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Wes Watson Quotes

Wes Watson Balcony Deep Thinking

Wes Watson quotes: a crash course in manning the f*ck up.

“Be honest with yourself and do what’s needed to become who you truly admire in all ways.”

“The only thing that I’m impressed by anymore is when someone starts something and never looks the f*ck back!  This is the definition of true strength!  Because there is no f*cking end to this.  That is someone you want on your side.  Unbreakable character starts with integrity.  Get the f*ck up and go!”

“Work and sacrifice is not a man’s punishment.  It is his reward, his strength and his pleasure.”

“Alignment is everything!  True Alignment comes from simplifying your thoughts and actions.  Being mindful when you wake to not disrupt the quality of your day with any past traumas or future anxiety.  This is the opposite of ‘being present’ and the sole reason so many fail to stay in alignment with their true purpose.  I always say living in a conscience congruent manner is the key, but most people miss this whole concept by trying to control their lives and its direction too much, instead of controlling their character and making adjustments in the moment through pure intuition.  Moment by moment, building yourself internally and externally with every response and reaction you give to what life throws your way ensures cultivation of a grateful mind.  We are only punished in this life when we choose to have a lapse in character or deviate from the guideline being supplied by our conscience.  Seek to create impeccable character and truly believe you are where you’re at in this life for a reason.”

“A negative mindset during times of adversity blocks the retention of wisdom from much needed life events.”

“Nothing is happening to you; only for you.  All seemingly negative external events are nothing but stepping stones of creation that provide you with the tools you will need to become all you’re meant to be in this life.”

“I could have easily been a b*tch and chose to stay in prison.  But i dug deep and chose to change my perspective with daily affirmations, hard f*cking work, sacrifice and living a life based on pure gratitude for each day I’ve been granted.  These daily practices filled me with a level of peace and contentment I had never known.  For once I was able to lay my head down every night proud of myself in every way, even though I was still in prison.”

“What you’re going through right now is needed no matter how difficult it is.  Use it to heighten your internal fortitude.  Use it to create that patient, loving, solid man who will never f*cking tap.”

“If a man is right his world will be right.  Obey your conscience and follow your moral compass.  Your people need the absolute best you.”

“By definition a man is responsible!  That’s it.  Whether 14 years old or eighty-f*cking-five, if you’re responsible you’re a man.  If you’re not you’re a b*tch ass baby boy.  I remember how I looked up to my dad—he was the biggest motherf*cker on the planet… hardest man alive!  Now it’s my turn.  Our lives are lived day by day, moment by moment.  Just because I embodied the true non-negotiable guidelines of a man yesterday does not mean I automatically get to call or pride myself as one today!  That’s why there are no days off.  This is not a workout.  It’s not a f*cking diet.  Or a motherf*cking wake up time.  These are the steps one goes through to ensure in his f*cking heart he knows he did everything in his power to leave this earth today proud as f*ck of how he conducted himself.”

“There is no secret to this motherf*cker.  Be honest: what do you respect?  Be that.  What is hard for you?  Do that.  Simple yet significant.”

“We don’t rise to our goals, we fall to the strength and comprehension of our system.  We must clarify and strengthen our system through repetition.  Sitting, waiting, and regretting is much harder than doing.”

“Stop the overthinking.  Plan a simple day and pull it off with perfection then gradually increase daily variables as each are fully mastered.”

“Your conscience is the voice of the universe guiding you through life.  This is not a ‘what if.’  It’s the path you must walk to live at your highest potential!”

“Presence during painful times initiates growth.  Growth is progression.  Progression is life.  Therefore, once enlightened, pain is pleasure.  Everything comes full circle.  Never make the mistake of pushing down or bottling up our greatest source of untapped potential—pain!  Run straight into it, understand it, and use its power to reach heights once unimaginable.”

“There is no greater feeling on this earth than when you can take a broken individual under your wing and give them their power back.”

“Everything exists simply by contrast, so if we get what we wish for in hard times and negatives don’t exist, then say goodbye to all positive experiences as well.  There is no life without death nor good without evil.  Acceptance is the main precursor for lasting growth.  It’s not all pain, it’s not all love, it’s all the above.”

“A half-ass motherf*cker, is half-ass motherf*cker in everything he does!  A b*tch who won’t put the work in and sacrifice to be where he desires is a b*tch.  No exceptions.  Your f*cking choice.”

“People who refuse to push themselves mentally and physically suffer from low vibration.  We must work to raise our rate of vibration and build a healthy balanced life based on mind, body and soul growth!  If we fail to do this it’s not only us that’s suffering.  Once again it’s not about you motherf*cker.  None of this is!  If you wish to teach then you must personify the teaching.  We all want our children to be confident, comfortable in their own skin and love themselves.  That starts with you!  You simple motherf*cker!  No excuses.  Rate of vibration increase through a structured daily self investment process is the most important aspect of you and your loved ones’ lives.  Do you love them enough to start loving yourself?  Let’s grow!”

“Never think you can sell a dream to those who’ve lived a nightmare.  They know it’s all f*cking on them—they never break, they never bend!  All my all till the day I fall!”

“Get the f*ck up and create that individual you can die proud of right now!  That motherf*cker who shows everyone around him that this life is about putting everything you got into everything you do!”

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