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Mark Sanborn Quotes

Mark Sanborn

Mark Sanborn quotes: brilliant quotes by the author.

“Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity. Initiate. Don’t wait until somebody else goes first. Just take an opportunity and make it as perfect as you can.”

“Focus and determination beat brains and intellect every time. If you focus on the right things, and work at them often, you will achieve exceptional results.”

“Where you’ve been or where you are aren’t as important as where you’re going and what you’re doing to get there.”

“Intention without action is only a dream. In the end it isn’t what we want to do or plan to do but what we actually do that makes any difference.”

“More important than achieving your goals is pursuing your potential.”

“The only thing more powerful than knowing what to do is doing it.”

“It’s better to be a ‘has been’ than a ‘never was.’”

“Use your past as a springboard instead of an anchor. Deal with the issues that are holding you back.”

“Take responsibility for your life. If you can’t control what happens, you can at least control how you respond.”

“A positive attitude allows you to see the things you undertake as an opportunity, not an obligation.”

“Create a personal learning agenda. Identify important skills and areas of expertise for your success and ‘go to school.’ Get the best books, audio tapes and videos, talk to the best people and take the best courses and seminars available.”

“There is always one option that is completely within your control: the ability to work harder than anybody else.”

“Discipline is the ability to do what needs to be done even when you don’t feel like doing it.”

“The difference between excellence and mediocrity is usually the difference between common knowledge and consistent application.”

“No matter what happens, somebody always wins. Whether the market is up or down, whether business is good or bad, there are those people who figure out what it takes to succeed and they do it.”

“Losers make excuses. Winners make explanations. Excuses don’t teach you anything and keep you from making needed changes. Explanations help you learn what went wrong and give you insights for needed changes.”

“Risk and you won’t always win; never risk and you’ll never win.”

“Continually ask yourself, ‘What gives me the biggest payback on my investment of time and energy?'”

“Do whatever you do better than anybody else who does it and you will realize uncommon success.”

“You can earn more when you do more. You can charge more when you provide more. You can have more when you give more. Add value to everything you do.”

“Know the difference between impressing people and influencing them. Impressing them changes what they think. Influencing them changes what they do.”

“Big oaks grow from small acorns, and activity is a precursor to accomplishment. You don’t think yourself into success.”

“Don’t confuse activity with action. The only thing better than an acknowledgement is action.”

“Better is the most important step to becoming your best. If you want to be your best, you need to start by getting better. Start doing better. Good, better, best. That’s how it works.”

“Not everything worth doing is worth doing well. Some things are just worth getting done, some things are worth doing pretty well and other things are worth doing extremely well. Priorities help you understand where to invest your time and energy.”

“Faithfully doing your best, independent of the support, acknowledgment, or reward of others, is a key determinant in a fulfilling career.”

“People give work dignity. There are no unimportant jobs, just people who feel unimportant doing their jobs.”

“The elimination of foolishness and stupidity is the beginning of excellence.”

“If you’re going to take credit for the successes, you’ve got to take credit for the failures.”

“The faster you try to solve a problem with money, the less likely it will be the best solution. With enough money anyone can buy his or her way out of a problem. The challenge is to outthink rather than to outspend the competition.”

“No man can become rich without himself enriching others (Andrew Carnegie).”

“Take what life gives you. You might become a positive example not because of your situation, but in spite of it!”

“To keep growing you need a healthy form of skepticism that can be summed up in these words: answer your questions but question your answers.”

“Your success in life isn’t based on your ability to simply change. It is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers and business.”

“Staying the same isn’t enough because yesterday’s success can easily become tomorrow’s mediocrity.”

“Nobody can prevent you from choosing to be extraordinary.”

“We are responsible for living in a way that shows others who we truly are and what we believe.”

“It takes just about the same amount of time to be a nice guy as it does to be a jerk.”

“You always accomplish more cooperating with people than you do competing against them.”

“People doing good work feel good and people doing exceptional work feel exceptional. Accomplishments contributes greatly to satisfaction.”

“Communication is both a science and an art.”

“While most people tell, leaders sell, or persuade. Telling is about providing information; selling is about influencing action.”

“When those who know are able to show, those who learn are able to grow.”

“People who lead—whether or not they have a title—strive to make things better for those around them. They increase what I call ROI. In this instance, ROI doesn’t stand for ‘return on investment,’ but rather: ‘Relationships, Outcomes and Improvements.’”

“I define leadership as an invitation to greatness that we extend to others.”

“Leadership is the ability to help people and organizations surpass themselves. Good leaders make heroes of others.”

“The test of leadership is, is anything or anyone better because of you?”

“Leadership is about movement and growth. Leadership always benefits the greater good.”

“One of the greatest compliments you can be paid as a leader is to have someone say that you helped them be better than they thought they could be.”

“Managing is power over people but leadership is power with people.”

“Don’t copy the crowd—follow the leaders.”

“Good ideas are all around you. Seek out what the best people are doing. Watch and learn. Then adapt and apply.”

“To a business, ordinary is poison; extraordinary, the antidote.”

“Don’t sell products or services. Instead, create an experience for your customers.”

“I define a brand as a promise for the future based on past performance.”

“There are very few things that buyers today truly need. There are lots of things they want. The key is to build desire for what you sell.”

“Love your customers more than your product and your employees more than your customers and you’ll be wildly successful.”

“The customers who are willing to pay you the least will always demand the most. Learn to walk away from an unprofitable sale. You’ll do a better job of selling and serving customers when you feel you’ve received a fair price for your effort. The ultimate objective of a business is profit. The primary purpose of a business is to create customers. Profitability without customers is an impossibility.”

“The pleasure of the buying experience is as important as the price of the product.”

“Do you ever compromise on service? Do you cut corners, only partially fulfill, or even forget, commitments? Exceptional service means keeping every commitment you make to customers. Period.”

“To get anybody to buy from you requires three things: rapport, logic and emotion. Rapport means that the buyer trusts you. Logic means that buying makes sense. Emotion means that buying feels good. Use all three tools.”

“No matter how good a product, service or idea is, somebody has still got to sell it. Excellence in selling requires the substance of a good product and the style of a professional salesperson. Happy buyers take credit. Unhappy buyers place blame.”

“A sales professional who doesn’t beat the bushes gets beat.”

“Go beyond simply satisfying the customer. Aim to astound.”

“Always be yourself, but choose to be your best self.”

“A wise person once said, ‘The bad news is that you can’t have it all. The good news is that when you know what’s really important, you don’t want it all anyway.’”

“Never postpone happiness or waste the present trying to live in the past.”

“What makes any act extraordinary is doing it with heart. What makes any life extraordinary is living it with love.”

“You can’t put more time in your life but you can put more life into your time.”

“Take life one day at a time, and make each day better than the last.”

“Make each day your masterpiece.”

“Live life on full volume. The future belongs to the bold.”

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