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Adam Sandler Quotes


Adam Sandler quotes: wealthy actor, comedian, and musician hits on life, family, doing your best, dealing with critics, more.

“You’ve just got to give yourself time – that’s good advice I think.  Give yourself time to figure out what you’re good at and what you’re not good at.”

“Because sometimes happiness does not come to you.  You have to go to it.”

“It’s hard to soar with the eagles when you’re surrounded by turkeys.”

“Any time someone mentions pressure: ‘Harness the energy.'”

“Oh yeah.  Lotta pressure.  You gotta rise above it.  You gotta harness in the good energy, block out the bad.  Harness. Energy.  Block.  Bad.  Feel the flow… feel it.”

“I’m sure everyone’s got their back story.  I don’t come from a place where I was tortured and needed to let something out.  I came from a very happy home.  I was a little out of control at times.  But my family… we all liked to be funny, we all liked to make each other laugh.”

“I mean, I look at my dad.  He was 20 when he started having a family, and he was always the coolest dad.  He did everything for his kids, and he never made us feel like he was pressured.  I know that it must be a great feeling to be a guy like that.”

“I was raised by a mother who told me I was great every day of my life.”

“Feels good to try, but playing a father, I’m getting a little older.  I see now that I’m taking it more serious and I do want that lifestyle.”

“I shouldn’t be near Vegas and have money in my pocket.”

“I definitely connected to the fact that life gets out of control and you end up doing things and wishing you were doing other things instead.”

“It’s important I surround myself with people who make me happy.”

“I think I’m playing grown up because I have kids now.  But I don’t feel grown up yet.”

“It’s good to be young.  It kind of sucks being old, so just enjoy this time.  Time slips away.  I promise you.”

“Well, does a guy ever want to get old?  It’s not really a Peter Pan thing, I don’t think I have that complex.  It’s about day to day, you don’t want to give into the inevitable, you want to do as much as you possibly can.  If you’ve been having fun and enjoying your life when you’re young, it’s not easy to just go suddenly: ‘Oh okay, that’s over now, I want to sit back and watch someone else have all the fun and I’ll just sit in my chair and do nothing.'”

“I know I want to always do the best I can.”

“A lot of critics object to what I do, but I got into comedy to make people laugh, and I’ve always worked hard.”

“I’m not looking to get away from anything.  I like what I’ve done.  I like what I get to do and I enjoy working with my friends.”

“To be honest with you, when I got into this I never thought about reviews.  I never thought about what people would say about me.  I was just a young guy who was excited to become a comedian and an actor and I just wanted to get to do what I got to do.”

“In high school I wanted to be a rock star and was in a lot of bands.”

“As a kid, I’d go into the bathroom when I was having a tantrum.  I’d be in the bathroom crying, studying myself in the mirror.  I was preparing for future roles.”

“The only reason I got into stand-up was because my brother told me to.  I had no idea what I was going to do with my life.  I was 17 and my brother went to a comedy club and he said, ‘You can do that.'”

“When I was younger and did a stand-up gig, it would take me two weeks to recover.  Sometimes I’d get so panicked that I would stutter.”

“I don’t think about that.  I wasn’t a kid growing up saying, ‘One day I’ll get an Oscar and make a speech.’  That wasn’t on my mind.  So what I do is the best work I can do.”

“I don’t know what drives me to succeed.  I know I want to always do the best I can.  I never was like that as a kid.”

“I had my moments of being humiliated, and then I had moments of doing something humiliating.  I’m glad I lived out both roles.”

“I don’t know who I touch and who I don’t.  I work hard trying to make people laugh.  I try to do the kind of stuff that made me laugh growing up.  I don’t have any secrets.  I don’t know the reasons I’ve been so well-received.”

“I’m a big fan of money.  I like it, I use it, I have a little.  I keep it in a jar on top of my refrigerator.  I’d like to put more in that jar.  That’s where you come in.”

“Like every other rich asshole, I have a cook and he’s in my trailer making food all the time.”

“With the amount of money I have, it’s difficult raising children the way I was raised.”

“I go to sleep thinking about my kids being spoiled and I wake up thinking about it.”

“I bought my parents some stuff.  That feels kind of good to be able to do that.  I got them a place in Florida.  I think I’m allowed to say that – I hope my dad doesn’t get mad at me.  But I don’t spend money on myself.  I don’t like myself enough yet.  But the people I love, I like spending the cash on them.”

“We just bought this house.  It’s too big.  It’s like 400,000 square feet, or something.  We got an indoor lake and ski slope in the house!  It’s just too big.”

“My name is Adam Sandler.  I’m not particularly talented.  I’m not particularly good-looking.  And yet I’m a multi-millionaire.”

“I’m filthy rich!  It’s good to be Adam Sandler!”

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