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Rumer Willis Quotes

Rumer Glenn Willis

Rumer Willis quotes: on how much her last name affects her acting career, being bullied as a kid, finding happiness, and more.

“Everyone has opportunities and different doors that are opened to them in different ways. In the end, if you’re talented you’ll get work. If you’re not, you won’t, so it doesn’t really matter who you know.”

“Stay true to your integrity, and if you’re doing something that you feel like doesn’t represent your integrity, speak up. You have to say that. If you’re doing something that doesn’t make you feel good, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.”

“You don’t have to change to be successful, just be you. You have to walk into a room like, ‘I have so much to offer.'”

“Just in general, no matter what you’re doing, be true to yourself. Never let anyone else dictate how you live your life.”

“Who you are is exactly who you should be. You can’t let other people dictate your life or how you feel about yourself because then you’re not living.”

“Look, nobody is ever exactly the same as anybody else. You’re handed the cards you are for a particular reason, so you follow that path and see where it takes you.”

“You can’t become what you aren’t, or you will start feeling awful about yourself.”

“Fear is such a huge thing that holds us back. I think if you have any fear or shame, it’s really hard to want to express yourself.”

“When you conquer something you didn’t think you could do, energy and confidence radiate out of you, and that’s more beautiful than if you were skinny or had the perfect face. Confidence isn’t about physical perfection: it’s about kicking ass at something you love to do.”

“Education is very important to my parents and to me.”

“My parents always knew that I wanted to act, so it didn’t really come as a big surprise. The only thing they told me was that I had to wait until I was 18 so I could get my education out of the way first.”

“Ever since I was a little kid, I think it was just always something that I wanted to do, and that I was interested in doing. And I guess it was just never really a question that that was something that I wanted to pursue.”

“It’s just such an awesome experience growing up with two parents in the business, especially now that I’m older. I got a perfect view of where I want to be and where I aspire to be one day, so it’s amazing.”

“For a while I thought about studying medicine at school and becoming a doctor because I’ve always been interested in psychology and how people’s minds operate. But I’m able to explore some of that as an actor and ultimately I think it seems more interesting.”

“I’m human here, people. I’m not the Dalai Lama. But I’m trying.”

“I’ve never wanted to just ride on coat tails. I don’t know, if you don’t earn something then it doesn’t feel as good.”

“I want to keep working hard. I love being out on that stage.”

“I think I’m doing something that I love. And I hope that I get to continue to have opportunities like I’ve had. And in the end, I really just hope that the work I do speaks for itself, and that I get to continue doing something what I love.”

“When I was a kid you didn’t have Twitter or Instagram where as soon as you walk out of a building a photo of you is up within two minutes or a million people are commenting and saying nasty things. I found a different confidence because I realized that you can’t base your self-worth on the opinions of others.”

“I remind myself that focusing on people’s negative opinions will only make me feel like crap. If I start to get discouraged, I take a step back and go, ‘All right, I don’t feel great today, but what can I do to shift how I’m thinking?’ It’s difficult, but the moment you stop saying, ‘I’m really fat,’ or ‘I’m ugly,’ and just say, ‘Wow, I have this,’ then you’ll see a change.”

“There’s no magic pill for confidence. But, if you can change your outlook just slightly, you might find that you’ll be happier in the skin you’re in.”

“Everybody is going to have an opinion on you; not everyone is going to like you. You can’t live your life based on other people’s opinions of you or let that change what you do or how you feel about yourself, because then you’re not living.”

“Everybody has an opinion and we live in America so you’re allowed to. But the thing about it is the media is an interesting outlet, because it allows people to see who they think you are, an idea of you, but it might not be who you really are and as long as you are comfortable with who you know you really are and remain true to your friends and the people around you, that’s all that really matters.”

“‘Comparison is the thief of joy.’ I read that quote the other day, and it is so true. I do remember my mom telling me, ‘There’s always going to be someone who’s a better singer. There’s always going to be someone more fit. There’s always someone who’s going to be, in your mind, better than you—who you’re comparing yourself to. But you can’t do that, because you will live such an unhappy life.’ It just took me a long time to put that advice into practice.”

“How often do we only measure our own success by what others have achieved? Focusing on yourself is the only way to stay happy.”

“The deepest gift you can learn in life is about self-love, and that’s not going to happen overnight.”

“I definitely understand not entirely fitting in. I think everyone has their own version of feeling out of place and I think one of the great things we have the ability to do is to know it’s all right. It’s okay to have that awkward phase. It’s not about whether you’re the popular girl or the nerdy one but just about feeling confident and comfortable with kind of where you fit and who you are and accessing that and making that your own.”

“I grew up, and I was bullied and very insecure. I hope, if nothing else, if I share enough of my struggle and share what I went through and allow myself to be vulnerable, I’ll let people see who I am.”

“People are curious about how much influence my last name has. But, at the end of the day, I just keep saying that if I get hired for a job, it’s not my parents that are going to be acting in the movie. It’s me.”

“The only place you can really find the confidence and the love for yourself is within you, so that has to be what carries you: not all of these external things.”

“I think the most important thing for me is doing my best to lead by example. I still deal with insecurity and trying to figure out my own path in all of it.”

“We all need to stop bullying ourselves and being cruel to other women. Attacking one another instead of supporting one another has become the norm. Life’s hard enough as it is. Let’s find strength in the fact that we’re different and unique. Let’s allow ourselves to say, ‘These are my flaws, but I’m still beautiful.’ Be kind—to both others and yourself. It’s the only way to achieve real happiness.”

“Being famous isn’t going to parties. It’s about being able to use the power that we all have to kind of give back.”

“I’m all for the equality and inspiring other people to do the same, while also importing we all treat others with respect and kindness.”

“As you get older, you realize your parents aren’t these superheroes. They’re actually people.”

“I have an incredibly supportive family. They are willing to come and support me and cheer me on in whatever crazy endeavors I decide to do. It’s nice to have their support.”

“I don’t think I could ask for anything else, because you kind of just take the support and I think that is the only thing any parent can do for a kid.”

“I don’t think I could have gotten luckier and couldn’t be more grateful for all the things that my parents have done.”

“Love is the only unifier in the world. We’ve all felt exactly the same way. It’ll make you crazy and it’ll make you ecstatic and that’s true for everyone.”

“Every man worthy of loving you won’t make you change yourself.”

“Love doesn’t care how much money you have. Love doesn’t care who your parents are.”

“You have to be the nice one!”

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