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Ron Perlman Quotes

Ronald Perlman

Ron Perlman quotes: Clay Morrow’s most valuable content.

“No matter what line of work you do, success cannot truly be achieved until you own who you are.  The most offensive liability then becomes an asset.  It makes you perform your best, regardless of the challenges you might face.”

“As an actor or anybody as a human being, I feel more and more like I want to spend time doing something significant.  Because what’s the alternative?  Spend your life wasting your time.”

“F*ck waiting for the world to change you; you start by trying to change it.  And if you are pure of heart and your intentions are good, you can’t lose.  Even if nothing happens, you can’t lose.”

“I like to believe that everyone is born with the same skill set, and that it is the influences that one comes upon.  What he hungers for is definitely going to be affected by what he got or didn’t get in those years when he was forming his psyche and his values.”

“Every job has a unique situational circumstance.”

“Working at a job that you hate… having a career and a life that you have no passion for?  That’s hell.”

“Fearless people are interesting to watch.”

“I just think that there are those people that their resolve is strengthened by what it is that’s keeping them down, and there are some people that will buckle under it.  You never know which one is which until you get into the eighth or ninth round of the fight.”

“Very rarely does change come in the form you imagined it would.  When you’re in the cocoon you never know what kind of butterfly is gonna come flying out.”

“Once the real you emerges and appears unfettered, naked, and completely in touch with the good, the bad, and the ugly, then you really meet yourself.  Then all those things take on a different perspective as well.”

“Maybe no matter how f*cked up a thing is in your life, the notion of changing it, of letting it go, is obviously way scarier than living with it.”

“You can change the circumstances but you can never change man’s inner nature.”

“We like people for their qualities, but we love them for their defects.  In writing this line I meant to say that we must not simply ‘accept’ imperfection when it is revealed to us – we must celebrate it.  This, I assure you, is the true sign of friendship.”

“I like being this guy who says we’re all in this together.  I’ve gone right up to the top and said, ‘You might be the producer, the guy with all the money, but treat people with respect goddammit, because if you don’t, you’re going to hear from me.  We’re all equal here, from the lowliest guy to the filmmaker.  We are all trying to bring our A-game here, so don’t f*ck with people.”

“Don’t say a word unless that word is worth saying, and if that word is worth saying, say it beautifully.”

“I don’t ever want to be comfortable with anything I’m doing.”

“I say yes to almost anything that comes my way.”

“You do what you gotta do.  This is not heart surgery.  I’m not curing cancer.  I’m just trying to put my kids through school.”

“My whole mantra is, ‘Go big or go home.’  I don’t want to just play a guy who dresses up.  I want to play the person who threw down.”

“I couldn’t make it on the swimming team in high school.  In fact, I got thrown off the swimming team and was forced to audition for the school play because they had at the audition about 35 girls show up and no boys, so my swimming coach suggested that I might be able to do the drama department more good than I was doing the swimming team.”

“I like playing interesting people, I like playing slightly twisted people.  I like playing people who have large appetites who are kind of a bit larger than life.”

“I’m kind of one of these guys who wants to play everything once before it’s all over.”

“I’ve been busy and not busy, and busy is better.  I’ve been busy, but I went through a lot of periods where it was lean for a lot of times.”

“I love to continue to challenge myself and put myself in situations that are slightly uncomfortable.”

“I’m just trying to make up for lost times, and I have total awareness that when the work is coming it doesn’t mean it’s going to continue to come, so I’m taking advantage of this phenomenal period that I’m in now, to its fullest.”

“My self-confidence didn’t come from my appearance, it came from other things that I did.  But certainly not my appearance.”

“I’ve always felt there were aspects of me that were monstrous, and you can either hide from it or confront it, embrace it and understand that those are aspects that make you unique and define you and motivate you.  You can either overwhelm or overcompensate for them – but they truly define you as a human being.  So that life became a question of either dealing with this monstrousness in one way or another… one finds a way to understand and make friends with that monster and understand that that’s the very thing that makes you who you are.  That’s your emotional and spiritual fingerprint.”

“Almost all of your life is lived by the seat of your pants, one unexpected event crashing into another, with no pattern or reason, and then you finally reach a point, around my age, where you spend more time than ever looking back.  Why did this happen?  Look where that led.  You see the shape of things.”

“Yeah, it’s nice to get paid for therapy rather than having to pay $240 an hour for it.”

“I’m not religious, but I am spiritual.  I have my own relationship with a being that I consider to be everywhere.  All and everything.  I don’t need a church or a synagogue or a mosque.  I don’t need to kneel down, I don’t need to stand up, I don’t need to be hanging from a thread.”

“I realized you don’t need to belong to any f*ckin’ edifice or ascribe to any dogma to have a relationship with God, to be a good person.  You just have to be a good person.”

“None of us are any better than anyone else and none of us are any worse than anyone else, and we’re all equal and whatever we can do to celebrate our commonality rather than our differences, which is what religion does, to me… religion just compartmentalizes people and makes everybody into a box.”

“Death is a thief, the grandest perpetrator of larceny of all.  It robs the potential of all the things left undone and reimburses the living with bits of memories that, with each day, pass through the fingers like a handful of sand.”

“There is no life free of pain, loss, despair, confusion, violence, and, yes, even death.  To make it a goal to think you could ever live a life that avoided all these things is pure folly, and you can only fall short.  What there is, however, is the ability to manage one’s way through these things so that, in addressing them, you remain as whole as possible, as present as possible, as undaunted as possible.  For that is the closest you are ever gonna get to real, real contentment.”

“Some people meditate, I smoke cigars.  It’s the best way for me to find myself.  Smoking a cigar stops my hands from shaking.  Smoking a cigar prevents me from punching people in the face when they get on my nerves.  Cigars calm me down.  Their smell, their taste… and they are the best partner for a good cocktail or a glass of brandy.  For me, smoking a cigar is not about showing yourself to high society.  It’s very personal.  I smoke at any time of day, on my own, and I don’t need company to give it meaning.”

“Happiness is the only good.  The place to be happy is here.  The time to be happy is now.  The way to be happy is to make others so.”

“I’m very happy.”

“I’ve certainly been very blessed with opportunity.”

“I’m thankful to be breathing, on this side of the grass.  Whatever comes, comes.”

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