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Dennis Quaid Quotes

Dennis William Quaid

Dennis Quaid quotes: wisdom and worldviews from the long-time actor.

“It’s great to get paid for what you love doing most. To enjoy your work. And to follow that. It’s important.”

“You always need that fire in your belly; otherwise, it’s just a job.”

“It’s all about your focus.”

“I want to work with great people. Great people really make you better.”

“I love that feeling of having huge success.”

“It’s really about second chances in his life.”

“I think it’s good to keep remaking yourself.”

“There’s some unfortunate things out there, but I really don’t see any of them as mistakes. You know, even those I’ve learned from.”

“I’ve had several second chances, I think. I think it’s always about renewal. You know, renewing that original desire that we want to do something. I hear the stories of a lot of people who are either quitting their jobs or got laid off and going back and doing that original thing that they wanted to do with their lives, taking a pay cut. People are finding out that there’s more to life than making money. There’s our dreams that we have in our heart, and there’s the people that we love in our lives.”

“If we never felt sorrow, we’d never recognize bliss.”

“The truth always lies in things that have no words.”

“You have to walk through the fire and do the things that you do along the road to do that. And it’s hard. Forgiveness is not easy, and especially forgiving yourself.”

“Everybody just wants to be famous first, and then maybe learn how to act.”

“I was very uncomfortable with all the attention when it first started happening to me. I retreated quite a bit from the world, both physically and emotionally. But then you just accept that you can’t control what the rest of the world thinks or does.”

“There are three things being a celebrity is good for: raising money for charity, dinner reservations and tee times.”

“That’s what is great about what I do, going from one job to the other.”

“There’s no way that I could do a 9 to 5 job. There’s no way. I was not cut out for that. You come in and you work for three months on the one job. They say, ‘Great,’ you know, and you’re on to the next one—and you never even got fired. It’s wonderful.”

“I love acting and making your own luck. You have to recreate yourself.”

“I am very interested in the human condition. That is what I love about acting. I like studying different people and their psychosis. I like discovering what makes them tick. I always find that with any character I play. I need to find out what makes them tick.”

“If you’re going to stick around in this business, you have to have the ability to reinvent yourself, whether consciously or unconsciously.”

“You have to have the ability to remake yourself. Whatever that is. Every several years. Every five to ten years.”

“I’m having more fun now with acting than I did when I first started out, because I’m doing it just because I really enjoy it. I’m not trying to ‘make it’ anymore. I’m not trying to be anything, you know? The biggest this and that for anybody. I’m just enjoying it.”

“I really like my day job. I like acting and being a musician. I’ve always played music since I was 12, and I guess I always will. I really love doing what I do, being an actor. It’s the greatest. You can do it until you die.”

“I love to work. I actually enjoy it now more than I did when I was in my 20s. I don’t know why, but I’m just grateful.”

“I still have my original love for acting. That’s why I feel so lucky. I think that’s what sustains me in the sort of leaner times.”

“I was made to be a perfectionist at everything I did. Everything was more important than what I wanted.”

“I have a resistance to change in things that I feel comfortable with and that I’m used to.”

“You don’t have to be alone with your thoughts anymore. You don’t have to process anything. You can call up someone to do something to instantly make you sort of feel better.”

“Certainly I’m a Christian first and foremost. But I do believe in religious tolerance and finding the commonality between all of us. I think that’s how we’re all going to come together.”

“I grew up with my own faith. You have to turn to some sort of higher power or whatever you want to call it. You have to understand that you have no control over the outcome and have to just surrender. We all get barriers thrown up at us, and sometimes, unfair things just happen. It’s how you handle it is that counts. Do you just give up or… turn it into a bump in the road and make something positive out of it?”

“God is the only way you’re going to make it in life, the glue that holds everything together.”

“I do have a deep faith. I grew up Baptist and still go to church. I myself have explored other religions, because I want to know what it is that makes other people tick. I find we’re all talking about the same thing, really. It’s all God.”

“I grew up in a Sunday school in a Baptist church. Faith to me is not about being a Boy Scout or the center of this or that, that’s what redemption is. It’s about that knowingness, the wonderful feeling of being alive.”

“At its core, it’s about living your life with grace. If God bestows grace upon you—that you should live your life to its full effect.”

“I found that you don’t have to do drugs to have a great time. Music is a great drug on its own.”

“As I grow older, I put all life’s bullsh*t aside. I think the process of the laying off of the bullsh*t starts around 40. Before that, most men have their heads stuck in their ass. After 40, you see things differently. You’ve found yourself. You’re accepting yourself and what you got from life.”

“My technique is a gathering of different things I’ve picked up over the years and that changes. I found that as time goes by, I really kind of let go of a lot of what I considered to be my technique or method and just let things happen.”

“Golf is meaningless, but it means so much. Going to the golf course every day for work? That’s a good job.”

“With golf, I know it’s about your inner self. You always bump up against what you’d like to be and the reality of what you are. It’s a test, a journey. You find out a lot about yourself and other people you play with, who they really are, by playing golf. You have conversations, you see how you react to adversity. It’s great.”

“I have a ranch in Montana, but it’s not a real working ranch. I’ve always liked the outdoors. I come from Texas. My grandfather was a farmer; that’s as close as I come.”

“Family is the most important thing in life, period.”

“My dad said, ‘Just make sure you make a living at it.’ My mom has always been my rock and still is. She was supportive of anything we did and very encouraging at the same time.”

“Your partner has to live with the best and the worst part of you, and they’re affected by it.”

“I love being a dad, and I’m good at it. Basically it’s the most gratifying, rewarding relationship in life. But, at the same time, it certainly is the most challenging. Kids teach you about life, like how not to focus on yourself so much.”

“I would like my kids to follow their bliss.”

“I have to tell you that I am happier with my life now [more] than ever. I have a great son and a great career. I’m not only here, but here stronger than I’ve ever been. I have absolutely no regrets about the ups and downs of my career.”

“I have no complaints.”

“I’m out to save all the Dennis Quaids of the world.”

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