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Dan Peña Quotes

Daniel Steven Businessman

Dan Peña quotes: aggressive advice from “the 50 billion dollar man.”

“Don’t be a cunt.”

“Don’t be a loser.”

“If you want to make more money, you’ll have to do things differently.  You will have to do things you never even thought of doing in the past.  You will have to do things out of your comfort zone.”

“Never ever share your doubts.”

“Don’t waste time on things you can’t change.”

“I could not be more proud of the countless lives that I have changed since I began my coaching and mentoring career.”

“Man plans, God laughs.”

“Cash only prolongs death.  It doesn’t avoid it.”

“Hunger makes beasts of men and demons of beasts.”

“The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.”

“Dream big, think big, be big.”

“The world is full of people who want their ears tickled on strategies for wealth creation and protection and so-called ‘revealed secrets’ to wealth creation.  And there are plenty of slick ‘business coaches’ who are more than willing to do just that – for a fee.  This is the world of the seminar guru.”

“Stop playing to lose; play to win.”

“Once you learn to make money, it is not that hard.  What’s hard is to stay excited about it.”

“People that read f*cking books don’t take action.”

“Don’t, under any circumstances, ever second guess yourself.”

“Fear of failure is caused by lack of self-esteem and confidence.  Dealing with fear is the key to super success.”

“You can’t have a dream come true unless you have a dream.”

“The road to success is always under construction.  There are lots of pot holes, but no traffic jams.”

“Any problem solved will be replaced immediately by a larger, more complicated one.”

“The internet is a giant ‘lab experiment’ for corporate America, and those companies that recognize this and play well within the rules of ambiguity and fluidity will survive and win.”

“I have been following what is now called the ‘spartan way’ long before it became popular.”

“Don’t focus on mistakes – focus on the positive ‘next time.'”

“The best form of customer service is self-service.  Constantly empower customers to get their own answers themselves.”

“Progress often masquerades as trouble.”

“A famous man once said, ‘A sure formula for failure is to try and please everyone.’  Some might say I built a career on doing just the opposite of pleasing everyone.”

“The more you investigate, the less you have to invest.”

“I’ve never seen a ‘part-time’ super-successful, high-performance person.”

“The older you get, the less you are surprised.”

“People regularly practice playing a sport like golf or basketball, but few people think about ‘practicing being successful.’  I had practiced meeting the Queen of England – what I would wear, how I would stand, the handshake – so when I did meet her, I was comfortable… for I had practiced the moment for years.”

“I coach my mentees to act as if they are invincible – to act as if they could accomplish anything.”

“Business deals start and end with people – the interaction of flesh and blood, bone and sinew, heart and mind, emotion and soul.”

“A deal has to sound good before it is good.”

“When I volunteered for the draft as a 20-year-old mischievous guy at the height of the Vietnam War, most thought I was destined to pass from this earth early.”

“The more emotional distractions you have the harder it is to accomplish your goals – especially at the extreme levels.”

“If you want things to change, first you have to change.”

“The difference between a failure and a high-performance individual is how each deals with fear.  We are all afraid.”

“Super-success is not for everyone, and you will endure weeks and months and years of hard work, obstacles, failures, victories, pain, and any manner of ‘negative’ experiences to reap the rewards of success, drink from the golden goblet, own the brass ring.”

“Year-end goals are terrific.  Affirmations with goals are even better.  And goals, affirmations, along with visualization is even more effective.”

“I have always known I had talent, but to be called a ‘talent’ feels a little strange… but well within my comfort zone.”

“Good lawyers win so-so lawsuits.  Great lawyers can win lawsuits in which you have little or no chance to win.”

“People want to be led by strong leaders, and good leaders are constant students.”

“The truth is, successful people are not 10 times smarter than you.  They don’t really work 10 times harder than you.  So why are they successful?  Because their dreams are so much bigger than yours.”

“There’s no seminar in the world that will give you multi-million-dollar advice on building a business from scratch.”

“We cannot change the past, only recover from it.  And perhaps learn its cruel lessons.”

“A deal is either hot, or it’s not.”

“Even when one thoughtfully and judiciously plans, more often than not, such plans are overcome by external events.  Therefore, never underestimate how wrong you can be.”

“We all have baggage from our upbringing.  That’s life.”

“As I have said many times, no one loves me as much as I love myself.  And if you can’t really love yourself, you can’t love anything you do.”

“High-performance people have larger, more expanded comfort zones than most.”

Entrepreneurship is enduring pain for a long time without relinquishing.”

“Remarkably successful people habitually do what other people won’t do.  They go where others won’t go because there’s a lot less competition and a much greater chance for success.”

“High-performance people take action quickly and change their mind slowly.”

“If you don’t embrace a workload others would consider crazy, then your goal doesn’t mean that much to you.”

“All my life, I was always in a hurry.  I was always hustling.”

“Now, admittedly, my power of concentration is and always has been extraordinary since my army training.  In fact, other people say it is legendary and almost cosmic.”

“Life without dreams is like a bird with a broken wing – it can’t fly.”

“People with low self-esteem protect themselves by not taking risks.  High self-esteem gives you the power of confidence to take chances.”

“When you truly believe in your idea or your company or yourself, then you don’t need to have a huge ego or a huge personality.”

“When I came back from the military and completed a four year degree in two and a half years, I developed the extraordinary habits needed to get a lot done in a very short period of time.”

“You have to have faith in people.”

“The internet has allowed even more growth possible than in the brick and mortar industries that I dealt with years ago.  It is easier to get a business to a million dollars in revenue on the net.  It is not easy.  But it is easier when compared to construction, etc.”

“I know what it’s like to have a house repossessed.  I’ve been there.”

“Man’s greatest burden is unfulfilled potential.”

“Wishing, hoping, and dreaming without an action plan, is nothing more than a pipe dream.”

“Quantum leap success means fishing with nets, not just with lines.”

“Don’t just work longer hours, ‘staying busy’ as most other people do.  Work smart.  Stay productive and don’t get distracted.”

“Don’t set time limits for achieving goals.  They should transcend time.”

“The only difference between a champ and a chump is ‘U.'”

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