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Pat Robertson Quotes

Marion Gordon

Pat Robertson quotes: musings from the media mogul.

“Anything’s possible.”

“Spirit controls matter.  The mind is the ultimate conduit of the spirit.  In other words, when you confess blessing, favor, victory, and success, those things will come to you.”

“So, you need to have somebody that shares the dreams of life that you have.  I think that’s more important.”

“I’m trying to warn people and to explain to them little by little when they’re young, middle-aged, and older – how to look after themselves and have a financial future.  It’s important.”

“Families today need a better grasp on their money and a better understanding that mastery of your own personal finances can be key to a happier, more secure life.”

“Get out of debt, get your fiscal house in order when you’re younger and begin to save money.”

“The real key to wealth is the gradual accumulation.”

“I was in the Marine Corps during the Korean War.  And I was going to make money.  I was going into business.  So I had a law career, and I thought that would lead to business.  And it was there that this real hunger for God… I wanted more of God.  And as they say, the rest is history.  It’s in the book.”

“For leadership the most important virtue is humility, to have a servant’s heart, to listen to what people are saying, and to be empathetic to employees.  I think that pride and arrogance are killers.”

“You have to get some people on the bus and some other ones off the bus.”

“The first thing is having a sympathetic and understanding spouse.  The second thing is to keep communication open.  You build it in love and understanding but, at the same time, you work at it.”

“I mean, if a person acts irresponsibly in his own life, he will pay the consequences.  And it’s not so much divine retribution as it’s built into the law of nature.”

“Our goal, as Christians, is to dominate society.”

“I tried it all, I done all the pleasure you can have in the continent.  I had education, I had this law degree, I had seven years of higher education and done well.  There was deep inside of me the feeling of something more and that’s when the Lord put his hand out and said, ‘I want you as my servant.'”

“But I never, never thought of the ministry, nor did – of course, television when I was growing up, there was no television.  So I didn’t know anything about it.  I’m a religious broadcaster.  My secret is every day, I spend time with the Lord.  Every day.”

“I formed the Christian Coalition, which was been wildly successful, and I use that term advisably: wildly successful.  It took off like a prairie fire, and became possibly the most effective grassroots lobbying organization in America.  And it happened just like overnight, because it was there.”

“I think the real thing is to please Jesus.  This is what it’s all about.  To know Him.  And to please Him.  We have an audience of One.  That’s the way I’ve always looked at things.  It makes life a lot easier.”

“I believe in working with the hearts of people.”

“I’m a person that just likes to speak the truth.”

“I have a relatively good track record.”

“I was just thinking, as soon as I can just hang it up, go sit in a rocking chair, the better off it’d be.  But after they fixed my heart, for better or for worse, I’ve come back stronger than ever.”

“I’ve been at it for 50 years or so, and I guess over the years I’ve been privileged to build up some rather extraordinary institutions that are still very effective.”

“This is my life, and I love it.  But, I don’t mind going home, to be with Him when the time comes.  So, I’m in no hurry to leave.”

“God made me an entrepreneur.  I’ve just been able to create institutions with relative ease.  And that’s His doing.  I’ve said, I give Him the credit, all the bad stuff I take the blame, give Him the credit for the good stuff.”

“I’ve lived a very good life, I can’t complain.  God has really blessed me in every way known to man – beautiful family, wonderful grandchildren, a lovely situation and marvelous people working with me.  It’s just been a good thing.”

“I want to be part of God’s plan of what He is doing on earth, and I want to bring Him glory.”

“I would just like to be known as the servant of the Lord.  Who’s served people in His lifetime – that’s all I want to be known for.”

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