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Marshall Sylver Quotes

Marshall Sylver

Marshall Sylver quotes: tips from “The World’s Fastest Hypnotist.”

“A dream becomes a goal the moment you write it down. A goal becomes a plan the moment you break it down into doable steps. A plan becomes a reality only when you take action.”

“Either create your own journey or you’ll become a part of someone else’s.”

“Do exactly the opposite of what the sheep are doing in order to become the shepherd.”

“You can’t get more by going for less.”

“Nothing has any power except the power that you give it.”

“What you do today will determine how you feel tomorrow. What you think and do today determines how tomorrow is going to be.”

“Either you will do now what it takes or 10 years from now you wish that you had.”

“Take action now, because tomorrow never comes.”

“The sooner you go down any path, the sooner you’ll know what action to take.”

“Your body will produce what your mind believes.”

“The mind is powerful, and you have more control than you think.”

“You must become what you want to attract.”

“You choose how to feel and act every moment of every day. The moment you accept this responsibility completely, you gain total control over your life.”

“Everything begins with a thought, and thoughts are turned into plans, and plans into reality.”

“Determine where you are going and how you will get there will become obvious.”

“It’s not enough to learn, one must become.”

“Failure makes excuses. Success just keeps swinging the bat.”

“See your misfortunes as blessings.”

“Turn your problems into challenges and you will suddenly see results in a more positive light.”

“I think the biggest challenge for most people is that the mind is a muscle, and however you exercise it, it will grow in that way. So if you have a habit of seeing the negativity of the world, if you have a habit of seeing lack and limitation, then that’s all you’ll see. And because we get back what we send out, that’s what we get back.”

“What you are willing to lose will be proportionate to what you are able to win.”

“No risk, no goodies. More is better.”

“The higher the levels, the higher the devils.”

“Make no apologies for who you are.”

“To yourself, you are what you think. To the outside world, you are what you do.”

“When you are doing what you really love and creating the life that you really want it will be easier to create a healthy personal relationship with someone that will be supportive of what you want too.”

“Be interested rather than interesting.”

“Self-programming, what you believe and affirm about yourself, is the basis of who you are.”

“Consistently ask yourself: ‘Is what I’m doing right now working for me or working against me?'”

“You can never get more by saying ‘no.’ You can hold a current position by saying ‘no’ but you can only move forward by saying ‘yes.’ You can only get more in life by saying ‘yes.'”

“To find what we aren’t able to find, we must look in a place we haven’t looked.”

“The greater the responsibility, the greater the reward.”

“If you knew that you were the owner of a million-dollar mind, would you treat your mind with more respect and appreciation? Would you put less poison in a million-dollar mind? Pay attention to what poisons you may be feeding your mind with and how now keeping your mind clear and healthy could make you more effective.”

“When you know how to make money, you’re obligated to.”

“To get what you want you must communicate with others in a way that inspires them to want to give it to you.”

“For sales and for business in general, everything that we want that we don’t have we get from other people. And because of that, we better fall in love with people. People who genuinely have that spirit that they care about people, that they care about their customers, they care about impact in the world in a positive way, have a much higher likeliness of succeeding over the people who are just in it for the money or just in it to see how much can they take.”

“More is learned in pain than in pleasure.”

“Find your life perfect and deal with what emerges.”

“Habits are a function of your subconscious mind.”

“You make the choice for change more easily and readily each time as your conscious mind begins to reprogram your subconscious mind with a new habit, and the decision is reinforced by that positive change.”

“With constant repetition and reinforcement, new habits are easily formed.”

“Either you don’t know how to do something or you choose not to do something. There is no can’t!”

“Turn your habit into a conscious decision.”

“The mind, like any muscle, must be exercised.”

“When you control your thoughts and emotions, you control everything.”

“It is possible to program your mind with the thoughts of a millionaire and produce similar results.”

“One of the first ways to begin building your self-confidence is to focus on what’s great about you.”

“Emotional intelligence is like a term I call self-mastery. Self-mastery is being in total control of your thoughts and emotions. Once you have self-mastery, infinitely greater things are possible.”

“Yes you can have it all. More than that, you deserve it all. Your self-esteem will determine your success. Be certain.”

“Take charge of your environment.”

“People will always respect you when you’re in the process of being better.”

“To forgive someone means to take away the power this person has over you.”

“Either make your money work for you or you will always have to work for your money.”

“The rich do get richer; meaning that those who appreciate what they have will get more. Be grateful every day.”

“Money solves most things. Learn to massively monetize what you love doing and your life will be massively prosperous.”

“Wealthy people always know the exact value of their time.”

“Money cures most things. Money gives you options. Being wealthy expands opportunities. Being rich makes you better-looking. Be rich.”

“I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. Rich is more fun.”

“Ask yourself: where do I want to go? Recognize where you are now, then figure out the steps to get there.”

“Not appreciating what we have now robs us of our abundance even when it exists.”

“Remember that when you love yourself, you are a greater gift to someone else.”

“You must learn to love, respect and believe in yourself. To accomplish this, begin by restructuring your current self-programming.”

“What if opportunity comes and you aren’t prepared? If you don’t prepare yourself for opportunity, one thing is certain, you won’t win even when you get the chance. You must recognize the power of being prepared.”

“Unless we are very specific about what we want, we cannot be unhappy about not getting it.”

“The more you laugh, the healthier you are. You must laugh more!”

“Your life wasn’t meant to be a struggle; it was meant to be an adventure. Start living the adventure now!”

“Take time for yourself today.”

“Enjoy the journey as much as the destination.”

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