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Charles Stanley Quotes

Charles Frazier Stanley

Charles Stanley quotes: quiet in the pews, the sermon’s starting.

“If you put your faith in yourself and your abilities, intellect and dreams, then your foundation is only as strong as you are.”

“Believing you can achieve a goal is vital to reaching a goal.”

“I’ve learned that our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become.”

“Live above your circumstances and enjoy great confidence.”

“First priority becomes first action.”

“Helen Keller was blind and deaf when she graduated from college with honors.  So what’s your problem?”

“Pride never admits its failures.  Instead, the prideful person continues to push forward, blindly seeking self-gratification.”

“We learn more in our mountain experiences than on our mountaintops.”

“If a person becomes content with what is average, minimally acceptable, or satisfactory, she will rarely exert the effort or work toward something that is truly excellent or outstanding.”

“Uncontrolled weakness wreaks havoc in a person’s life.”

“But adversity, like nothing else, has the ability to bring about solid, constructive change in your life.  Adversity is not simply a tool.  The circumstances and events that we see as setbacks are oftentimes the very things that launch us into periods of intense spiritual growth.  Once we begin to understand this, and accept it as a spiritual fact of life, adversity becomes easier to bear.”

“It is not the trials in your life that develop or destroy you, but rather your response to those hardships.”

“Discipline is something we despise for the moment.  We all look for a place to run, an excuse with which to stall.  No one enjoys it.  Yet those of us who have endured it know that the fruit it produces and the pain from which it ultimately spares us makes it worth the agony.”

“Disappointments are inevitable; discouragement is a choice.”

“Discouragement can be temporary – or it can destroy our life.  The choice is ours.  If we refuse to deal with discouragement head-on, we are opening the door for it to completely dominate our life.”

“We are the product of our thinking, so it is important that we choose carefully where to focus our mental energy.”

“Fear stifles our thinking and actions.  It creates indecisiveness that results in stagnation.  I have known talented people who procrastinate indefinitely rather than risk failure.  Lost opportunities cause erosion of confidence, and the downward spiral begins.”

“No one enjoys feeling weak, whether it is emotionally, spiritually or physically.  There is something within the human spirit that wants to resist the thought of weakness.  Many times this is nothing more than our human pride at work.  Just as weakness carries a great potential for strength, pride carries an equally great potential for defeat.”

“Discernment is the ability to judge a situation accurately – to see the full reality of a situation, relationship, experience, or circumstance.  It is the capacity to understand accurately and clearly what is, to see the truth of things as they are.”

“Pride entices us to favor people who build up our egos.  Everyone wants to feel accepted and loved.  The best way to rid your life of pride is to surround yourself with people who care for you for the right reasons and not just to stroke your ego.”

“People don’t like the idea of consequences.  They want to be able to live their life freely and do what they want to do without any consequences.  And we know that’s just not the way life is.”

“It is a myth to think that responding in anger is going to cause another person to respect you.  The other person may come to fear you, but not respect you.”

“We are responsible for the consequences of our disobedience.”

“None of us has become perfect.  None of us does everything right.  None of us is so wise that we always speak the right word or so strong that we always do the right thing.  Remembering this keeps us humble.”

“Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we’re waiting for.”

“Blame is easy.  Taking responsibility is hard.  Anger is easy.  Self-control is hard.”

“Friend, take this to heart.  God can do anything in your life – even what looks absolutely impossible.  So trust Him to keep His word to you regardless of how challenging your circumstances may appear.”

“Attitude and the spirit in which we communicate are as important as the words we say.”

“The circumstances and events that we see as setbacks are oftentimes the very things that launch us into periods of intense spiritual growth.”

“God blesses us so that we might bless others!  You may have the gift of giving.”

“Basically, there are two paths you can walk: faith or fear.”

“If we have built on the fragile cornerstones of human wisdom, pride, and conditional love, things may look good for a while, but a weak foundation causes collapse when storms hit.”

“We can be tired, weary and emotionally distraught, but after spending time alone with God, we find that He injects into our bodies energy, power and strength.”

“Hear me very carefully on this point.  Nobody can take your peace from you.  If you have lost your peace, you have lost it for one main reason – you have surrendered it.”

“Too many Christians have a commitment of convenience.  They’ll stay faithful as long as it’s safe and doesn’t involve risk, rejection, or criticism.  Instead of standing alone in the face of challenge or temptation, they check to see which way their friends are going.”

“There is no need to go through life handicapped by past experiences.  What others say about you doesn’t matter.  How they treated you is inconsequential.  The only accurate, eternal, unassailable measure of your worth comes from almighty God, who will one day judge the living and the dead without exception.”

“Make sure that what you are living for is what you are willing to die for.”

“Friend, don’t allow the storms in your life to discourage you.  No matter what the cost or how circumstances appear, have faith to the end.  Because you know that with God, you’ll be able to endure anything that comes your way in life and emerge triumphant.”

“Success is the continuing achievement of becoming the person God wants you to be and accomplishing the goals God has helped you set.”

“With God, there is always a future.”

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