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Robin Sharma Quotes

Robin Sharma Guru

Robin Sharma quotes: here are the best quotes on leadership and success from personal mastery guru, Robin Sharma.

“Until your mission becomes an obsession your craft will never become your genius.”

“In your business, take care of your relationships and the money will take care of itself.”

“Leadership isn’t about having a big title and a large office.  Leadership is about the size of your commitment and a devotion to your craft.”

“Be so good at what you do we can’t take our eyes off you.”

“You become your associations.  Your life looks a lot like the people you hang with.  Choose well.  Your greatness depends on it.”

“Begin to grow your self awareness.  Develop intimacy and fluency with all the excuses you make.  Awareness is the DNA of transformation, along with execution, because no idea works until you do the work.”

“If world-class was easy, everyone would be doing it.”

“It takes massive work, hard focus, and ridiculous amounts of grit plus practice to ‘get lucky.’  The average performer loves classifying the exceptionalists as lucky so they can blame their mediocrity on fate.”

“It’s only hard until it becomes easy.”

“What you most fear offers you this: an arena for heroism plus a platform of possibility.  Go there.  Today.”

“Don’t ever let later become never.  Today’s a superb day to begin a brighter life.”

“The human brain has been hardwired for elite performance.  Exceptionalism is our true nature.  But when you live with relentless distraction (because you’ve allowed that to happen) and you’re not running the routines of the pros (because of your excuses and fears; yes, I have mine too), we disrespect our opportunity for legendary.”

“The medicine for anti-aging is lifelong learning.”

“You will be tested.  People will laugh at you.  Some will be jealous.  You will be criticized.  Continue.  Difficulty is the price of legendary.”

“Why blame others when you’ve been gifted with a gorgeous opportunity to grow yourself?  That’s what true leadership is about.”

“Less gossip, more quiet.  Less TV, more reading.  Less distraction, more focus.  Less excuses, more results.  Less apathy, more ingenuity.  Less walls, more bridges.  Less selfish, more generous.  Less average, more world-class.”

“Your flaws made you perfect.  Your scars made you great.”

“You can’t win if you don’t begin.  So start now.”

“So many potentially great human beings give their power to make an impact away to their excuses.  And they say them so many times each day they come to think they are true.”

“Everyone you will meet today has a dream to do, a lesson to teach, and a story to tell.”

“Few things are more heartbreaking than the pain of potential unexpressed.  Today, release your past, unchain your talents, unleash your gifts, and begin the first day of your finest life.”

Can’t is just a lie scared people try to sell us dreamers.”

“The contrarian’s advantage: watch the mindsets, heartsets, routines, and results of the majority and have the bravery to do the opposite.  Yes, they’ll call you weird.  But you’ll win in the end.”

“Moments of mastery come from foundations of training.”

“To be an idealist in a world of realists is to walk with giants, hang with heroes, and stand among the best.”

“Your falls, trials, and pains can become the ideal soil to grow you into a stronger, wiser, more creative and productive person.  History’s greatest leaders all suffered more than the average human.  But rather than letting that close them down and keep them bitter, they exploited their hurt and disappointment to build monuments of mastery.  And empires of audacity.”

“Doing what’s right never goes out of style.”

“The more you learn, the higher you’ll see.  The quicker you grow, the stronger you’ll be.”

“The things that are hardest to do are the things that are the most valuable for you.”

“True titans protect their personal bandwidth.  Every choice drains some.  So make every choice an excellent one.  Get this one strategy right and you’ll rise to legendary, over time.”

“All change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.”

“The obsession of the titan is implementation, not just conversation.”

“Without gratitude, epic success becomes a platitude.”

“Eventually our bodies grow old and our possessions fade.  All that has value becomes the impact we’ve left on others.”

“Here are some simple ideas to next level your life: read more books; visit beautiful places; spend time alone; keep a journal; eat less food; walk in nature; smile at strangers; sell your TV; watch more sunsets.”

“Intimacy with your insecurity allows you to gain victory over it.”

“Live a dangerous life: dream big; work hard; push your limits; learn from your defeats; celebrate your victories; make history.”

“Your personal story becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

“Greatness tests the dreamers.  Relentlessness is the price legendary performers pay to get epic things done.”

“I’m not really sure how the universe works.  What I do know is that when I follow my instincts, put in the work, optimize the craft, deliver the value, continue when it’s rough, the amazing appears.”

“I’m not afraid of failing – just terrified of not growing.”

“Our performances are aligned with our self identity.  Within is where the real work of personal mastery plus legendary leadership lives.”

“The swiftest way to build a great company is to develop the greatness within your people.”

“When tired, rest.  When scared, continue.  When hurt, feel.  When hopeless, dream.  Blessings are coming.”

“Use what breaks you to build you.  Today, allow life to make you stronger.  Deal?”

“What a disservice to the world to play small with our talent.  It’s really unfair of us to those who would benefit by it.”

“The average business over-promises and under-delivers.  The legendary business under-promises and then dramatically blows the minds of the humans it is blessed to serve.”

“The world aches for more inspiration.  Please do your part to bring some on today.  You’ll make us all a little better.”

“Living in your past is theft from your future.”

“Being true to yourself is the ultimate luxury.”

“If the world says you’re failing but you know you’re growing, then you’re not losing.  You’re winning.”

“The irony of having more toys and possessions is that they generate less energy and freedom.”

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