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Ted Cruz Quotes

Rafael Edward Cruz

Ted Cruz quotes: on the underdog mentality, fighting for what you believe in, how to get your message across, and more.

“We are the change we’re waiting for.”

“You know what the great thing is, success has a thousand fathers; failure is an orphan.”

“You don’t have to win every fight. You don’t have to fight every fight. But you do have to stand for something.”

“Happiness doesn’t come from popularity, but rather from doing something that matters, making a difference, and fulfilling God’s plan for your life.”

“Popularity isn’t the end-all, be-all. What matters far more is that you stick to your principles, that you stand up and you live a life of integrity.”

“It’s a time for truth, a time to rise to the challenge.”

“You know flexibility is a good thing but it shouldn’t—you shouldn’t be flexible on core principles.”

“You don’t have to solve every problem at once.”

“I think we need to be reasonable and use common sense.”

“My dad came from Cuba when he was a teenager, not speaking English. And I grew up here speaking Spanglish. That’s the world in which I grew up, and that’s a world in which a lot of second generation immigrants find themselves.”

“I’ve really had two heroes in my life. My father and Ronald Reagan.”

“I suspect I was not the first 21-year-old who thought he knew more than he did. And one of the virtues of age, one of the virtues of getting married and becoming a father, is it often leads one to take a more measured approach to life.”

“An individual’s life prospects increase dramatically with each successfully completed phase of education.”

“Young people want someone to tell them the truth. They want to be inspired.”

“You have to have a message that inspires people.”

“What I’m fighting for are simple principles: live within our means, stop bankrupting our kids and grandkids, follow the constitution.”

“I am a passionate civil libertarian. The reason why I’m a conservative is because conservative policies work and they improve opportunities. They are the avenue for climbing the economic dream.”

“The greatest engine of prosperity and opportunity the world has ever seen has been the American free enterprise system. Freedom works.”

“When I was elected to the Senate five years ago, I promised the people of Texas that I would fight every day for jobs and economic growth, for tax reform, for regulatory reform, for repealing Obamacare, for reducing the burdens on small businesses and job creators, and to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the fundamental liberties of every American, to the best of my ability. I have endeavored to do so, each and every day in the Senate.”

“I believe every human life is a gift from God and we should cherish and protect and celebrate them.”

“I will always tell the truth and do what I said I would do. I will keep my word. My father fled Cuba, and I will fight to defend liberty because my family knows what it’s like to lose it.”

“One of the things that I intend to devote a lot of time to in the coming years is continuing to try to move people’s hearts and minds with humor, with stories, with anecdotes, with facts and information.”

“My focus has been and will continue to be on doing my job.”

“I’m an optimist at heart.”

“Standing on your feet, there’s sometimes some pain, sometimes some fatigue that is involved. But you know what? There’s far more pain involved in rolling over… far more pain in hiding in the shadows, far more pain in not standing for principle, not standing for the good, not standing for integrity.”

“This fight is not about personalities. Look, most Americans could not give a flying flip about a bunch of politicians in Washington. Who cares? You know, almost all of us are in cheap suits with bad haircuts. Who cares?”

“I believe it is entirely consistent to respect the rule of law, and do what is necessary… and at the same time to celebrate that we are a nation of immigrants, who value and cherish freedom and the opportunity to achieve the American dream.”

“I know very much what I believe.”

“I try to have a sense of humor. I try to make points that are notable, because it is a way to influence the discussion.”

“I’m a fighter. I am passionate about what I believe. I’ve been passionate my whole life.”

“If you want someone to grab a beer with, I may not be that guy. But if you want someone to drive you home, I will get the job done and I will get you home.”

“Every day, I come home with a spring in my step.”

“God’s blessing has been on America from the very beginning of this nation, and I believe God isn’t done with America yet. I believe in you. I believe in the power of millions of courageous conservatives rising up to reignite the promise of America. It is a time for truth. It is a time for liberty.”

“God bless each and everyone of you.”

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