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Tim Sykes Quotes

Timothy Sykes Tips

Tim Sykes quotes: funny quotes about success, stock trading, and more from penny stock pro, Timothy Sykes.

“Dream big and study hard, and don’t stop until you’ve achieved all your goals.”

“Working hard will get you a corner office.  Wording hard and smart will get you this.”

“You aren’t as smart as you believe and in this economy, you don’t have that great of a future, either.  The good news is that neither intelligence nor potential is required to be a consistently profitable day trader.”

“Sometimes, I purposely put forth a very strong opinion to get a reaction from people and create the debate.  To start a fire, you need kindling.”

“You can’t rush success nor can you cheat your way to success.  You need a solid foundation of knowledge before you can make big money.”

“Failure after failure goes undocumented.  As a blogger, it’s your duty to write about it.  Every year I do a whole blog post on my biggest loss.  No one else in finance does it.”

“I’m not here to brag, I’m here to inspire you to build your own dreams, not someone else’s!  We have one life to do as much as we can, so it’s up to you to maximize your opportunity or be like too many people who don’t hustle hard and are condemned to living the 9 to 5 rat race forever.  Which do you choose?”

“People are very afraid to lose.  People are very afraid to fail.  I’ve failed rather spectacularly.”

“Always give thanks for how great the world is and I hope you recognize all the opportunities that exist right now as the internet is the most important invention since the printing press and we’ve only just begun tapping this incredible resource.  Get excited for the next few decades – it’s going to be an exciting ride!”

“You must also study on the weekend.  My ‘no days off’ approach is not just a cute little catchphrase – it’s a way of life and it’s crucial for great success over time.”

“Not even average effort is going to get you to true success.”

“If you become a master at your craft you will be rewarded financially, spiritually, philosophically, every which way possible, and that is the ultimate success.”

“Never try to force profits just to reward yourself for being correct in your thinking.  There will be many times when you’re correct in your thinking but wrong in your trading.  Accept it.  Don’t resort to wild trading as that’s how losses are created.”

“Build your empire and follow your dreams; and don’t just live vicariously through others.”

“Every single loss that I take encourages me, because when you do something wrong, now you know what not to do.  You’ve learned.”

“I can’t help but wonder why so many people ignore their own dreams and instead resort to the ‘safety’ of a corporate job they don’t believe in and an average life they inevitably become unhappy with.”

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