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Stanley Tucci Quotes

Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci quotes: on the key to great acting, why he got into directing, the best thing you can do for your kids, and more.

“A dream that you don’t fight for can haunt you for the rest of your life.”

“If you find that thing you love, it doesn’t necessarily matter whether you do it well or not—you just need to do it.”

“The best piece of advice I’ve received was: ‘Go beyond what’s comfortable.’ My college acting teacher would often say that, but I’ve found it applies to everything in life.”

“If you feel safe then you can go wherever you want to go.”

“You have to be serious about what you do but you mustn’t take yourself seriously. That way you’ll be happier and ultimately you’ll be more successful. You’ll be better at what you do.”

“What’s great is when you’re working with somebody with whom you have a connection, it’s exciting because there’s a shorthand and you trust each other and you have a good time together… and so you can go a little farther than you might normally because you’re with somebody that you trust.”

“Ripe bananas are the mark of a good produce section. A good produce section is the mark of a superior grocery store. A superior grocery store is the mark of a good man.”

“You just want something that’s substantial you can sink your teeth into and that you haven’t done before, something that’s really going to challenge you.”

“You just want to do the job and you want to be comfortable doing what you’re doing. So you’re going to be as free as possible. The freer you are, the better you’re going to be.”

“Those moments in between the moments, those are the most interesting. What’s unspoken, the way we talk around things, the way our actions are inconsistent with what we’re feeling, how anger and affection manifest themselves in strange ways at inappropriate times.”

“Sometimes you land a small fish. You unhook him very carefully. You place him back in the water. You set him free so that somebody else can have the pleasure of catching him.”

“Sometimes we all make relationships more complicated than they necessarily have to be.”

“I think everybody has a little bit of an asshole inside of them.”

“I owe everything to my parents. I was inspired across the board by my parents. Performing was also an early interest for me. I acted in elementary school and high school; I felt very comfortable on stage. I actually felt more comfortable on stage than I did in real life.”

“My childhood was wonderful. Growing up in the 1960s and ’70s in Katonah, a rural part of Westchester, New York, we had a certain freedom. It was fantastic to run to the woods and play all day until your parents would shout for you to come home for dinner. We ate dinner together every night, which is the greatest thing you could do for your kids. It gives real consistency and structure to family life. It is vital that you have a meal together; nothing is more bonding or more healing.”

“A little fear is okay. It’s important for children to understand what they should and should not be afraid of.”

“I think it’s important to have a good sense of humor and joke around with your kids. That’s what I do a lot.”

“I try to consolidate my work as much as possible so that I don’t have to be away from the family.”

“[On having more kids later in life] Fatherhood with our young son is great, although it is a little tougher when bending down to pick him up. You’re like, ‘Oh, f*ck!’ That was quite different 17 years ago! But you know where to put your energy now, whereas when you were younger you didn’t. These days I am much calmer.”

“They say you’re only as happy as your unhappiest child, and that is true.”

“I write in the mornings. During my down time. But usually I’ll wake up and start writing about nine o’clock. I’ll probably write for about three hours, and I’ll do that over the next month and a half. I make time to write.”

“And I love doing my own projects; that’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I would rather just do the things I want to do.”

“I love directing. It’s always so involving, so challenging.”

“I was dissatisfied just being an actor. As a director, I also get to sit and watch actors and learn from them in a way that I don’t get to do when I’m just acting. I like to use all of myself, and acting wasn’t doing that.”

“Every role is approached in exactly the same way, you have to make it believable and that’s all. Acting is really serious, like, pretending really hard.”

“It’s different if you’re a painter. You can hide the ones that don’t work. You can’t do that with movies. They tell the story of who you are at the time, and that’s the wonderful thing about it.”

“If I weren’t an actor, I would’ve ended up… in urban planning, because I like creating environments. As actors and directors, we make temporary worlds, but it would be pretty interesting to create a permanent one.”

“I was always attracted to the past as a kid. I wanted to be an actor when I was a kid.”

“I don’t like not being busy.”

““I love to exercise, it keeps me fit and it keeps me sane.”

“I’m completely food-obsessed. I attribute my passion for cooking and eating to my parents and grandparents, who were born in Calabria, Italy. We didn’t eat out much because we never had any money. We always sat down to a home-cooked dinner.”

“Unlike most guys, I like making really complicated dishes. You have a few glasses of wine. You really get into the process. You have so much fun, you just don’t want it to stop.”

“I believe it is of great importance for healthy eating and where products come from. Nature provides everything that humans need. Our body wants to eat according to the season. It tells us what we should eat. If we live by that, that’s the healthiest lifestyle.”

“I’m a control freak. Totally.”

“My biggest disappointment is I’m always disappointed in myself. I always feel that I haven’t achieved enough, or been as good a parent as I could be.”

“You know, life is good. I am very, very lucky. I love what I do. And there are some things that are incredibly satisfying.”

“There are still a million things that I want to accomplish.”

“There are always people suffering. And I think if you can use your notoriety to make things a little bit better for people, then I think that’s a good thing.”

“Whatever happens tomorrow you must promise me one thing. That you will stay who you are. Not a perfect soldier, but a good man.”

“For here, in the great unknowable, man can come to know the most important thing of all: himself. He can understand.”

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