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Rich Roll quotes: deep thoughts powered by plants.

“It’s the anonymous micro-actions undertaken regularly that dictate not just what you can achieve, but who you are as a human.”

“Darkness can be a teacher – so let’s explore it.”

“Live life awake!”

“It’s okay to go slow.  In our high-gloss, my-life-is-awesome Instagram culture, I catch myself not wanting to share on the days when I’m not my best.  Mediocre days.  Days when I suck.  I really don’t like that about myself.  Because that’s ego.”

“Resilience.  It’s elasticity.  The the ability to bounce back.  Recover quickly from setbacks and continuously move forward.  We all face difficulties, obstacles, and hardship.  It’s an inescapable part of the human condition.  But the ability to navigate treachery with equanimity and non-attachment – the essence of resiliency – is an underrated superpower, opening the door to new possibilities and untapped potential.”

“The biggest piece of advice I have for somebody who’s looking to get outta their comfort zone and embrace some kind of challenge in their life is… to just begin.  Stop overthinking it.  Don’t fall prey to analysis paralysis.”

“To best move forward, it’s important to reflect back.”

“It’s time to torch complacency.  Get brutally honest with yourself.  Embrace vulnerability.  Callous the mind.  And get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Because your life is not some future event.  Your life is now.”

“Nature’s fury always brings out the best in people.”

Inspiration is fine.  But it’s overrated and temporal – tissue in the flame.  Purpose is the slow burn sustainable fuel source that drives real success in any field.  Find it.  Share it.  And watch your life change.”

“If you are feeling lost – or even hopeless – don’t judge your future based upon your current circumstances.  Reach out for help.  Don’t give up hope.  Cultivate some level of willingness to take even a tiny action in the interest of self-care – no matter how counter-intuitive or uncomfortable.”

“Find your joy in the simple things, and you’ll live a life of riches.”

“Give everything to what you love and the universe will conspire to support you.”

“We need everybody to be more of who they really are.”

“Rehab saved my life.  Sobriety gave me an entirely new one.”

“Don’t quit before the miracle.”

“One way to think about success is to think about Mondays.  Do you dread Mondays?  Or do you look forward to Mondays?  Mondays used to literally make me sick to my stomach.  Now I love Mondays.  My hope is that you too love Mondays.  If you don’t like Mondays, maybe it’s time to make some changes.  Life is f*cking short.”

“From the ashes we are reborn.  From destruction comes strength.”

“Doing nothing is the hidden key to unlocking our most prolific output.  To go, we must stop.  To be on we must reframe how we think about and practice the art of switching off.  And respect that life and creativity are cyclical.”

“Just keep moving.”

“We’ve been taught since birth that a great life is one of comfort, of ease, and luxury.  But the truth is, if you wanna feel really alive, truly alive, you’ve got to get outside of your comfort zone and do something that scares you.  But you can’t wait until you feel like doing it.”

“I am confident of one thing: home isn’t a place.  It’s a community of people you love.”

“Losing everything material presents an opportunity.  You can panic and wallow in fear or you can choose it as an opportunity to grow.  Embrace the truth that everything is indeed impermanent.”

“Stuff is just that.  It’s your relationships that matter.”

“Baked into our DNA, running is a primal activity that unites us all.  It’s about self-understanding.  And for indigenous cultures dating back millennia, it’s about spiritual growth.  Survival.  Healing.  And even transcendence.”

“I do know that strength comes only through weathering obstacles.  And in my experience, there is always something beautiful on the other side.”

“The resistance to maintaining a childlike nature increases in lockstep with time.  It becomes harder to hold on to – and embrace – the awe and wonder that defines youth.  Kids don’t have this problem.  They are here to constantly remind us what is most essential.  So resist the resistance.  Search the recesses of memory to recapture and reconnect with that which moved you as child.  Kindle that.  And watch your world come alive in technicolor.  I say this as a reminder to myself.  Because with age and the pressures of adulthood I forget.  I default to ‘serious’ matters.  I get lost in the meaningless details.  And put space between myself and what is most beautiful about just being alive.”

“What are your limiting beliefs?  What holds you back?  Look closely and you just might discover, as I have, that those beliefs are just a story.  A story you have the power to rewrite.  So start telling a new story.”

“Each and every one of us holds the power to positively impact the life of another.  Life is more fulfilling, meaningful, and rewarding when we are persistently engaged in the pursuit of bettering the lives of those less fortunate.”

“Mood follows action.  You have to take the action first.”

“Do you really want it?  Or do you just say you want it?  There’s a difference.  Whether you’re an athlete, a creative, or anyone with a dream, actions speak louder than words.  Trite but true.  Dreams are formed in the doing – imperfect and messy for even the best.”

“The smallest things are actually the biggest.  It’s gratitude and appreciation for the simple – a great night of sleep, the sun on my back, a body that moves, the sound of my daughter’s giggle, a tiny act of kindness for another, that look [my wife] gives me that lets me know she loves me – that make all the difference.”

“Twenty years ago I was completely broken.  Sobriety saved me.  Ten years later I hit a second bottom.  Changing my lifestyle saved me.  But there is no destination with growth.  Every day presents new challenges and obstacles to face and overcome.”

“Change is available to you in every moment of every day.”

“We know we should meditate.  The science is clear.  The evidence is in.  And yet, for so many, the gap between information and action is an untraversable canyon.”

“I never finish a workout and think, ‘Well that was a waste of time.’  Never.”

“The identity you hold so dear, that you project upon the world, that forms the very essence of your reality – is but illusion.  To run is to confront this very fact.  To let go of the story you tell yourself about yourself – a story that does not serve you.  So you can reframe that story.  And tell a new one.  This is the gift of running.  At least it is for me.”

“Consistency beats intensity.  Consistency beats volume.  Consistency beats passion.  Consistency dictates results.  Consistency is what defines character.”

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