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Tony Romo Quotes

Antonio Ramiro Romo

Tony Romo quotes: former NFL quarterback reflects on hard work, confidence, staying positive, and life in general.

“You aren’t handed anything.  You earn everything every single day, over and over again.  You have to prove it.”

“You’re always playing the game to reach the ultimate goal.”

“You have to be confident.”

“Make important what is important.”

“Everyone runs their own race.”

“Work hard, do things the right way, and things will go your way.”

“You just work at it.  You just keep grinding away, keep trying to get better, and if you got the ability, one day you have a chance.”

“You just go out there and every week and try to prepare the best you can.”

“You gain experience and understand where your mindset needs to be to win the game, when you’ve been through it you can give yourself an advantage, mentally.  You go do it.”

“I think you use the negative things that happen from the year before – and from other years, too – to spur you to do the things you need to do to take the next step.”

“You know you are going to go through your ups and downs.”

“I feel like we all have two battles or two enemies going on.  One with the man across from you.  The second is with the man inside of you.  I think once you control the one inside of you, the one across from you really doesn’t matter.  I think that is what we are all trying to do.”

“I can remember when I was a kid just starting out wanting to be part of something bigger than myself.  For every high school kid out there or college player, there is greatness in being the kind of teammate who truly wants to be part of a team.  Everyone wants to be the reason they are winning or losing.  Every single one of us wants to be that person.  But there are special moments that come from a shared commitment to play a role, while doing it together.  That’s what you will remember.  Not your stats or your prestige, but the relationships and the achievement that you created through a group.  It’s hard to do, but there’s great joy in that.”

“When you’re younger, it’s about ‘How can I get better?  How can I become the player that I want to be?’  As you get older, it’s ‘How can this football team improve?’  While all along getting better along the way.”

“I think some guys have the ability to learn from themselves and get better.  Those are the guys that last a long time and continue to improve in this league and in sports in general.”

“It’s about the process.  It’s about getting better.  ‘Let’s execute on this play, let’s execute on this drive.’  You do those things, and over the course of the season you’ll get better as a team and you’ll get to a point where hopefully you’re playing at a high level to win the games that really become at another level.”

“You try and work hard and get better each week.  I play the game with passion.  I enjoy the game.  It’s a lot of fun when I’m out there.  That’s the way I play.”

“There comes a point in the game where you gotta make a play or you gotta do something to get your team over the hump, and when that time comes you gotta be able to do it.”

“I think people just like rooting.  If they like you, they’re going to want to root for you and you’re one of theirs.  And if they don’t like you?  It doesn’t matter.”

“Whether they say good or bad things, it actually doesn’t affect my life.  It’s not going to define you unless you allow it to.”

“I’m very realistic about myself and my talents.  I have a long way to go to get to where I want to be.  What it took to get here is probably going to be what it takes to get to the next level, too.”

“I’ve always been a pretty positive person and I’m not a big fan of negativity.  I saw that I’m very realistic with myself and my talents and what’s around me and how to get better at those things.  So I try to be realistic about the press, and they are going to say what they want whether you’re really good or not.  But at the end of the day, I get to control the outcome with the way I play.”

“If something in sports is the worst thing that ever happens to you, you’ve lived a pretty good life.”

“People talking about the Bible at college – I felt that I kind of want that… the freedom, the peace, just the ability to kind of be at ease when life goes crappy, when it goes good.”

“If you think you’re never gonna sin again because you’ve come to the Lord, that’s unrealistic.  The truth is that you do fail and sin, but you always come back to the Lord.  You don’t run away from Him but you run to Him.”

“If you get a great wife who understands the demands of someone in athletics, I think that’s important.”

“It’s easy to say you’re more mature because all of a sudden you have a child, but it’s a process.”

“The transition out of playing in the NFL is a different lifestyle.  One I welcome with open arms in the hopes of focusing on something new and different.  It means waking up with a passion to go and get better at something else.”

“I don’t think money ever dictates your confidence or what your mental makeup is.  More than anything, I’m in a constant grind to improve, get better and achieve goals.  And that’s never going to change.”

“I’m overjoyed about the opportunity with CBS.  I’m very excited.  I’m very happy and I’m really lucky.  It’s a unique situation I get to go into and it’s a privilege to be able to talk about the game.  Not everyone gets that opportunity… and I don’t take that for granted.”

“I’m ready to rock and roll.”

“I think my best years are ahead of me and that’s exciting.”

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