’s drive and passion never revolves around the reward but rather the journey itself… and the birth of innovation.”

“Entrepreneurship isn’t about the sexy photos on Instagram or posting inspirational quotes.  It’s difficult and should be taken seriously.  Think about fitness.  You can’t get fit suddenly just by going to the gym.  You have to build habits over time and take on a healthy diet.  Only then will you achieve your ideal body.  Entrepreneurship works the same way.  You have to grind for a long time before you find success.”

“Ultimately, there is never a bad choice – only choice itself.”

“The main reason people never achieve their dreams is their inability to leave their comfort zone and assume risk.”

“You pay more for higher quality, as it took more of someone’s time or has more value, because ultimately you are purchasing not just the time it took to create something, but all the time it took for them to learn to create something too.”

“The key to my success was not being afraid.  If you can get rid of fear, you can be successful… and I think as long as you can learn that, that’s much more important than learning a skill that’s going to make you some money.”

“What you have or don’t have does not dictate whether or not you will be remembered.  What you have or don’t have is not a measure of your success or a measure of your intelligence or mindset.  It is nothing more than your success rate at mastering the game of society.”

“Look ahead 10 years, then work backwards.  Make sure every day brings you one step closer to where you want to be.”

“Perhaps entrepreneurship is a tool to create resourcefulness within an individual that leads to a higher level of control in their environments… because they learn to build something from nothing.”

“The final aspect of being proactive is believing everything is in your control.  You never allow yourself to be a victim but rather a recipient of the choices you make.”

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