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Meg Whitman Quotes

Meg Whitman Pose

Meg Whitman quotes: here are the billionaire business exec., Margaret Cushing “Meg” Whitman’s, most impressive quotes.

Do what you love and success will follow.  Passion is the fuel behind a successful career.”

“Remember that you can do anything you want to do.  Don’t let anyone say, ‘You’re not smart enough… it’s too hard… it’s a dumb idea… no one has done that before… girls don’t do that.’  My mom gave me that advice in 1973.  And it allowed me to never worry about what others were saying about my career direction.”

“Be authentic.  You can’t buy integrity.”

“You will get where you want to go and be more successful by acting, iterating, and improving than by sitting back trying to predict and perfect everything in advance.”

“If you have fun at your job, I think you’re going to be more effective.”

“The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of a mistake.”

“‘Perfect’ is the enemy of ‘good enough.'”

“Success happens when good people with good intentions cooperate and work together over a shared interest.  Believing that people are basically good is what fuels most inspired individuals.  Cynics and pessimists do not change the world.”

“Regardless of who you are or what you’re doing, success demands action.”

“These are the fundamental principles of accountability.  In anything you want to do in life, success involves measuring progress and delivering results.”

“A business leader has to keep their organization focused on the mission.  That sounds easy, but it can be tremendously challenging in today’s competitive and ever-changing business environment.  A leader also has to motivate potential partners to join.”

“To be effective, leaders must have the qualities and attitudes essential to work in a group setting.”

“The difference between a competent executive and a superstar often boils down to the willingness to decide and to move forward, even when the path is not crystal clear.”

“Many companies operate from more of a command-and-control environment.  They decide what’s going to happen at headquarters and have the organization execute.  That doesn’t work here because it’s the community of users who really have control.”

“So we enable, not direct.  We think of our customers as people, not wallets.  And that has implications for how we run the company.  We partner with our customers and let them take the company where they think it’s best utilized.”

“Sometimes it’s a little bit like being a politician.  We have work to do in understanding our users’ sentiments.”

“We are not expert yet in what we need to do in the future, but we are expert in what we’ve done in the past, so we should be able to do it more efficiently.”

“Problems are good, as long as you solve them quickly.”

“Communications is at the heart of e-commerce and community.”

“But the best companies, organizations, and even community groups today embrace the importance of listening and use technology to help create a culture in which listening is valued.”

“My view is that, just as in many businesses, brands really matter.  There will always be a role for destination sites.  Eighty million users come to our destination.  I think that will be the vast majority of our future business.”

“A great brand delivers not only meaningful features and functionality but also an emotional connection.”

“When people use your brand name as a verb, that is remarkable.”

“Great brands empower, they solve problems, and they please in a deep way.”

“Look at growth, look at how much time people spend on the net and look at the variety of things that they are doing.  It’s all really good, so I am actually encouraged by the fundamentals that underlie usage growth on the net.”

“eBay had two main things that really spoke to me.  It enabled individuals to do things that they could not have done without the web.  The second thing was what Pierre said: ‘People have met their best friends on eBay.  What this has enabled is truly an online community.'”

“For me, the international expansion of eBay was the best idea.  We are now in 35 countries, and have a huge global network.  The second best one was the acquisition of PayPal – the wallet on eBay.”

Steve Jobs was an iconic entrepreneur and businessman whose impact on technology was felt beyond Silicon Valley.  He will be remembered for the innovation he brought to market and the inspiration he brought to the world.”

“We have always said that advertising is just the icing on the cake.  It is not the cake.”

“I got to get the right people in the right job.  Because a lot of costs can be taken out in the context of your administration without the legislature.  For example, using technology to do more with less.  Using technology to fight fraud.  Reorganizing and streamlining can be done within the context of the administration.”

“People ask me, ‘How is managing in the new economy different from managing in the old economy?’  Actually, it’s a lot the same.  It’s about the financial discipline of the bottom line, understanding your customers, segmenting your customers by their needs, and building a world-class management team.”

“We can’t impede progress in the name of environmental action that yields little for the environment and even less for our people… and we should look at the environment as an economic opportunity.”

“When a small business grows like eBay did, it has a multiplier effect.  It creates other small businesses that supply it with intellectual capital, goods, and services.”

“We also need to reduce corporate tax rates.  This applies to small, medium, and large businesses.  At 35%, we have the second highest corporate rates in the world.  It restricts the growth of small enterprises that need to plow capital back into their businesses and forces companies and jobs to move overseas.”

“You know, in a workplace, when you shrink the size of a workforce, there is pain there.  But there is no question: we have a government that we can no longer afford.  That is the cold, hard fact.  So we have to make this more efficient.  We have to sunset programs that no longer work.  We have to eliminate waste and fraud.  We must do this.”

“Most of us can’t even begin to imagine.”

“We believe people are basically good.  We recognize and respect everyone as a unique individual.  We believe everyone has something to contribute.  We encourage people to treat others the way they want to be treated.  We believe that an honest, open environment can bring out the best in people.”

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