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Sherri Shepherd Quotes

Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd quotes: the TV personality’s most talked about quotes.

“You can be anything you want to, just be a hard worker.”

“Write yourself a permission slip to be surprised by someone’s potential. Who knows? One day that person could be you.”

“You have to be able to stand on your character and your integrity.”

“I learned that taking risks is a good thing.”

“Everything’s not black and white.”

“Get yourself prepared and run towards the things that scare you because there are blessings on the other side. I nerd out by hanging out with my girls or even with my colleagues that I admire.”

“If you don’t go towards the thing you fear, you won’t be able to say you lived.”

“The best piece of advice someone has ever given me was ‘do it scared.’ And no matter if you’re scared, just go ahead and do it anyway because you might as well do it scared, so it will get done and you will feel so much better if you step out of your comfort zone.”

“I think it’s harder to forgive ourselves for mistakes that we made because we keep dwelling on it. We want to know how it affects other people, if they liked us for it, if they didn’t like us. I think we stress over it, we replay it in our mind. It becomes an old tape that years later we continue to play it in our mind.”

“You have to give yourself permission to let go of the guilt.”

“You can’t please all the people all the time.”

“It starts with one person and then another person, more people times two. Now I also think on the practical side, yes, we do have to fight for our rights. We can’t be silent now. We have to get together, and we have to let our voices be heard. So you can love, and you can fight for your rights for the next generation.”

“Growing up, we didn’t have any money. We shopped where you picked your shoes out of a bin. When I was little, I said, ‘When I grow up, I’m going to have nice shoes.'”

“Once I accepted Christ I immediately had peace. I still didn’t have a place to live, I still didn’t have a car, but I had peace.”

“I was homeless for a little bit. I was on people’s couches, but it was an amazing journey. I got to make people laugh all the way.”

“I’ve always liked the fact that I could make people laugh at crazy stuff that has happened to me. If it makes you feel better at me falling down the stairs, then I’m going to do it.”

“I became a comedic actress because I wanted to make people laugh. I love doing drama, but laughter is my crack!”

“My grandmother taught me that accomplishments meant less than what you left behind. I started to ask myself what impact my comedy would have on people’s lives. And that changed my act. I got cleaner. I stopped talking about generic stuff like airplane peanuts and started speaking the truth about my gift.”

“Always hustling. I never stop grinding. Holding onto the promises of Jesus for dear life—taking my pain and making it funny at a comedy club.”

“I’ve always had a quirky way of looking at things. It’s my coping mechanism.”

“People think they know me, but it’s not always black and white.”

“I love it when a woman hugs me. I love it when they say that I make them laugh because that means I’m doing what God called me to do. I love people. I love it when little old ladies come up and want to kiss me. It means so much to me that I get support and people know my heart. My fans know my heart and they get it.”

“I love the entire process of being on the set and being able to create a character. It’s so much fun. I love being on the set with other creative people.”

“I love working. If somebody took away my jobs, I don’t know what I would do. I’m just the kind of person who has to stay busy.”

“I was taught not to confront and interrupt people, but that’s what I do every day on The View.”

“I love The View, so when you’re living the dream, it’s not work.”

“I look forward to the business opportunities that lay ahead for me and I am incredibly grateful to my View family and my fans for supporting me on this journey. It was the most painful experience that I’ve ever gone through, but it was the best experience.”

“I will forever be indebted for the time that I had on The View, because what I have now is because of The View. It was the best experience of my life.”

“It’s time to move on. Everything has an end and when it’s time to get off the ride, you want to get off with a smile.”

“I feel incredibly blessed.”

“I like real couples that tell you how to get through on Wednesdays when you’re just at the end of your rope—the ones who really know how to make it through.”

“My priority is my son and my husband, and I have a lot of spinning plates, so I try to make sure they’re not one of them. I love being married.”

“I’m a mother. Mothers multi-task.”

“Women are always trying to hold ourselves together. We’re trying to be the perfect wife, perfect mother and inside we’re falling apart and sometimes it’s okay to give ourselves permission and say, ‘It’s alright!'”

“If it wasn’t for my trainer, who comes looking for me three times a week before 7 a.m., I wouldn’t get my butt out of bed and into the gym. There are many mornings when I think about faking a sprained ankle, but I just put it out of my head and make myself go. I do a lot of stairs, a lot of planks, a lot of squats, a lot of treadmill, a lot of screaming—and I do it four times a week.”

“If you had told me last year that working out would help my mind, I would’ve laughed hysterically, but it’s true. Working out takes me to a peaceful place.”

“A lot of women look at me and say I give them hope. I really want them to be healthy.”

“I know that for me I have to get out of the way and let God take control.”

“I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. I believe that Jesus died for my sins, and rose again, and that’s my belief. I still don’t know what ‘Christian’ means. I’m a follower of Christ, but I keep making a whole bunch of mistakes. And I thank God for forgiveness.”

“Let’s eat, drink, and be merry because we’re all going to die.”

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