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Robert Pera Quotes

Robert Pera

Robert Pera quotes: boy billionaire’s best stuff.

“Success is a matter of identifying opportunities and putting in clear and concise efforts in the right direction.”

“To get really great assets, sometimes you have to go into a rebuild.”

“I don’t care so much about… win or lose, what I want to see is consistently… competing.”

“Establish a culture of accountability.  You’re only as good as your weakest link in a sense.”

“If you establish a culture, the results will follow.”

“I can say with certainty that the most successful tech companies of the future will be the ones who deliver the best products and technology value, first and foremost, which empower customers.”

“I learned my first rule of business.  You need to build something defensible.”

“I was always interested in technology and computers.  I started my first business when I was still in high school.  I used to set up computers, networks, and some databases that ran the software.  After completing school, I joined the University of California in San Diego, and pursued a B.A. degree in Japanese Language and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, and also obtained the M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the same university.”

“I was successful in establishing a wireless company because of my expertise in technological and operational systems within the wireless industry.  Prior to establishing my own business, I worked for Apple, Inc.  I was a wireless engineer for a little over two years with the company.  I started my career at Apple in 2003, and within 10 months of the job, founded Ubiquiti.  I quit my job with Apple to go out on my own and become a competitor in that sector of the business.  I built this business from the ground up and it has become a very successful venture.”

“I try to build something great as efficiently as possible… and sell them at a price that motivates the buyers as well as ensures a profit.”

“I quit my job because I wanted to have more success faster.”

“I had only one thought when I left my job at Apple to start my own company: ‘Don’t screw up.’  If this doesn’t work out, I remember thinking, ‘I am screwed.'”

“One of the biggest challenges I had to learn is playing for tomorrow versus playing for today.”

“I really did not always see the importance of living for tomorrow until much later on in the company timeline.  One of the biggest regrets I have today is that I did not make the transition earlier.  But to be fair, if Ubiquiti would have ended up as a failure and shut its doors early, playing for tomorrow would have become irrelevant.  Therefore, the best strategy is to incrementally increase your ‘insurance’ as the value of your company increases and resources become more available.”

“Ways to increase that ‘insurance’ include signing contracts to cement the status of relationships with people like distributors, vendors, partners and the like… in order to protect the company’s interests.”

“Bring a knowledgeable bookkeeper/tax accountant on board who not only keeps the company within the law but knows how to take full advantage of tax credits and related strategies.”

“When I first developed Ubiquiti Networks company, I didn’t have a lot of start up money.  I didn’t have a lot of financial backing from others either.  I took $30,000 of my own money from my personal savings, and also used credit cards to come up with the money that was necessary to get my new business off of the ground.  It was a gamble that just happened to pay off.”

“Using my meager savings and credit cards, I built Ubiquiti Networks up to a huge wireless internet provider.  The company has made me a very rich man.  I also made other investments that served me well in building a huge asset base.  My current net worth in May of 2019, was estimated to be over seven billion, making me the richest executive in the tech industry at the age of 41.”

“I personally recruit and interview the engineers at Ubiquiti, helping them maximize their potential by fostering an environment of independence and freedom of thought.  I also still spend time in the lab.”

“In regards to my company, Ubitquiti Networks, I can make all the decisions on the long-term plan.  I can be kind of a dictator.  But I need to be a source of direction.”

“I’m an NBA super fan.  I believe it’s the greatest sport in the world.”

“It was a goal of mine to build a successful NBA franchise.  I made a big move to gain more controlling interest of the NBA team the Memphis Grizzlies.”

“I am excited about the opportunity to build on the work that has made the Memphis Grizzlies a highly competitive NBA team.  I look forward to continuing the team’s success in Memphis.”

“The goals of the team is, of course, to be highly competitive, build a great brand, a great product, and of course, we really want to see what we can do with the community and improve the community.”

“The purpose of my company is to connect millions of people in the most remote and underserved areas of the world in order to enrich their lives.  Specifically, what I do in my business by ‘creating value and changing the world’ is similar to what I hope to do with the Memphis Grizzlies.”

“I’m an entrepreneur.  I built my company from nothing, no investors.”

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