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Lil Wayne Quotes

Dwayne Michael Carter

Lil Wayne quotes: business bars from “Weezy F. Baby.”

“When I started flirting with the hustle, failure became my ex, now I’m engaged to the game and married to success.”

“Outwork the bullsh*t.  That means nothing can rattle you when your conditions are set.  And the way you set those conditions is by working damn hard.”

“Work harder.  And, if that doesn’t work, work harder than that.”

“Just keep on pushing.  That’s all I can say.  Don’t stop.”

“Everything gets better with time, and time is forever.”

“Never back down from a real challenge.  They give the best lessons in life.”

“Nobody gives you a chance, you got to take chances.”

“Confidence is the stain they can’t wipe off.”

“The more time you spend contemplating what you should have done… you lose valuable time planning what you can and will do.”

“That’s the thing about mistakes, you don’t dwell on them.”

Never apologize for what you feel.  It’s like being sorry for being real.”

“You have to self-reflect.  If you forget who you actually are, then what’s the use of even looking in the mirror?”

“Trying to tear down the past prohibits you from building up your future.”

“I don’t look for signs, but when things happen, I say, ‘Okay, something must be right.’  Or, ‘Okay, something must be wrong.'”

“Keep your mouth closed, and let your eyes listen.”

“Repetition is the father of learning, I repeat, repetition is the father of learning.”

“I’m a very passionate guy about anything I do.”

“I worked very, very hard.  I love to work.  We don’t approach things like ‘we’re good.’  We just approach things like ‘we gonna work and we’re gonna work hard’ and hard work pays off.  If you work that hard, you’re gonna get good.  And good turns to great.  And hopefully, I’m the definition of that.”

“I hate failure and I am in love with achievement.”

“I feel like everything I do is successful and productive.  It’s gonna be hard to tell me I’m slipping.”

“I’m a very creative person, and the best part about creation is creating.  So I always love to come up with new things, new ideas, new thoughts.  I cherish things like that.”

“I get higher than expectations.”

“No broken mirrors, I can’t see myself broke.”

“I’m an addict, I’m addicted to success.  Thankfully, there’s no rehab for success.”

“I don’t need it to be easy.  I just want it to be worth it.”

“I know it’s an experience that I need to have if God’s putting me through it.”

“Thank God, I’m actually infatuated and in love with what I do, therefore I am what I do.  So I never have to forget any of my ideas because I never have to remember, I just am.  I don’t need to write stuff down.”

“That’s what people always ask me: ‘How come you don’t forget it?’  I really don’t know, but I always answer that with: ‘Because that’s what I do.  It’s my job, so it’s always on my mind.'”

“I just always expect the best because I’m a competitor and if I’m competing, then obviously I’m trying to be better in everything.”

“Just the confidence in knowing that there’s always a tomorrow and I’m going to make sure that tomorrow is bright.  Some people can’t go on like that, like, ‘Okay, tomorrow will be better.’  They need it to be better right now.  And thank God I didn’t, and I never did.”

“It’s fun as hell to fall and to not get something and then to finally land it.”

“Prepared for the worst, but still praying for the best.”

“Nobody in the world could have told me I wasn’t gonna be a rapper.  So, yeah, I always knew I was gonna be one.”

“I believe that music is another form of news.  Music is another form of journalism to me so I have to cover all the areas with my album.”

“Honestly, I don’t listen to nobody else’s music but my own.  It’s kind of like sports to me.  You don’t see Kobe Bryant at a LeBron James game – he just works on his own game.  And that’s what I do.  I only listen to me, so I can criticize and analyze and all those things.”

“I’m submerged in everything about myself, trying to be better at who I am.  It’s something where you have to cut some things off.”

“My aim is just to make good music every single time.”

“I don’t take breaks, I just break records.”

“I don’t like to stop.  I believe you stop when you die.”

“I go wherever my creativity takes me.”

“I always believe that to be the best, you have to smell like the best, dress like the best, act like the best.  When you throw your trash in the garbage can, it has to be better than anybody else who ever threw trash in the garbage can.”

“I have accomplished all that I have set out to accomplish and more.”

“Somewhere along the way in your life, the world and its people will have a problem with you.  That’s their problem.  Not yours.”

“Throw dirt on my name, and I still come out clean.”

“Love or hate me, I stay hate free.  They say we learn from mistakes, well, that’s why they mistake me.”

“As long as people remember me forever, that will be enough for me.”

“I appreciate every single fan.  I appreciate every fan, because without you I am nothing.”

“I like people that enjoy life, ’cause I do the same.”

“I tried to pay attention, but attention paid me.”

“Too much money ain’t enough money.”

“I gotta die with money ’cause I wasn’t born with it.”

“My first priority is my family.  I am human.  But my whole family knows what my priority is.  Family is always first.  But my work is under nothing else, except God.”

“I am very humble, and I am very gracious and very grateful for everything that happens to me and about me and around me.”

“I’m blessed and I thank God for every day for everything that happens for me.”

“I don’t think life is about a pace, living slow or fast.  I think you just live.”

“We’re here to live.  We’re here to do.  We’re here to be.”

Make jokes.  No stress.  Love.  Live Life.  Proceed.  Progress.”

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