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Mitt Romney Quotes

Willard Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney quotes: some smooth sentences from politician and businessman, Mr. Mitt Romney.

“What you believe, what you value, how you live, matters.”

“Live for a purpose greater than yourself.  If you live your life exclusively for yourself, it will be shallow and disappointing.  Live for something greater: for your family, your faith, your country, your university, or for a cause political, social, or religious.  With a real purpose in life, life is a great deal more fulfilling and happy.”

“Think carefully about the habits of your life.  You deserve to be happy, and America deserves your wise choices.”

“You don’t have to be larger than life to be a hero, just larger than yourself.”

“If you blame your failures on things you can’t control, if you don’t take responsibility for failures, you will have a lot more of them.  Successful people take responsibility and that empowers them to correct their mistakes and to shape their future.”

“Every turnaround has three rules.  Focus, focus, focus.  Focus on what’s most important, devote all your energy to that which is broken.”

“Do your present job well.  Don’t complain and gripe, don’t just try to get by; dig in, learn everything you can about the business and it’s industry, be worth more than what you’re getting paid.”

“Stay away from hooks, and if you’ve already swallowed one, do whatever it takes to get free of it.”

“In order to become a success, a business doesn’t just have to do well, it has to do better than its competitors.  Being number one isn’t just about bragging rights.  Often it means the difference between prospering and merely hanging on.”

“In the private sector, there is always innovation.  There’s always change.  There’s always improving productivity, and if you’re not leading that, you’ll be passed and ultimately go out of business.  So there’s an urgency to constantly update and renew and to rethink your enterprise.”

“Dependency is death to initiative, to risk-taking, and opportunity.”

“I don’t look back.  I look forward.”

“I stand ready to lead us down a different path, where we are lifted up by our desire to succeed, not dragged down by a resentment of success.”

“In America, we celebrate success.  We don’t apologize for success.”

“Business and growing jobs is about taking risk, sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding, but always striving.  It is about dreams.  Usually, it doesn’t work out exactly as you might have imagined.  Steve Jobs was fired at Apple.  He came back and changed the world.”

“In every stump speech I give, I speak about the fact that people who dream and achieve enormous success do not make us poorer – they make us better off.”

“I have never believed in my own ability to succeed at everything.  I recognize I’m a human being like everybody else, and I make mistakes and fall short time and again.”

“Leadership – leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses.”

“A leader has the capacity of vision, the ability to see where things are headed before people in general see those things.”

“What we have, what we wish we had – ambitions fulfilled, ambitions disappointed, investments won, investments lost, elections won, elections lost – these things may occupy our attention, but they do not define us.”

“Freedom.  Freedom of religion.  Freedom to speak their mind.  Freedom to build a life.  And yes, freedom to build a business.  With their own hands.  This is the essence of the American experience.”

“It’s opportunity.  It’s opportunity, not a check from government – it’s opportunity that has always driven America and defined us as Americans.”

“The American culture promotes personal responsibility, the dignity of work, the value of education, the merit of service, devotion to a purpose greater than self, and at the foundation, the preeminence of family.”

“We still believe in the America that is a land of opportunity and a beacon of freedom.  We believe in the America that challenges each of us to be better and bigger than ourselves.”

“The promise of America has always been that if you worked hard, had the right values, took some risks, that there was an opportunity to build a better life for your family and for your next generation.”

“I would always be happy to serve my country in any way that I was called upon to do.”

“I pray.  Prayer is a time to connect with the divine, but also time, I’m sure, to concentrate one’s thoughts, to meditate, and to imagine what might be.”

“I read serious books, but every now and then, I read just for fun.”

“Education is the investment our generation makes in the future.”

“I was an English major.  That meant that I liked reading and writing.  It also meant that I had no idea what I would do for a living.  The self-help guides I read said I was doomed: they claimed that success depended on having a clear career goal.  That isn’t how life has worked out for me.  Almost nothing I’ve done in my career was planned in advance.  I could hardly have predicted I would get into politics.”

“I had a friend in college at BYU who wrote a book that’s done pretty well.  He titled it The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  It has sold over 15 million copies.  With his $10 royalty per book, that means he made about $150 million dollars.  My advice is free.  It may or may not be a bargain.  I have drawn these seven habits from what I have learned over 50-some years, consulting to people in scores of companies, leading large and small enterprises, serving as a missionary and then as a pastor of church congregations, and yes, from serving and campaigning across my state and across the country.”

“If I have a bad hair day, I just think, ‘Well, it will be an okay hair day tomorrow.’  Just put your head down and go.  Life is a bit like being on a roller coaster, which is, you get on and there’s no stopping along the way.  There are some days when you feel like this is pretty tough, and there are the days that are exhilarating, but you just keep on going.”

“I don’t know that there’s anything wrong with hoping that you will make lots of money, or rise to the top of a corporate pyramid, or start a blockbuster company, or have your research published and acclaimed.  But what I do know is that if that’s all your life is about, you probably won’t find the success you seek.  You won’t be happy.”

“I do recognize and I feel very comfortable with people taking a good look at how I’ve lived my life, and obviously my faith is a big part of that.”

“My mom and dad gave their kids the greatest gift of all – the gift of unconditional love.  They cared deeply about who we would be, and much less about what we would do.”

“My dad was phenomenal.  Born in Mexico, lived poor, didn’t graduate from college, and becomes head of a car company and then Governor of a state.  I can’t imagine I would have ever thought about running for office had I not seen my dad do it.”

“I have come to believe that the true currency of life is the friends you have and the people you love.  The coin of the realm buys very little at the bank of happiness.”

“Happiness, for me, is a function of the number of people I love, and I think joy and happiness is directly related to how many people are in our lives and how deeply we are bonded with those people.”

“There is no day more joyful in my life than when I see all my family around me.  That’s the best it gets.”

“And that’s how it is in America.  We look to our communities, our faiths, our families for our joy, our support, in good times and bad.  It is both how we live our lives and why we live our lives.”

“I appreciate the few people who say nice things about me and say, ‘Gee, you were right about this,’ or, ‘You were right about that.’  But frankly, I spend my time looking ahead.  I’ve got 23 grandkids, and I’m concerned about what their world is going to be like.”

“I believe that as people will look at me, they’ll see a person who has dealt with a number of very difficult and challenging circumstances and that I have been able to successfully navigate through those and create greater strength and greater opportunity.  I believe that people recognize that I’m someone who has confidence in America’s cause.”

“I believe in America.  I believe in free enterprise.”

“I’m Mitt Romney – and yes… that’s also my first name.”

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