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Todd Falcone Quotes

Todd Falcone Tips

Todd Falcone quotes: here are the top quotes from network marketing trainer, Todd Falcone.

“The top two objections we get from our prospects are: ‘I don’t have the time’ and ‘I don’t have the money.’  They are literally the most common objections we hear from prospects… which to me are key reasons to actually do network marketing.  If you don’t have time or money?  Something needs to change.”

“Be real, be someone people can count on, be someone they can trust, own up to your mistakes, and share your struggles.  That shows leadership.”

“When you have a vividly clear purpose and you’re doing something that makes you want to get up and move in the morning?  You’re on the right track.”

“There is no power in tomorrow; there’s only power in now.”

“Put the best of you into everything and watch how your life changes.”

“If there’s anything that could stop you, you have not yet fully committed to the decision.”

“You’ve only got time for people who are positive, supportive, uplifting, and encouraging.  Anything else simply isn’t serving you.  You get to choose where to spend your time.  Do it wisely.”

“You job isn’t what you sell – it’s the feeling and the experience you share.”

“A life spent making mistakes is more honorable than a life spent doing nothing.”

“Once you’ve truly seen and understood the freedom that’s possible with network marketing, how could you ever go back?”

“Repeat what works.  Delete what doesn’t.  Learn from your mistakes.”

“What people think of you is their business.  Work on being who you want to be and send out that message.”

“Others are expecting to be fed with what you put into and provide from your work.  Put your best into it and give value.  That’s what they’re looking for!”

“Don’t be the one to quit right before the big win.  You’ll always look back and think, ‘What if?'”

“TGIF.  If you’re overly elated that it’s Friday and can’t wait for the weekend to come because it means you can ‘run away’ from your work week, you might want to choose a different career.”

“Focus most of your time on prospecting and don’t get yourself caught up in management mode.”

“When you do what needs to be done, you will become who you want to be.”

“Take responsibility for yourself.  You’ll never succeed until you do this.  So it might be a good idea to start now.”

“Don’t duplicate someone else’s personality or life.  Be yourself.  Be courageous.”

“You cannot expect someone who has never done network marketing to simply step in and start knocking it out of the park.  Most people you bring into your business need guidance and direction.  They need to be told what to do, how to do it, and how to utilize the systems that are available to them in building their business.”

“You need to put the work in before the lifestyle comes.”

“Success is definitely about being consistent.  Do the work each day and over time you will see success.”

“We spend our lives comparing ourselves to others, to our peers, celebrities, and role models.  Do you.  Go at your pace.  Live life on your terms and let no one else impact your daily decision making.”

“Burn the candle at both ends for a little while.  Nothing worthwhile is super easy.  It’s going to require a bit of sacrifice.”

“Step firmly, make your mark, stand your ground.  However you want to say it, you need to commit fully.”

“Look up!  See what’s around you now.  Appreciate what you already have.  Then put your head down and get to work with a renewed sense of gratefulness.”

“Some people will always go faster than you and others will be slower.  It’s the way it is.  Control the one thing you can control – you.”

“If someone is telling you to play it safe or to be more reasonable, find someone else to listen to.”

“Always take responsibility.  Playing the blame game doesn’t do anyone any good.”

“Put your blinders on to what you’ve decided on doing, and just get after it.  The only competition you have is with yourself.  Don’t let other people ever dictate your behavior, your decision-making, or your feelings.”

“Stop doing less than anything excellent.  Be and do the best that you can with everything.”

“If you’re always learning and never taking action, how will you reach any goals?  Don’t be fooled into thinking learning is taking action.  There is a place for learning and a time for doing what you’ve learned.”

“If you’re not feeling fear, you’re probably not stretching yourself enough.”

“What happens when you keep putting it off until tomorrow only to find out that it’s too late?  What then?”

“You are already a success when you begin to change your thinking and take that first step out of the environment you don’t like.”

“‘I don’t have the time.’  Yes you do.  Everyone does.  It’s just being consumed by something else.  If you want something bad enough, you’ll always make time for it.  There’s always time when it’s that important to you.”

“One of the most important things you can do to get better results in your cold market recruiting efforts is to sound like a friend or a familiar voice.”

“There’s power in deciding once and for all what you’re doing.  It fuels your mindset.”

“Just remember this: when someone says no to you, they aren’t rejecting you – they’re simply saying no to themselves.  It’s not personal so don’t take it that way.”

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