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Darren Rowse Quotes

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Darren Rowse quotes: advice about blogging and success in general from ProBlogger founder, Darren Rowse.

“Success is usually more about doing the things you know you should do — not learning the ‘secrets’ that you don’t know.”

“When you’re tempted to compare yourself to someone else, just compare yourself to you when you started.”

“Make your readers famous.  Introduce them to one another, show them off to one another.”

“Do the uncomfortable.  Become comfortable with these acts.  Prove to yourself that your limiting beliefs die a quick death if you will simply do what you feel uncomfortable doing.”

“Consistently investigate what gives other people energy.  Be the fan that fuels it.”

“The best advice I can give on building a community online is this: ‘Be the community you want to have.'”

“More important advice than ‘do what you are passionate about’ is ‘be passionate about what you do.'”

“The best way to get engagement on social media is to be engaging on social media.”

“Spend 90% of your time doing and 10% learning.”

“Successful bloggers are active, take initiative, experiment, and are always trying new things.”

“What action will I take today that will grow my blog?  Ask yourself this daily.  Build a workflow around important, small tasks.  Make them habit.”

“If you want your blog to be a business one day, treat it as one today.”

“There are no magic wands, no hidden tracks, and no secret handshakes that can bring you immediate success, but with time, energy, and determination… you can get there.”

“Many bloggers fail to realize that what they know and consider ‘basic’ is actually ‘advanced’ to many of their readers.”

“Blog feel small?  If you have just one reader and your blog changes their life, your blog is big enough.”

“Always aim to either inspire, inform, or interact in your blog posts.  You might think about a set of posts: day one, inspiring your readers with a photo; day two, informing them with a tutorial; day three, setting them a challenge or a way to interact with you.”

“The internet makes money for you when you build something that is real and when it matters to people!”

“Pay attention to your archives.  How can you showcase your old posts?  Can you put them on Facebook or update an old post with new information and re-post it?”

“What is one small thing that you can do today to move you a step closer to your dreams?  Do that.”

“The key to success in blogging (and in many areas of life) is small but regular and consistent actions over a long period of time.”

“Do good.”

“Pay attention to the things that you stay up at night thinking about and the things that make you chew the ear off your partner.  Constantly be on the lookout for problems to solve.  Become a superhero at solving problems.  Obsess about being useful.”

“Take some initiative and snap outside of passivity; consistent small actions have impact.”

“Motivational speakers always preach ‘reach for the stars.’  Nice advice, but I think more helpful advice would often be to ‘take your next step.'”

“Ninety-nine percent of great bloggers are not awesome on day one.  Their awesomeness is the accumulation of the value they create over time.”

“I’ve long advised that bloggers seeking to make money from blogging spread their interests across multiple revenue streams so as not to put all their eggs in one basket.”

“Love your readers to death!”

“Bloggers who rise above the clutter are quite often prolific.  They work hard, not just writing content, but networking, engaging in social media, and more.”

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