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Sam Ovens Quotes

Sam Ovens Wisdom

Sam Ovens quotes: these are my favorite quotes from the king of consulting, Sam Ovens.

“It’s been my observation that the only way to achieve success is to become the person who deserves it.”

“Never aim for your goal directly; always move in angles.”

“Most companies that aim to just make money rarely make any money.  This is because money derives from value and value derives from helping people.”

“All good things have rough starts.”

“In business, there’s one enemy you will come up against again and again.  This enemy will make you question yourself and doubt your every move.  It’s like a dark force that has you by the heels; a monster that’s breathing down your neck.  This enemy?  Is you.”

“The best path to success is to face the music.  Confront your truth, look it dead in the eyes, and deal with it.”

“It’s possible to make a profit and have clients in your first year, but the millions of dollars and the dream life takes a bit longer than that.”

“Obsessing over the complex is like having the best silverware for a dinner party and overcooking the chicken.  Nobody cares about the silverware because the main thing was the food.”

“If you never give up, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.”

“When I got started in business I was shy, awkward, clueless, poor, horrible at managing money, and had no idea how the world worked.  I believed this was me and it paralyzed me from taking action.  By far the biggest challenge I had to face was losing myself, my character, and my identity of who I was.”

“All perfection rises from imperfection.”

“If you’re just getting started, don’t feel down about working from your garage or basement and looking unprofessional.  Nothing is ever perceived as ‘great’ unless you’ve experienced it’s opposite.  Stay true to your craft and everything will come to you in time.”

“I could count my clients’ success stories on 452 hands.”

“To succeed, you must endure failure.  To be happy, you must endure unhappiness.  To feel good, you must endure feeling bad.”

“Society has phrases like ‘be yourself,’ ‘stick to your roots,’ and ‘don’t forget where you came from.’  Have you ever stopped to think about who you really are?  Where is this thing you call the self?  The self doesn’t exist.  It’s merely you clinging to an identity built up of stories about the past.”

“While others have tried to do it all, I have tried to do less.  In the modern world it’s more about what you ignore rather than what you do.”

“I grossly overestimated what I could achieve in one year and underestimated what I could achieve in five.”

“Instead of answering the question, ‘Who am I?’  Try answering the question, ‘Who am I becoming?’  Decide who you need to be in order to be successful and then grow into that new character.  All the world’s a stage and we are merely actors.”

“People don’t have business problems; they have life problems that reflect in their business.”

“Remember that the niche is a category and not a breed of person with a different biological makeup.  At the end of the day we’re talking to people and the niche is only a way of categorizing people with similar aspirations and desires.  Forget B2B and B2C.  It’s P2P.  People to people.  The illusion of the ‘niche’ will only trip you up if you let it.”

“Results come from executing on the basics, not from advanced strategies and tactics.”

“Stop saying, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow.’  Or, ‘Someday I’ll do that.’  The only thing you can control is now and before you know it, it’s too late.”

“The only thing that’s stopping everybody from working for themselves and making a six figure income doing what they enjoy is the BS story they tell themselves about why they can’t.”

“What’s cooler than money?  Freedom.”

“In business, persistence trumps everything.  The fact is: most people fail not because of a lack of intelligence or a lack of a good idea, bit simply a lack of persistence.”

“Business is like a mirror; it’s like holding a mirror up to yourself and looking at the reflection.  Whatever habits and behaviors you display yourself will be reflected right back at you in your business.”

“People sell the way they buy and buy the way they sell.”

“You’re not the highest version of yourself which you can imagine – you’re the lowest version of yourself which you can accept.”

“Change comes from lifting your standards, not your dreams.”

“There is not a single successful person in the entire world who hasn’t been kicked in the face 10,000 times.  The only difference between them and most people is they get up and try again!”

“People binge-watch TV series and leave their dreams on the back-burner for later.”

“When you want to change your life or business, try to map your dreams and standards and understand where they are.  Find the lowest version of yourself you’re willing to tolerate and then work on lifting that standard to where you truly want to be.  When you do this, you’ll light a fire within you like nothing else.”

“The work works.  You just have to decide to do it.”

“To succeed in business you have to change who you are.  You have to constantly evolve.  This is impossible when you cling to your identity and believe you are the way you are.  You have to slaughter your self-image.”

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