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Shawn Mendes Quotes

Shawn Peter Raul Mendes

Shawn Mendes quotes: the swoony star reflects on success.

“I work so hard to make sure that I’m successful.  If you’re positive and really excited and enthusiastic about what you’re doing, it’s going to happen, and it’s going to happen big time.”

“My advice to anyone with a dream is to never stop pursuing it.”

“I think anyone can do anything they dream of if they put their mind to it and put in the work.”

“We don’t have to be ordinary.  Make your best mistakes ’cause we don’t have the time to be sorry.”

“I don’t really look into the past too much.”

“Sometimes it all gets a little too much, but you gotta realize that soon the fog will clear up.”

“I think it’s not about what you say; it’s about what you don’t say.”

“Live like you’re always trying to impress someone.”

“You just have to play it cool.  You don’t want everyone to know you’re an amateur.”

“You can’t get too comfortable and relax, because your world can flip overnight.”

“You don’t have to be afraid because we’re all the same.”

“It’s extremely important just to keep things positive and happy as much as we can.  I think it’s important that singers, actors, or whatever, use our voice to spread positive messages as much as we possibly can.”

“I was one of those kids who was just always on the internet, always on YouTube, so it was easy for me to do it.  It’s not work.  It’s just fun.”

“I give big ups to people who are very big on social media, whether they’re doing vlogs or whatever.  It takes a lot of effort.”

“I wish you could be me for a couple of hours.  You never truly understand the magnitude of the people you’re affecting when you write something online.  I don’t think that ever clicks with you because it’s impossible to picture talking to 30 million people.  That being said, I do think about it.  I don’t post dumb sh*t online and I process that social media is littered with negative stuff.  If I’m going to add to it, I’m going to make it positive.  That’s my rule.”

“I never stop working on new music.”

“I’m always upset about not doing things as good as I think I could have… because I care.”

“Definitely, it’s hard being a young artist and being taken seriously.”

“You have to be careful not to make music something you don’t want to do.  Which happens.  I’ve gotten off the road and been like, ‘I hate it.  I hate singing, I hate playing guitar.’  Six days later, I’m in my bedroom singing at the top of my lungs because I love it so much.”

“I used to write stories.  Handwriting stories in school were a big deal for me.  That’s kind of what I did.”

“I think when I do things outside of music, I am always thinking of different things that are eventually one way or another going to come back to my music.  I have to make sure it is all cohesive, as that’s important to me as an artist and a person.”

“I’m writing all the time, really.  It’s become a little bit of a problem when I go home.  Sometimes I should really go out and hang out with my friends, but what happens is I get really inspired and then just go and mess around on the computer.”

“I feel like every time I write a song, it feels like the first time I wrote a song.  It’s just as hard.  It doesn’t get easier, but that’s why I love it: because it’s a challenge every time.”

“Love is probably the strongest emotion that you can feel.  It’s very natural – and I wouldn’t want to say easy – but natural and comfortable to write about, and there’s so many different forms of it, millions of layers.  You could write forever about it.”

“I have a thing where if I’m not in control, I feel the whole world is about to collapse.”

“I’m 100% involved in everything that happens with my name, and I think if you’re not, then there’s something wrong.”

“I picture myself now, and I picture myself in 30 years, and I’ll probably be the same.  I’ll still think I’m not the greatest singer I can be.”

“Honestly, the more things start to get bigger and better, the more I am just inspired to work harder and put my music out there and make better music and keep everything going.”

“There are times when I’m super-overwhelmed, and everything feels like it’s hitting me in the face at once, but I think what’s keeping me calm, and who I am by staying true to myself, is my whole family being so supportive and keeping me grounded.  They treat me the exact same way they treated me years and years ago.”

“I just make sure that I always keep my family and friends close, and that I keep good people around me.  It hasn’t been hard for me, it just has really been about making sure that no matter what, you are able to look at yourself in the mirror as things go on and make sure you stay the same person.”

“I think I’ve been really lucky to have a good foundation of people around me.  I’m just a normal person and nobody talks me up too much.  Support is there when you need it, but not when it’s not needed.  I think it’s really important to keep your feet on the ground.  You never know though, give it a couple more years and you might be taking back everything you just said.”

“There’s a lot more to success than just singing.”

“I can’t believe how fast things have happened, and I’m just so honored that people are able to look to me as a leader.”

“I’m proud to say I’m a role model for kids.”

“It’s not so much about doing the world’s most incredible thing, it’s about trying to make a difference in a positive way.”

“I think the world is becoming a place where younger and younger people can do great things, and I just hope I can inspire other young people to do the same.”

“I’m always wanting to spread as much positivity as possible, so I really try to keep that the case with my fans and with the campaigns that I do.”

“I’m a very spontaneous person.  When I see something that might be fun or different, I will try it.”

“I don’t read much, I don’t have the time.  But I’m not at all happy about that; I want to read more.  It’s a promise I made to myself.  I think it’s important.”

“True friends are never forgotten, they live within our hearts and souls forever and always, dancing on our stage of memories.”

“I felt like there were so many talented people who should be getting what I have.”

“I wanted to be an actor, like, so, so bad.  I took acting classes, I auditioned for Disney, and then I realized how nervous I got with remembering lines.”

“It’s hard for me to just say, ‘Wow, this is amazing – I’m famous.  I’m living the dream.’  I sit there and think, ‘I’m scared – this can go away tomorrow.’  My dad always says that I’m a tortured soul because I’m never pleased; I never feel like I deserve what I’ve achieved.”

“People say to me, ‘What are you going to be doing in five years?’  The thing is, I don’t care!  It’s what I’m doing today that matters.”

“I don’t really like to say, ‘This is where I’ll be in five years,’ because I truly have no idea.”

“No matter what, I’m trying to have fun and, depending on the mood, fun can be on a roller coaster and playing onstage, or fun can be sitting in a room with three of your best friends talking for two hours.”

“I live a really normal life.  You have to make an effort to carry your own bags, drive your own car and not be afraid of the public.”

“My goal now is to enjoy what I do more and more because otherwise it doesn’t f*cking matter.  I used to think it was all about the crowd, but I have to be happy within myself.”

“Just love who you are as a person.”

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