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Stephen A. Smith Quotes

Stephen Anthony Smith

Stephen A. Smith quotes: the most polarizing personality in sports media… on racism, excuses… and manning the f*ck up.

“It’s not just about your skills.  It’s about the work that you’re willing to put in, the dedication that you’re willing to put in, and, most importantly, the humility that you’re willing to exhibit.  There’s a thin line between confidence that you must have and the humility that you have to have.”

“You don’t have the right to hold somebody accountable for standards you refuse to apply to yourself.”

“You want to be recognized for being popular but you also want to be recognized for being great.”

“We have an obligation to wake up every day with the mindset that we not only speak for ourselves but we speak on behalf of the brand.  It is not a brand that we own.  It is a brand that employs us.  It has entrusted us to represent it just as much as we care about representing ourselves.  So with that in mind, we have to be cognizant of all those things.”

“You become successful.  You sustain a level of success by giving people what they expect.  By, figuratively speaking, ‘playing the hits.’  Not deviating too far away from what people tune in for to hear.  As long as we remember those kinds of things, then it’s going to lend itself to us being successful as opposed to us losing our bearings because we get caught up in our emotions, and we do things that ultimately sacrifice the brand and ourselves just to react to something.  We have to be smarter than that.”

“When I give speeches, I tell people all the time: ‘I’m brilliant.’  Because I know I’m not.  I’m never satisfied.  I learn from people who are brilliant and I steal knowledge from them.  The same is applicable to you.  If you see somebody that’s better than you; if you look in your mind’s eye and you know that somebody has something that you don’t, why not ask yourself why?  Why not ask yourself: ‘How can [I] get it?'”

“You got to ask yourself these questions.  And that doesn’t mean the answer will always be yes.  It doesn’t mean the answer is always going to be in an affirmative for you.  But what is does mean is the fact that you asked yourself that question means that you are looking for every excuse – every little nugget – that you can find, that you can muster, to maximize your potential.”

“Anybody that’s standing in my way is somebody that I consider to be competition.”

“I love dudes who are about winning.”

“I’m going to do, as a businessman, whatever is good business for me.  If you’re asking me to make it compulsory, then that’s what I’m going to do.”

“We need all the help and support that we can get.  But we only need the support from people whose mission is the same as ours.  If you’re not trying to win, if you’re not trying to engage in sheer dominance, I don’t want you as a part of my team.  Because when I’m competing, that’s what I’m after.  It’s just that simple.”

“Our actions speak louder than our words.”

“You have haters from all walks of life.  I could care less who wants me to fail.  They inspire me.”

“I have opinions that are based on the facts that are presented to me.  I don’t apologize.  I stand by it.  If I’m hated, so what?  If I’m loved, so what?”

“The reality is that you’re entitled to believe what you want as long as you’re not imposing your beliefs on other people.  There’s a whole bunch of people in this world that we can look at and say they need to shut up and they certainly don’t.  You got everybody fighting for their own individual cause.  This is their cause.  We might not like it.  I don’t agree with it at all, but they do have a right.”

“I feel a responsibility to make sure that the voices from our community are heard.  I do not feel a responsibility to agree with them.  No one tells me what to think.  I think for me.”

“As resolute as I feel about my convictions, if I’m wrong, I’m man enough to say I’m wrong because I find it a rare occasion anyway.”

“You don’t buy chemistry, nor do you manufacture it, it is what it is.”

“Racism doesn’t exist.  Obviously, I’m lying.  Of course it exists, but not for you.  See, you don’t have to go to the back of the bus.  You’re not denied the opportunity to eat at restaurants, or to enter night clubs, or to patronize businesses.  You have the right to vote.  You’re not being lynched.  You’re not being hung.  You’re not going through the trials and tribulations your ancestors, recent and far beyond recent, endured so you can sit here today.”

“You’re older, you know I’m not talking about you.  But youngsters, you need to understand that white folks got problems, too.  Some of them can’t pay their bills.  Some of them are struggling.  Some of them are being denied opportunities.  And you need to understand that, because when people are going through their own problems, they are not going to lament what your trials and tribulations are.”

“What I’m saying is, that if you’re young, because of the challenges your ancestors faced and overcame, you don’t get to use it as an excuse, for why you can’t succeed, because people got their own problems.  You better make sure you do your part to overcome any obstacles that are placed before you.”

“You have to have alligator skin in this business.  At least some of us who are in this business were raised in it as journalists.  I was a beat writer for almost 20 years.  It’s my job as a reporter to not be about the business of making friends or enemies, but just be in the tireless pursuit of truth.”

“No matter what level of vitriol or abrasiveness that comes your way – you have to have the alligator skin to take it.  That’s what this position, that’s what this industry, practically requires in this day and age.  If you can’t handle it, you don’t belong here.  That’s why I’ve never really had that kind of problem.  No matter what anybody says about me, I assure you: I can take it.”

“The only problem that I believe any employee should have with a company’s social media policy is if you have certain policies for certain individuals and different policies for others.  But as long as the policy is universal, and everybody is under the same umbrella with the same stipulations, that’s the real world, and that’s the way it goes.  If you don’t like it, then get your own company, and your own social media policy, and you won’t have that problem.”

“I can host an afternoon show like Steve Harvey or Ellen DeGeneres.  I could do a late night show if somebody writes an opening monologue, I could do a late night show like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon and those boys.  Or I can host a show on CNN or Fox News.”

“You still have to be consistent.  You still have to put forth a quality show, on a day-in-day-out basis.”

“We’re going to debate.  We’re going to do what we do.  It’s something when everybody’s on board and you’re getting the support from the top on down.  All you have to do is show up and do your job.  There’s something to be said for that.”

“If the show sucks, I ain’t happy.  If the show is damn good, I’m very happy.”

“In the times that we’re living in, strictly from a business perspective, I would not advocate anybody getting rid of playing the national anthem.”

“The bottom line has been compromised.  If you are in the world of business, that means you are in the business of making money.  Stopping the playing of the national anthem at this particular juncture would send the wrong message.  It would compromise the brand.”

“I don’t consider myself just a black man.  I consider myself a brotha.  I love my people.”

“A child is not an adult.  A child didn’t ask to be here.  Any man that doesn’t take care of his responsibilities to his family and to his children, do me a favor: stop calling yourself a man.  At least have the decency to admit that you’re a boy.  You don’t know what manhood is.”

“That’s what grinding is all about.  It’s about never being satisfied, understanding that if you’re standing still or going backwards, you ain’t living.  That’s what winners are made of.  And the beauty about you is you got  your whole life ahead of you.  The stuff I’m saying to you right now is applicable to any walk of life that you walk into.”

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