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Kelly Swette Quotes

Kelly Swette

Kelly Swette quotes: keys to her success and lessons learned.

“No one thrives without clarity of purpose, empowerment or clear goals—so start there.”

“Make work a passion, not a job. Whether you work in food, fashion, beauty or whatever, there is so much to learn and get excited about. Your love of the industry should show; or find another place to park.”

“When you become curious, when you become educated, you make better choices.”

“Quality is queen; concern for quality creates pride within an organization and everyone shares in its success.”

“Whether you work for a startup or a well-established brand, quality is what’s going to keep your customers coming back.”

“Develop pervasive purpose. From conception to messaging, your employees and customers must believe in what your product or service is trying to provide.”

“Develop your mission and philosophy. Develop with purpose, and make sure you share that purpose. And I think most entrepreneurs know that you have to get your hands dirty. You have to get in there and try it and work with it. You need to be really involved.”

“Get your hands dirty. As an entrepreneur you need to dig-in and understand your product well. You must know your product and market well. Then, hire a team that cares as much as you do.”

“Divide and conquer. Find what you do well and focus on that while getting the complementary support you need for other areas.”

“If you have properly aligned each person’s role with the company’s purpose, this creates functional synchronicity within the organization.”

“I can’t overstate how important great hires are for a growing organization. Take the time and get the support to hire well.”

“Also, hire smart women. We need more women in leadership roles.”

“There’s been an incredible shift in consumers’ interest in health and wellness. The internet has allowed for this exploration of different alternatives. Clearly there was a transition from dieting to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. This whole idea of having a higher quality of life, which means eating foods that you love and enjoy versus sacrificing. I would call it positive nutrition from good ingredients, from real food.”

“Millennials are all about authenticity. The key to being perceived as authentic is actually being authentic.”

“Millennials are so much more educated about global cuisines and spices. They’ve grown up with the Food Network, and they embrace the creativity of food trucks. They’re part of a global society in a way that my generation never had when we were growing up.”

“I’ve been training all my life for this job. I’ve been a lifelong cook, gardener and culinary explorer. I love travel, food and following a healthy lifestyle. I’ve also worked in a lot of different businesses. I started work as a medical engineer, and then I worked at Pepsi-Cola, helping them create, brand and market new healthier options.”

“I’m all over Pinterest. I think Pinterest has a wealth of information on what’s trending. I subscribe to a variety of food magazines. I take cooking classes all the time and am meeting with different chefs. I travel as much as I can and see what’s happening in restaurants around the country.”

“What keeps me going, even during those times when I feel like giving up? Running this company is so much harder than I expected. What keeps me going is positive feedback from our consumers who say they ‘live on our burritos,’ doctors who call us to say they recommend our products to patients, and media companies giving us recognition.”

“I really do feel that I prepared my whole life for this job. All of those various skills and experiences made me more confident than the average person that I could be successful.”

“I have a favorite inspirational quote from Mother Teresa, ‘Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love.’ I believe that as we accomplish small things our confidence and capability grows, and the things we are capable of doing get bigger and bigger. I also believe in the power of great love, care and passion in all you do. That extra effort is what makes the ordinary both extraordinary and fulfilling. I’ve followed the message in this quote all my life, and I share it with my children.”

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