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Stevie Wonder Quotes

Stevland Hardaway Morris

Stevie Wonder quotes: impressive stuff from Little Stevie.

“We all have ability.  The difference is how we use it.”

“It’s up to you to perfect that gift that you’ve been given.”

“You can’t base your life on other people’s expectations.”

“Time is long but life is short.”

“Fear’s what puts dreams to sleep.”

“Problems have solutions.”

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.”

“Ya gots to work with what you gots to work with.”

“When you’re moving in the positive, your destination is the brightest star.”

“The power has to be in your desire to see everyone thrive.”

“If we begin to stop spewing the negative and really move into using our voices and our pens and our abilities that we have to reach millions of people to the positive, we can make a difference in the world.”

“My mother gave me an understanding that as good as you think you are, you’re not so great.  There’s always room for improvement.  The reality is when people don’t have someone to give them a sense of guidance, and say, ‘Hey, man, that’s not happening,’ it’s really hard.”

“Life has meaning only in the struggle.  Triumph or defeat is in the hands of the Gods.  So let us celebrate the struggle!”

“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.”

“Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories.  And the longer a song has existed in our lives, the more memories we have of it.”

“If God didn‘t want me to sing it, he wouldn‘t have given me the talent to do it.”

“The most important thing is, when I do give the music, I’m satisfied with it, that it speaks for what I want to do.  It is a different kind of lyric; it’s very picturesque.  I can see everything that I’m writing, I can visualize all those things happening.”

“In my career, I learned that giving your services for free gives you a good return on your investment, not just financially but morally.  It supplements your personal integrity.”

“I am all for anything that is going to better equip a person who is physically challenged in any way, to have an opportunity to be able to do what they are able to do.”

“I’m always optimistic.  People need to make a jump to a place of positivity but they put it all on one person to make it happen.  It takes everybody.  And the mindset has to be different.”

“Reality is, your money is only as good as you’re able to help others with it.”

“You need to put your heart into making a difference.”

“You’ve got to remember that 25 is a great time because, you know, you’re passed that 21 thing and it’s a high point, a high peak in life, where you’re old enough to say what you have discovered, but you’re still open to discovering more.”

“When I was a child, kids used to make fun of me because I was blind.  But I just became more curious, ‘How can I climb this tree and get an apple for this girl?’  That’s what mattered to me.”

“I was just blessed to have ideas.”

“Minds ripen at very different ages.”

“First of all, I’m no better than the next person.”

“We’re stuck in fear and in not wanting to cross that most important bridge of understanding that we’re more alike or not.  We all cry, we all laugh.”

“We all have hearts.  If you have a heart, love somebody.  If you have enough heart, love everybody.”

“This is like one thing that I’ve tried to do, and I think successfully, that when you realize that nothing really belongs to you, you begin to appreciate having an understanding of just where your head is at, and you feel so much better.”

“All I ever wanted to do was music, and all I’ve ever asked, as I’ve gotten to know and discover the world more, is that God would use me in any way to encourage and inspire love and inspire people to bring and give love to each other.”

“The two big advantages I had at birth were to have been born wise and to have been born in poverty.”

“My mother had a rule, obviously, that I couldn’t go across the street by myself, but I had to find a way of doing it.”

“I never thought of being blind as a disadvantage, and I never thought of being black as a disadvantage.”

“I’ve never accepted stupidity and ignorance as making me then determine how good I was or how less I was.”

“Blind don’t mean you can’t, you know, listen.”

“Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn’t mean he lacks vision.”

“I’ve had some incredibly triumphal things happen in my life.”

“The Lord that I serve says the impossible is unacceptable.”

“Many years ago, but not so long ago, there were those who said, ‘Well, you have three strikes against you: you’re black, you’re blind and you’re poor,’ but God said to me, ‘I will make you rich in the spirit of inspiration, to inspire others as well as create music to encourage the world to a place of oneness and hope, and positivity.’  I believed Him and not them.”

“I just focus on what I’m doing.  If fans take pictures, every time I think about getting annoyed I remember how blessed I’ve been to have people who have followed my career.”

“I’m a work in progress, but if I know in my heart that I’m doing my best, that my heart’s in the right place, that I have unconditional love.  I feel okay.”

“I’m still experimenting.”

“For the most part, I feel really comfortable with what I’ve given to the people.  I want to give it to them again.”

“I have enough money to satisfy myself for a lifetime.”

“I am what I am.  I love me!  And I don’t mean that egotistically.  I love that God has allowed me to take whatever it was that I had and to make something out of it.”

“I’m believing that miracles and blessings still exist.”

“There’s a place in the sun, where there’s hope for everyone.”

“Hold onto your dreams ’cause they’re always worth havin’.  Hold onto your dreams till the day your life is said and done.”

“Baby, everything is alright, uptight, out of sight.”

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