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Vince Vaughn Quotes

Vincent Anthony Vaughn

Vince Vaughn quotes: about why he never bought himself a new car even when he began making big money, why we hide different sides of ourself, being thankful for the struggle, and more.

“I think you have to be able to roll with life.  Life is always peaks and valleys.”

“The answer is really inside ourselves.  It’s about looking in the mirror and being honest about what we want in life and what our priorities are.  Because once you’re willing to ask for those things, the power is really inside you.”

“You don’t worry about being liked.  You have to be yourself.”

“Whenever you’re scared of something, don’t let that define you.  We all feel it, but step up.”

“We can sit here all night or you can go up and introduce yourself.  But you’re never going to know unless you try.”

“Please don’t take a turn to negative town.”

“Everyone has stuff to go through.  We all do in life.”

“You can only do stuff that you’re interested in or that you find to be kind of fascinating or interesting.”

“We all have different sides to ourselves, but I think what happens in life is you find a place where you feel the least threatened… [that’s] where you feel the most comfortable.  So, I’m the smart one; or I’m the athletic one; or I’m the interesting music one.  And you kind of find one identity within yourself to put forward, because that’s where you feel kind of the safest interacting, and sometimes we don’t cultivate.  We all have a lot of other sides to ourselves, but we weren’t rewarded for bringing those forward, or we don’t feel comfortable with that.  And so, you kind of push those things aside and you go with the one that kind of is the path of least resistance.”

“I think we all have a lot of different personas inside of ourselves.  What happens in life is that most people get caught up in presenting one persona that they feel safest in.”

“It’s nice when people are passionate about something, and it’s always better when they let the subject tell the story, more so than when you can tell people are trying to get their own philosophy into it.”

“I found that if you have a goal, that you might not reach it.  But if you don’t have one, then you are never disappointed.  And I gotta tell ya, it feels phenomenal.”

“To err is human, but to forgive, well that’s right on.”

“The message of individual liberty and peace is contagious.”

“My father came from nothing, so he believed that people could do anything if they worked hard enough.  I think he liked that I chose to be an actor.”

“My grandfather was a farmer so I was always raised that you worked very hard whatever your job is; my sister was a teacher.  You’re to be respected if you try hard and try to be good at something and the results are less important.  You can’t control that.  The more important thing is that you tried your best.”

“I’ve never been big on cars.  When I first got to Hollywood, I bought a used car from Avis.  I drove that until I almost had to pay someone to tow it away.  Meanwhile, once I made some money, I had been buying brand new cars for members of my family.  So they finally all pitched in and bought me a new car that I still drive – a Pontiac Firebird convertible.  But, it’s only the third car I’ve had since I’ve been here.”

“I believe in the right to defend yourself if need be.  Hopefully you’re never in that situation, but I think you’re fairly naive to believe there will never be a cause for self-defense.”

“I never did anything for free.  Other than dancing in clubs.  I give that away for nothing.”

“I’m not a big gadget guy.  When I write, I’ll do the whole thing by hand, and then I’ll put it into the computer.”

“When I was a kid, I had learning disabilities.  I had a hard time reading in school.  I was the kid who would go one period a day to the class for kids with learning disabilities.”

“Both of my parents worked for a living, so I know what it’s like to have real pressure and real problems.  Real pressure is having to feed my kids, ‘How am I going to make the mortgage?’  I benefited from having grandparents who were farmers and immigrants.  So I was never like, ‘Oh, this is so hard.’  You’re on a bus going to make people laugh.”

“Fate has me highly-skilled and loaded with talent.”

“As an artist, I can’t be responsible for how people interpret material.”

“I started thinking about going to the next place in my life with kids and marriage, it was just on my mind.  I think our films really reflect what is going on in our lives.”

“The best thing as an actor, the best tool you have is your imagination.  That you kind of take things that have happened, and then go and expand on them.  However small it is, you use your imagination to create what that reality is.”

“So I think… getting an opportunity now to play and do stuff has been so exciting to me.  You wait so long.  In Los Angeles the film industry is the predominant industry, you can’t escape it.  The billboards and everything; it’s what you’re trying to get into.  It’s tough, I’m really thankful for those years.  I think it’s given me such an appreciation now for the opportunity I have.  I think that if I would have gotten some roles right away, I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it as much as I do now.”

“I work selfishly for sense of self, not for perception.  I saw Jaws in the movie theater at seven years old, I think Jaws rocks.  I saw ET when I was like 10, and I thought ET was the sh*t.  So for me getting a chance to work with Spielberg in a format like playing Cowboys and Indians, but with great toys, was like the coolest thing in the world.  I felt like a kid doing it.”

“I like to work – knowing that you always can go for what is the best.  But it’s very fair to take ideas and let everyone take the journey.”

“I’m not running for office.  I just want people to come to my stuff and escape and see me as a character, not as anything else.”

“I don’t want it to stop… I can’t handicap this thing.”

“My sense of humor has served me well.”

“I like someone that can make me laugh, because I like to laugh at stuff, especially myself.  There’s gonna be good times and bad times and when all the other things are there, the biggest thing for me is having someone that makes you laugh and that you have a friendship and a trust with, ultimately, in a relationship.  When you’re younger, you kind of have your priorities in a different place.  But as you get older, I think that becomes most important to you.”

“What really makes a relationship work?  When you’re younger, you feel like work is work and relationships are supposed to be easy.  As you get older, you realize you have to work at relationships to make them sustainable.””

“I’ve always just talked to my family and my friends.  I’ve never been a person that’s gone through excessive therapy at all.  Some people might say that I should.”

“I’m not perfect, but who are we kidding?  Neither are you.  And you wanna know what?  I dig it!”

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