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Perry Marshall Quotes

Perry Marshall Marketing

Perry Marshall quotes: here are some powerful quotes from internet marketing expert, author, and Pareto prophet, Mr. Perry Marshall.

“80/20 applies to almost everything in business that you can count.  Almost every frustration you have in sales has something to do with ignoring 80/20.”

“This whole recession thing everyone’s blathering about was merely fabricated by the media.”

“Did you know that ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN have predicted 40 out of the last two recessions?”

“You can attain the best negotiating position with customers only when your marketing generates ‘deal flow’ that exceeds your capacity.”

“AdWords is advertising to a moving parade; Facebook is advertising to a standing army.”

“Here’s a little marketing secret for you: almost everybody has at least one passion, one interest, one obsession… where they’ll gleefully spend irrational amounts of money.”

“80/20 says 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts, and 20% of your results come from the other 80%.”

“The biggest benefit of being on Facebook is to provide you another channel to connect to existing customers and to collect detailed customer demographics.”

“Selling to the right person is more important than all the sales methods, copywriting techniques, and negotiation tactics in the world.  Because the wrong person doesn’t have the money.  Or the wrong person doesn’t care.  The wrong person won’t be persuaded by anything.”

“The most valuable asset you can own is a well-maintained customer database, because people who’ve already bought from you are way easier to sell to than strangers.”

“Every time you give, you make a statement of personal power and autonomy: ‘I am not a slave to money.  Money is my slave.  I believe I will always have enough, and more is coming my way.'”

“Generate leads with information about solving problems, not information about the product itself.”

“Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill.  They wanted a hole.  Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes – not information about drills!”

“There are six billion people in the world and every single one is a diamond in some stage of being polished.  Life is either going to polish you up or grind you down.  And the difference between the two lies in how much hope you have, how much faith you have in the fact that you do carry something special on the inside that’s waiting to get out.  Many give up, not knowing they were only 10 minutes from triumph.”

“You will dramatically enhance your credibility as a salesperson by authoring, speaking, and publishing quality information.”

“Before you try to sell anything, you must know how much you’re willing to pay to get a new customer.”

“No cold calling.  Ever.  You should attempt to sell only to warm leads.”

“Accusing a home school kid of missing out on ‘socialization’ is like accusing a work-at-home entrepreneur of missing out on corporate politics.”

“A prospect who ‘finds’ you first is more likely to buy from you than if you find him.”

“We all need a good understanding of the Pareto analysis so that we can apply it to our business and increase our income.”

“If you could distill this down to a single principle, it’s that the best marketers in the world know markets first and foremost, and secondly, they’re students of marketing.  It’s more important to know a market than to know marketing, and I teach people marketing!  And so, as far as this seminar is concerned, it’s all about knowing a market, and it’s so thorough that even if you don’t have personal experience in that market… you can still go into it and find out what things people will pay money for.”

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