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Sandi Krakowski Quotes

Sandi Sayings

Sandi Krakowski quotes: these are our favorite quotes from the spiritual social media queen, Sandi Krakowski.

“A new season is coming.  New beginnings.  Don’t fear change.  And when the doors open, walk through!”

“Not fitting in has always seemed like it was the enemy to winning in life.  We’ve all pushed and forced ourselves to be just like everyone else, somehow thinking we’d finally achieve peace and our goals.  But the key to inner peace and reaching our potential is actually in being okay with not fitting in and knowing how to live this new way of being… so that our power and our potential are limitless.  Today, be you.  Shine as yourself no matter where you are.”

“Breaking the box isn’t rebellion, it’s revival!”

“Action conquers fear.  Do something today that makes you uncomfortable.  See yourself doing great in your mind.  Take action — do something — it will shift your state and give you more courage instantly.”

“Don’t allow what you feared a long time ago to hold you now.  You’ve grown.  You’re wiser.  You’re stronger.”

“One courageous decision might be the only thing between you and your dream becoming a reality.”

“Love and faith will take you further than hustle ever will.”

“Don’t become someone you’re not created to be simply because others won’t believe.”

“When you feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place, look up and let Papa take over.”

“Perspective will change a frustrated relationship into a thriving one.”

“If you can write, write.  If you can sing, sing.  If you can paint, paint.  If you can write ads, write ads.  Do what God gave you and watch your talents grow.”

“Love with all your heart and don’t lose any part of who you are.  No one can complete you.  That’s a lie that the enemy and ego suggests.”

“It’s crucial — in order to reach your goals and have the vibrant and energetic life you were designed for — that you have the right people around you.  Don’t settle.  Seasons change, people change.  Take inventory of where you are and where you’re going and course correct as needed.  Never be afraid to admit when a relationship isn’t serving you anymore.  Love everyone, but only let the right people into your inner circle.  Remember, success happens because we make choices that align with our best life.”

“Become famous for doing what they say can’t be done.  You are powerful, complete, and whole.”

“I’ve built more than 15 multi-million dollar companies.  I’ve accomplished so many goals… I’m shocked!  But the most important thing to me and the accomplishment I’m most proud of and will fight the most for, is my family!”

“Cultivate curiosity.  Take the road least traveled or that others fear.  Not only will you find God, but you’ll find your truest self there.”

“You’ve come too far to let someone else take your power and your focus with their negativity.  Boundaries protect.  Keep yours tight, especially around people who change like the wind and enjoy blaming others for their own issues.  You are much more powerful than this.  You are walking in freedom and in peace.  Don’t let someone else take that from you.”

“Being silent when we see hate means we agree.”

“Have so much love for yourself that it pours out into everything you do and everyone you’re with.  Love yourself.  Stop judging, condemning, criticizing, and hurting yourself.  This will solve so many problems.”

“When you fall, lean on friends to help you find the light again.”

“Give so much time to improving yourself that you have no time left for criticizing others.”

“Decide.  The word means to cut away.  Decide today to be your truest self and plan for amazing things to happen.  Cut away the things that drag you down.  You deserve to be free.”

We were created to be unique, different, rule breakers and to buck the system.”

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