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Spectacular Smith Quotes

Spectacular Blue Smith

Spectacular Smith quotes: from Pretty Ricky to pretty rich-y, Sir Spectacular sounds off.

“To get at the top, one must make sure to educate themselves as much as possible. No one is going to hand out everything on a silver platter. Make use of every portal available, to gain knowledge and not to be lazy in doing so. And moreover, applying that gained knowledge without waiting for the chances is the key to success. Going the extra mile and putting 100% in the work paves the way for getting to the top. But while doing so, getting a perfect mentor and a person to shadow is also important… and helping clients reach their goals.”

“You gotta train your mind to be stronger than your emotions or else you’ll lose yourself every time.”

“Focus on yourself, then you can focus on others. No more emptying your half-filled cup to fill up others. Get you together first.”

“Protect your energy.”

“The only competition you are in, is with yourself. Let that sink in.”

“Success on social media is often measured in things such as likes, fans, or followers, and for good reason. Those with the most fans have the most influence at their fingertips. When a simple post about a new product is met with thousands or sometimes millions of ears and eyes that were waiting anxiously for it, we see how those follower numbers can be tied to success.”

“While the never ending race to get more followers has pushed some brands to extremes (paying shady companies to manufacture likes for an inflated image), the real treasure lies within the authentic followers and fans that you gain. It may take more time to get that follow, like, or subscription from a member of your target audience, but building up your social media presence naturally is what has the potential to take you and your brand to new heights.”

“Content is at the very core of any social media profile, as it’s always front and center whenever you log in from your Facebook newsfeed or the latest batch of pictures on Instagram from everyone you follow. If you boil social media down to its most basic parts, content would be number one and social interaction would be number two, which is also represented visually on any platform; content first and comments underneath.”

“Creating good content that your audience enjoys and connects with is social media 101 for any brand or business looking to establish a presence on social media, but having a post that elicits emotions won’t necessarily grant you additional followers and fans. While it’s possible that others who find your content entertaining can naturally draw people in, you would still be missing out on one of the most powerful weapons at your disposal: your audience network.”

“The average Facebook user has about 155 friends, and the average Twitter user has 707 followers, all of which you can reach with your content if that one user shares your content. That’s why, when you create your content, do your best to focus on making something that’s shareable. What this means for your audience will vary, since every group may have a different type of post that they enjoy sharing with their personal network.”

“The top two things that people are on social media for in the first place is content and social interaction. While many of your followers may be perfectly content with interacting with each other in the comments, remember they are following you because they enjoy your content or are connected with your brand. By interacting with those who follow you, you’re further enhancing their social experience and fostering a deeper connection.”

“You will get new followers as people are very fond of the idea of following people, brands and businesses that interact with their audience since it’s more fun, so people will actually be more attracted to and sometimes seek out profiles that do just that. Just think about it. Would you be more likely to follow a comment on a post for your favorite musician if they never interacted with their audience, or if they respond to comments and participate in discussions with their fans on a regular basis? What social experience do you think would be better? Participating with your audience will make you and your brand more approachable, and being approachable is usually more likely to get that follow or like you’re searching for.”

“Did you know that your typical internet user has over seven social media accounts on various platforms? That means that every follower on Twitter or fan on Facebook could be potential followers for your Instagram, YouTube and other social profiles. The key strategy here is to use your channels to promote the others. It’s possible that some of your followers don’t even know that you have other social media accounts, even though they would follow you in a heartbeat. By linking to your other profiles, your users now have the ability to either absorb more of your content, or choose their preferred platform, giving them a more personalized experience.”

“Make sure you leverage your website and include social links and social sharing buttons to maximize the opportunities for sharing content and building a more widespread following across platforms.”

“In-person promotion is another strategy that can often go underutilized. If your business has the benefit of person-to-person interactions with your customers or clients, take the opportunity to let them know about your social profiles and what kind of content they can find there. If they’re interested, they may just be that new fan or follower that you were hoping for. While it may not be as seamless as online cross-promotion, it certainly doesn’t hurt.”

“Ever wondered how other entrepreneurs and celebrities get massive engagement and impressions while others get none? To build your online presence and followers slash customers, you need to embrace social media. Social media will be more crucial than ever for your business.”

“I completely understand that many people find that social media advertising is not working for them, that they are not sure how to use or they don’t have the time and it can be completely overwhelming.”

“As social media continues to be a stage for millions to broadcast anything that their heart desires, with that stage comes the desire for attention. For some it’s simply the rush that you get for being admired by others, but for many others, it’s an essential tool that can be leveraged to help a brand or business grow to greater heights than ever before possible.”

“One marketing strategy that continues to grow in popularity is known as influencer marketing. This is when you partner with a person or another brand in the social space that has a large following or has the capability to get a group to take action, such as a celebrity, a highly influential YouTube star, or a popular online blog. The purpose of this partnership is so that this influencer can help you or your brand reach more people by giving you a connection to the audience that they’ve already established. Of course, to do this it will cost you a bit of your marketing budget.”

