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Tamron Hall Quotes

Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall quotes: the TV host’s best stuff.

“Push through.  Not in a negative way and not in a forced way.  Everyone has to believe in themselves!”

“We all have roadblocks; we all have challenges.”

“We all have these challenges and stereotypes that exist, but you can’t let that hold you down.  If that’s the first thing you think about as a black woman – the challenge that lies ahead – you are thinking in the wrong direction, in my opinion.”

“When one door closes… another one opens.”

“I’ve gone through a lot in my life – some of it very public – but in my loneliest moments, the best advice I got from people was to be my true self.  It’s the fun of life.  It’s the ups.  It’s the downs.  It’s the book of life.”

“People are actually more alike than they are different.  We’re all going through the same thing.  We want the best life we can have.  If you have kids, you want the best for them.  You want to have good friends, an occasional good drink – if you drink – and a good meal.  You want to have that experience.  None of us, I think, want to do this alone.”

“I tell people ‘keep it moving’ because you can’t make me and you can’t break me.  They don’t define you, they can’t define you, and they can’t break you.  That’s what you have to tell yourself on any level.  Surround yourself with as many friends, be vulnerable.  Tell them when it hurts, admit when it hurts, but keep it moving.”

“God is not going to help me unless I help myself.  Having that fearless energy going in and shaking hands, meeting people and asking for the job.  When you don’t get it, ask again, and again… because no is nothing.  No is a yes waiting.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever said this out loud, but every ‘no’ that I received in my life, and there have been many, it’s made sense at some point in time.  Even things I prayed to get and, ‘Oh my gosh, I want that job,’ and I didn’t get it, I look back and I say, ‘Whew, thank goodness I didn’t get that.'”

“Never be afraid to jump.”

“At some point in all of our lives, the goalpost keeps getting moved to the point it’s invisible.  So don’t keep kicking that football.”

“I believe that God is watching me, and my mother reminds me all the time, ‘God did not bring you this far to let you go.’  So whatever the unknown variable is, I believe that God is taking care of it, and I’m meant to learn a lesson from it, but it is not meant to break me.”

“I grew a reputation for always asking questions and being nosy.”

“When I was a kid growing up, I always thought I would be a journalist, and I thought, ‘You know, I’d cover stories about other people,’ and we’re always taught never to make the story about yourself.”

“I love my job and my relationship with the viewers who watch my shows.”

“There’s nothing like looking in someone’s eyes, and they trust you with their story.”

“So I have people who tweet and ask me, ‘You can’t be this happy all the time.  You can’t be this cheerful.’  Well, yes I am.  From where I’ve come from and my family and what I see as real struggles in day-to-day life – through my reporting – I’m never going to look at challenges.”

“The way I was raised, you listen to people.  You don’t tell them who they are, you let them tell you.  I am not the focus.  What I do for a living allows me to ask the questions and probe the conversation and move it forward.”

“Not to diminish the spectacular and beautiful journey of parenthood, but don’t make me feel I am half an adult if I don’t have a child.  Caring has nothing to do with being a parent.  I care because I’m a human being.”

“My husband and I vowed to ‘never turn on each other’ and to ‘always be on each other’s side,’ no matter what kind of craziness is thrown our way.  We knew we wanted to prepare ourselves for what this exciting journey would bring.”

“I’m proud of my hard work.  Working hard won’t always lead to the exact things we desire.  There are many things I’ve wanted that I haven’t always gotten.  But, I have a great satisfaction in the blessings from my mother and father, who instilled a great work ethic in me, both personally and professionally.”

“I’ve got to believe in something, so why not believe in myself?”

“Every time a young girl comes in and asks me for advice, if you start your conversation with, ‘How hard is it as a black woman?’ or, ‘How hard is it as a woman?’ I turn you around.  Because I cannot – we cannot look at the roadblocks and see the road at the same time.”

“My record standing for women speaks for itself.  I want you to be proud of what I do next, so I’m trying to thoughtfully make that transition to where I feel I need to be.”

“The power of being connected to each other is not a lost art.”

“We are the people next door.  All we have to do is open the door.”

“I’ve been given an opportunity to make a difference.”

“I take it seriously that it’s a privilege and honor to be a role model to young girls, both black and white.  It’s not something I take lightly.”

“The biggest compliment I get is when someone tells me, ‘You’re so real.’  Even if my journey isn’t exactly like theirs.”

“One of my favorite memories was one time Prince picked me up and said we were going to Michael Jordan’s birthday party.”

“We are not the biggest job we’ve landed.  We are not, even with motherhood, I love my son… but even he is not the total sum of my journey.  I’m not Tamron from the Today Show.  I’m Tamron.”

“Keep smiling and doing your best.  We can talk about anything as long as we start with respect.”

“Just give up on balance.  There are going to be days that you cry, days where you laugh – you’re just going to do your best.  That’s all you can do.  That’s the ticket.”

“I feel fortunate and I feel it’s a reminder to everyone to not give up on your dreams and to bet on yourself.  I’m very grateful.”

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