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Lee Shau-kee Quotes

Lee Shau-kee

Lee Shau-kee quotes: Hong Kong real estate billionaire talks about investing, philanthropy, politics, and more.

“Work hard and persevere.”

“Choose the right career path that is suitable for yourself.”

“Find a job that you will be happy with and work hard at.”

“Sometimes, your friend can influence you more than your mother.”

“Explore what’s best in the others and follow.  Among my friends, I always learn the best from them.”

“To manage wealth, both earning and spending money should be successful and considerate.”

“Save your first bucket of gold… then use it for investments.”

“Don’t just park money in the bank.”

“Use money to make money.”

“Now is the right time to get back to the stock market and start buying.”

“Paper money will suffer.  I’d be in mortar, not paper money.  We are in a time when paper investments are riskier than in the past.  There is also a great amount of sovereign risk.”

“Gold is a kind of mortar and offers a form of capital preservation.  We’re still bullish about gold.”

“The overseas Chinese habit is to save a lot and make a lot of friends.”

“I want to help people to help themselves.”

“Education is not only about teaching of knowledge.  More importantly, we need to teach our students how to learn, think, explore, and respond to changes.”

“I am very privileged to become a member of the University of Oxford’s Chancellor’s Court of Benefactors.  It has indeed all along been my personal aspiration to nurture the young generation to become future leaders for the betterment of the whole society.  I am delighted to see that the Lee Shau Kee Scholars have excelled across various professions and I hope they will be inspired to contribute to society.”

“There are abundant business opportunities to bring about the recovery of the local economy.”

“Hard times can’t make you stop from doing big.”

“There are some lights at the end of the tunnel.  If political leaders in Europe can put things in order, things will be better.  These days, much relies on politics.”

“For those already successful, money can become a controlling factor in life and make you a slave to it.  One way to avoid that – philanthropy.”

“Giving away money to the right cause, with a leveraged effect and your own involvement in how it is spent, will give you peace of mind.”

“When I was young, business came first, then wealth, then health, and finally, family.  Now it’s health first, then family, then my business, and lastly, wealth.”

“All my friends ask me, ‘Am I number one in the world in receiving dividend payments?’  I say, ‘I don’t know, ask Forbes.’”

“Personally, I just hope that my family keeps getting bigger and bigger.  That would make me very happy.”

“I wish you all immense success in your future pursuits, together with happiness and good health.”

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