“Influencer marketing may be effective, but it might not be right for your marketing plan, at least in this point in time. It is far from being the only option you have to grow your social presence, so make sure you always do your research on those other strategies to see if they may be a better fit for your current marketing plan and goals. If you’re just getting started on social media and haven’t really gotten your foundation solid yet, look into other strategies that you can use to strengthen that core. Then, when you start looking more towards growth or you have big milestones for your products that need support, consider influencer marketing as a tool. Also, remember that influencer marketing isn’t free, so make sure you have room in your budget to account for it. The more budget you have to work with, the bigger the potential results can be.”

“If you do end up going for influencer marketing, make sure that you have a strategy that lines you up with influencers that have sway over your target audience and can ideally have some sort of tie with your product.”

“So what do you get out of partnering with an influencer? If you match up with the right person or brand, you’ll actually get quite a lot. Remember that an as an influencer, they have access to an audience that they’ve already established, and often these people that gather around social influences form a kind of community. By partnering with an influencer, you gain entry into this community, not only expanding the audience for your own brand, but also giving you so much needed credibility right out of the gate since your connection is with who is basically the leader. This opens up the opportunity for new leads and potential customers, along with just the possibility of some of the influencers followers to begin following you as well.”

“As long as you partner with an influencer who you’ve carefully selected since they are a good match for your brand and your current goals, we would say that influencer marketing would definitely be worth considering as having a part of your marketing strategy. At the same time, do not bet everything on influencer marketing, since a good strategy is one that considers all of the angles.”

“I understand the importance of social media advertising. I started dancing at an early age of 11 and took the love of performing to the R&B and hip-hop group with my brothers, Pretty Ricky. I contributed with them musically and also choreographed our group’s stage performances as we signed a deal with Atlantic Records. This led the group to huge worldwide success. Intrigued by the business possibilities of social media, I turned Pretty Ricky’s Facebook page into my personal laboratory, testing out theories behind social networks for a full year until I had a new, unbreakable system of gaining and monetizing followers. I turned those ideas into Adwizar, the dominant social media brand in the urban music space.”

“The most important thing that truly sets our company apart from others is the fact that we truly care about our clients regardless of the money. This policy is not about how much money we can take, but how much we can make for the client. We aim at giving more value than the amount of money clients are paying us. The differentiating factor that makes us stand out is the fact that we focus solely on our client’s success, delivering what exactly they’ve planned for, and help as many people in their program as possible. Thus, most of the rising stars and even the established ones are choosing Adwizar for their social media needs.”

“I never knew what an entrepreneur was, but I always knew I wanted to make money. I remember in fifth grade, my school had a candy drive and I went crazy—going door to door for days, asking my mom to sell to her friends. At the end of it, I’d sold more than $1,000 worth of candy and I got to pick out something from the prize catalog. I earned… a yo-yo?!”

“I’m no idiot; I knew I’d been robbed. I decided to sell candy for myself. But I was selling out by second period. There was only so much candy I could carry, so I started asking people if they wanted to make money. I paid $20 every Friday, and if they could sell three bags a week, they’d make an extra $5. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I had payroll and an incentive program. I was killing it, making $2,000 some weeks—more than my mom, more than enough to buy a car when I was still 14.”

“I left the candy business behind and joined Pretty Ricky with my brothers. A family member—our manager and label owner—took care of all my money until my late 20s. He made some bad decisions and left me with nothing. I was living with that family member and had no responsibilities or stress, until one day he got angry about something and kicked me out of the house. I left with no money or clothes, and went to my girlfriend’s mom’s house.”

“One of my guys called me up and said that I could make money off of tweeting, and my first question was: ‘Where do I sign up?’ I worked almost 18 hours a day on my girlfriend’s mom’s little computer in her den, building up my Twitter page. Within the first 30 days, I started making $15,000 from monetizing posts with ads sold against them. By the time I left my girlfriend’s mom’s house six months later, I’d earned about $100,000.”

“I loved making money from it. Once I put my mind to something, I go full throttle. After two or three months, it wasn’t moving fast enough, so I created parody accounts. Jay-Z, Eddie Murphy—whoever was hot at the time, I’d make a parody account, post in their voice, grow the following, and then sell against that engagement. My pages had six million combined followers, and I could make something trend within 30 minutes.”

“The thing is, if you don’t know social media monetization and someone talks to you about making $20,000 a month, it sounds like blowing smoke. But I come from the music business, where everything is about advances and getting the money up front, so that’s what I did. I gave people $20,000 or more, depending on how big their social media following was. Then they knew I wasn’t blowing smoke. They listened to how I was going to recoup my costs and then make us both money. Word of mouth spread, and business blew up.”

“No matter what I put my hands on, I put the same formula on it.”

“I feel like I’ll be a disservice to myself if I don’t get this information out to the masses.”

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