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Michelle Pfeiffer Quotes

Michelle Marie Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer quotes: on passion, work, aging, and more.

“Life is a series of choices.”

“You have a choice.  It may not be a choice you like, but it is still a choice.”

“This is the thing I’ve learned: there  are always red flags.  You need to look for those red flags along the way so you don’t continue to make the same mistakes.”

“When you’re young and have a dream, it’s pretty simplistic.  You don’t think about or have any way of knowing everything it can be, and anticipate that.”

“Our window of opportunity expands incrementally year by year.”

“You never really know what’s going to tip the scales for you.  There are a lot of variables.  It’s your mood.”

“I find the less you focus on your flaws, the better off you are.  Be yourself and be glad of who you are.”

“You can have it all, but you can’t do it all.”

“You’ve got each other’s back.  I think if everyone shows up with that attitude, then everybody has a great time, and I think the work is better as well.”

“Most people are challenged when it comes to talking to each other.  There’s no real training for communication.  It’s not what you say, but how you say it.”

“It’s fun to kick ass and show that other dark side of yourself as well.”

“I like understanding what’s underneath, what’s really motivating people.  When I was younger, I wanted to be a psychiatrist, so I think it has to do with that.”

“Sometimes the traditional way of doing things isn’t always the best way.”

“What’s interesting is, there’s always a lot of talk to young people about finding their passion, following their passion.  But I remember reading somewhere that a lot of people don’t have a passion.  And there’s this pressure to have one.  It’s perfectly fine not to have one.”

“It’s better to feel as if there’s not enough time in a day than to wake up wondering how you’re going to fill it.”

“You know, the more you can meet people from different walks of life, the better it is for you.  I think the more you can create situations and experiences that give you new perspective, the better.”

“The value of a good education has never left me.”

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  I’m more open now, my frame of mind, because I really want to work now, because I can.  And these last few years I’ve had some really interesting opportunities.”

“I’ve been working since I was 14, and my father, being very conservative, has always been strict about my having a savings account.”

“I never wanted to have to take a job because I didn’t have any money.”

“I don’t know if it’s naiveté or just narcissism, but I start out with this notion that I can do anything.  It’s not until I get into it that I realize what I’ve thrown myself into, and then I will do anything not to humiliate myself.  And that, I think, is the secret to my success.”

“I’m a perfectionist, so I can drive myself mad – and other people, too.  At the same time, I think that’s one of the reasons I’m successful.  Because I really care about what I do.”

“It’s fun to explore areas that are taboo that you’re not allowed to in real life as an actor.”

“I’ve never lost my love for acting.  I feel really at home on the movie set.  I’m a more balanced person honestly when I’m working.”

“I decided I needed something that I could feel as passionate about as acting, and something in which I could completely lose myself.  I started painting, and I’m still doing it.”

“Just standing around looking beautiful is so boring.  I have days when I just feel I look like a dog.”

“Being a parent is the hardest thing in the world – the psychological toll it takes on you because these lives are in your hands.  I take it very seriously.”

“One thing that’s great about having kids, especially given my career, is that it forces you out of your narcissism.  I mean, I’m in a career where my product is me.  So it was nice to have something, someone, come along and take the focus off me.  I really needed to give myself some distractions from myself.”

“I think it’s different for everyone.  Every family has different dynamics.  It’s about communication and respect.”

“It’s simple.  Eat well, exercise and get lots of sleep, but make sure you indulge occasionally.”

“The older you get, the less you can cheat.  So now I’m more health conscious than I used to be.”

“Aging happens to every single one of us.  Once you accept that, it unburdens you.”

“All I really care about, is that I’m able to age gracefully and that I don’t ever look like a wax figure of myself.  The takeaway?  Just stop worrying.”

“Somewhere along the line I made the switch and was able to look at the bright side rather than the dark side all the time.  Now I look at everything I have and think how lucky I am.  I guess I sort of just feel like I am lucky.”

“And I’m a really happy person, I enjoy life.  I think you see that on people.  I think there’s nothing more aging than misery.”

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