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Gwen Stefani Quotes

Gwen Renee Stefani

Gwen Stefani quotes: the pop star’s most popular quotes.

“I’ve never been good at giving advice.  The only advice I ever gave people was to find something that you are passionate about.”

“When you have so much experience in it, you just remain calm because you know it’s gonna work out.  It has to.  Some version of it will work out.”

“You get what you put in.”

“Everything works out how it should.”

“After you make a fool of yourself a few hundred times, you learn what works.”

“How amazing life can be.  Everybody has to go through these challenges and these dark times and then there’s always a rainbow.”

“People might think you can turn creativity on and off,
but it’s not like that.  It just kind of comes out.  A mash up of all these things you collect in your mind.  You never know when it’s gonna happen, but when it does… it’s like magic.  It’s just that simple and it’s just that hard.”

“I think everyone has gifts and everyone has talents.  If you are successful at it, it feels really good but it never really penetrates completely.”

“We all have to go through hard times.  Tragedies.  Those are given to us to see what we’re going to do with them.”

“Never say never.  In your life you never know what’s going to happen next.”

“Every day I fail at something.”

“Act as young as you feel.  You’re not getting older; you’re getting more entitled to be your fabulous self.”

“No one can force me to do something unless I’m passionate about it.  Once I find something I’m passionate about, I get this crazy drive.”

“I have people that are affected by what I do, what I say, and that would be the one place where it gets complicated.  But being honest and truthful – I just believe that’s the best way to be.”

“I grew up in a normal family.  I have sweet parents, who are still married… but my life is so different from how I thought it would be.”

“It was such a turning point to find that I had a talent and I had something to contribute, somewhere.  I was a different person before I started to write.  When I realized I could be a songwriter and that people would listen – that was when I started feeling good in my life.”

“I grew up near Disneyland, and my brother’s an animator, so I was always really inspired by bright, cartoony colors and that whole feeling of happiness.”

“I have to be creative to be happy.  My parents always pushed creativity on us, but they made it seem like the fun thing to do.”

“I don’t have a strong sense of self-worth unless I’m doing something.”

“I clearly remember writing songs when I was young and the power that it gave me of feeling like somebody.  My whole life changed when I wrote those songs, even before anyone ever heard them.  It wasn’t a commercial thing.”

“My songs are basically my diaries.  Some of my best songwriting has come out of a time when I’ve been going through a personal nightmare.”

“When you write a great song, it just blows you away.  When you write a song that connects with people around the world – I mean like it actually transcends language barriers – you see how it can affect people, and it’s quite a tall order to follow up on.”

“I wanted so badly to have a backup plan for when I’m not performing anymore.  Let’s be realistic: it’s not going to be like this forever.”

“The one thing that makes me feel super lucky about my financial success is that I have a housekeeper.  And if that ever got taken away, I would be really, really, really bummed.”

“Now I got my foot through the door and I ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

“Music and fashion; it all comes from the same place of creativity.”

“My mom was always making me clothes.  We’d go to the fabric store, pick out patterns, and it was a creative process.  I heard that word a lot growing up: creative.”

“Fashion is an extension of your personality, and I’ve always been obsessed.  I always want to have something different than everybody else.”

“Sometimes you have to sacrifice your performance for high heels.”

“If I wasn’t even famous or had any success, I would still wake up and put tons of makeup on, and put on a cool outfit.  That’s always been who I’ve been my whole life, so that’s never gonna change.  I love fashion.  I love getting dressed up.”

“It’s an extension of your personality and mood and it’s a confidence booster.”

“I have to work very hard to look the way I do.  I want the girls out there to know that.”

“What I’m always trying to do is just get better, and explore new looks.”

Working out is important, but having balance is the key to everything.  Now that I’ve lived this long, I know that for sure!”

“When you really look back, all you have is your memories.  You don’t realize that at the time, but now that I’m older and I have children… you realize that it’s about making memories.  The holidays are an interesting time – it’s a time that you reflect on yourself, on the year, what you have done, what do you want to do, your dreams.  There’s a lot of reassessment, there’s a lot of pressure and pain and joy.”

“That’s what my life feels like right now in so many ways.  I’m so grateful to get to this point.  There’s always going to be more stuff that’s going to happen and I know that.  But I have that seed of faith that my parents gave me.  I just always try to trust that I’ll find the answer.”

“I don’t know.  I don’t have a future.  All I know is that I have a lot to look forward to.”

“Thank God that I get to do what I get to do; there’s no way to tell you how grateful I am.”

“I’m lucky to not have a real job, to be able to express myself, be creative and be relevant.”

Life is short and you’ve got to get the most out of it.”

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