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Star Jones Quotes

Starlet Marie Jones

Star Jones quotes: on losing weight, climbing the corporate ladder, spiritual strength and more.

“There is absolutely nothing in this world you can’t achieve if you want it badly enough.”

“If you want something in your life, all you have to do is ask because the promise is already there.”

“You have to learn compromise and compassion and patience.”

“You’re never allowed to step on people to get ahead, but you can step over them if they’re in your way.”

“You can’t have it all.  No matter how you slice it, it’s a pretty tall order.”

“Attitudes can be changed among men and women.  However, unconscious biases don’t develop overnight and they won’t change after one seminar.”

“Create a guilt-free zone.  Although you may not want to believe it, everyone in the company has some level of unconscious bias, so don’t go around pointing fingers at your staff.”

“Clearly define job qualifications.  Determine and articulate what constitutes success in a particular job.”

“Encourage second chances.  Although you should call a spade a spade and rectify the behavior, you also want to create an environment in which employees can screw up, make changes, and do better the next time.  Google is one company that takes this approach.”

“If you come across like a pompous idiot, other people might think of you as a pompous idiot.”

“To get through multiple challenges, I drew on lessons learned from my family and I enlisted professional help.  I choose not to focus on anything that was hurtful because clearly I got through it and I moved forward and I moved on.  If you look up you can get up.  I know it was the way I was raised but it’s also a result of sitting down and doing the hard work in therapy.  Not enough people talk about that that sometimes you need to sit down and talk about your own behavior and make sure that you are being the best person that you can be.”

“I want people to make the same choice I made to get healthy.  Eat less and move more.”

“You have to love yourself enough to save your own life is my best piece of advice.”

“The toughest part was doing it in front of the world and recognizing that you had gotten to a point where if you didn’t do something you were going to die.”

“There’s a difference between being happy when you’re full-figured and being happy when you’re morbidly obese.”

“I had spent my entire adult life telling everyone that I was fine with the way I looked.  I never thought I’d had to explain it.  The toughest part of the journey has been forgiving myself for not having the self-control I know I should have had, or admitting I needed help.”

“I have shared so many things with other people for the purpose of empowering them to feel good.  But this was something I had to get emotionally capable to talk about.  The specifics of the weight loss finally freed me to be able to say, ‘I was afraid—like maybe you are too.'”

“That’s one thing that I have learned in doing a bunch of research and self-analysis: we in our community are ashamed sometimes to admit that our emotional health needs some help.”

“I say with all sincerity, the surgery saved my life.  It started me on a journey of health.  But sitting down with a therapist and getting into my own head, and unlocking doors that I had shut forever—that also saved my life.”

“I used to think that my law degree was my greatest asset, but it’s actually my health.”

“Now that I’m at a healthy weight, I’m finally able to be my true self.  I’m learning every single day.  When you lose another whole person, you try to find out who the authentic you is inside.  Then you accept every single thing—the blemishes and all.  I don’t try to be perfect.  I just want to be more honest about who I am.  What you see is what you get.”

“I was one of the millions of women who thought heart disease was an old white man’s disease.  When it happened to me, I called the American Heart Association almost right out of the hospital to say there is a new face of heart disease and I want to share what I have learned.  This is my life’s work and purpose in life, to really push forward the mission of eradicating cardiovascular disease and stroke in our country.”

“I stress prevention, which starts with ‘knowing Your numbers’ to help understand your risk for heart disease.  You know you’re supposed to have a mammogram, but did you know you’re supposed to have your blood pressure checked?  Did you know you’re supposed to know your cholesterol number?  Did you know you’re supposed to know your blood sugar level?  Those kinds of things will save your life.”

“Part of empowering yourself is advocating for yourself and your health and taking charge of your own health.  I’m hoping this year is the year that women really take charge of their heart health.”

“I’ve tried to use every platform available to me to spread this message, because my real mission in life is to encourage women to take action to end heart disease and stroke, and really commit to making changes to their own health.”

“Behaviors don’t change overnight, but activism can.  You can be inspired to move your feet, to make your phone calls, to make better choices.”

“Women are used to being the caregivers of the world.  It’s time for us to take care of ourselves.”

“I go to sleep every night knowing that I’m walking in my purpose.  When I’m talking about this, I’m talking from my heart.”

“We have to live with who we are.  We’ll always be thought of as the chick in the skirt.  It’s up to us to define who that chick is.”

“I’m such a senior person in many areas that I’ve always been in a position of influence, so I’m not the kind of person who feels marginalized and I don’t think anyone who has encountered me in the past wanted to take on that battle.”

“Most women struggle to climb the corporate ladder and get paid what they’re worth.  But I want to change that.  Together all of these networks just speak to my passion advocating for diversity and inclusion and access to everything that life can give you: good health and good jobs, and all of that gives people hope.  This is my life’s work.  It gives me the opportunity to really and truly be the person that I’ve always wanted to be.”

“People like to peg me as this poor black girl.  But I lived in a good environment, and I was always well read and well spoken.”

“You have to acknowledge where you come from so that you know where you’re going.”

“I was a prosecutor in Brooklyn in the homicide division and then as a senior assistant district attorney.”

“I tried it and I felt, I guess I must have been pulled in by the red light of television and now I’ve been on TV since 1992.”

“I wanted to talk about fashion and self-image.  I wanted to tell little girls not to let people tell them they’re too dark or too loud or not beautiful just because they’re not a size two.”

“I make bold moves all the time because I have my own style.”

“I define B*tch—it’s a Babe In Total Control of Herself.”

“Smart women can disagree without being disagreeable.  Disagreeable… is not likable.”

“A woman without good friends is a sad woman indeed.”

“I will forever consider Barbara Walters (along with my dear friend, the late Johnny Cochran) to be one of my two most influential mentors.  The opportunity to sit beside her for so many years was a ‘master class’ in many aspects of my personal and professional life that I relish and am eternally grateful for.”

“There is no woman that does what we do that won’t say Barbara Walters is her idol.  She took the arrows that were shot her way, and women were able to advance in that field because of Barbara.”

“You take the bitter with the sweet but the benefits far outweigh the burdens of what I’ve been able to do for my family.”

“You can have financial strength, professional strength, emotional strength, but for me, without spiritual strength, none of the rest of it matters.”

“Sometimes when, you know, God tries to correct you in private and if you don’t catch it he’ll correct you in public.”

“You know you’re really happy when your kid says at lunch, ‘Stop smiling.  You’re going to break your face.'”

“I’m a very lucky and blessed girl.”

“I am on the journey toward shining.”

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