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Lil Yachty Quotes

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Lil Yachty quotes: upbeat sayings by Lil Yachty.

“Just do what you want to do, and who cares what people think.”

“Stay creative. Follow your dreams, don’t give up. And just stay original. Stay in your own lane and stay creative.”

“If you got the talent and the drive, there are ways to get noticed.”

“I’m not negative. I don’t feed into negativity. I thankfully don’t. I’m out here trying to promote positivity on a global scale. I’m promoting positivity. I’m promoting happiness and loving yourself and having fun. But it’s not a joke.”

“Any post I do on social media, any song, anything in general, I just try to promote positivity, because I felt like there’s not enough positivity going around in the world.”

“My philosophy that I live by every day is I just try and keep it positive. I try to keep a positive image. That’s most important.”

“I want to help, and I wanna learn more about what’s going on in the world. I just wanna be alert.”

“That’s how things work: you be who you are, and then people like you. They gravitate.”

“Everybody’s voice matters.”

“I always knew I was going to be something. I didn’t know what. I used to have visions of flashing lights and red carpets.”

“I always felt like I had something to prove.”

“I was performing in front of mirrors forever. Just jumping around my room at, like, three in the morning when everybody else was sleeping. So when it came time, I was so ready.”

“You look more like a legend when you accomplish a lot at a young age.”

“Coming into this industry and watching, I could say it matured me a lot faster than my peers, and saying that it brought a lot more responsibilities at a young age and I’m able to see things differently.”

“My writing process is usually write everything on my phone or just freestyle, either or. Around my first mixtape, I did a lot of writing at home. I’d work on stuff in bed, or in the shower I’d come up with stuff. Literally anywhere. Even now, lines will come into my head and I’ll jot them down. At my mom’s house I used to do a lot of work really late at night, three or four in the morning, and I’d just write in bed.”

“You have to understand that your music isn’t for everybody; your job isn’t to please everybody.”

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, bro. If you’re tired of hip-hop, just don’t listen to it. I just wish there was a way you could filter all the hate off the internet or not allow any opinions. Then again, I was once a teenager on Twitter dissing J. Cole for no reason.”

“I’m not a rapper; I’m an artist. And I’m more than an artist. I’m a brand.”

“I’m 100% sunshine.”

“When you come from living in a dorm room with no clothes, no girls, no cars, and then you go to having three cars, girls, and money, you can’t help but be genuinely happy that things are moving in a positive direction.”

“I haven’t been here that long and I was extremely poor, you know what I’m saying? Real broke. No money ever, so it’s a blessing and I’m just thankful to be in this position in life. I never take this moment for granted.”

“I did buy my mother a Range Rover and a new crib. It feels good to say that.”

“My mother always taught me a lot of important life lessons.”

“I can trust my mom you know and at the end of the day if anything goes wrong, I can count on her.”

“I used to say that if I ever became a famous rapper, I’d start smoking. Once you get famous, you get people around you that can make you do stuff. But when you’re broke and you smoke, you just sit on a couch and do nothing. This is not a time to be smoking.”

“You can’t take everybody with you when it comes to this success and I learned that the hard way. You gotta do what you can but you can’t look out for everybody in this because some people don’t want to be looked out for.”

“I am honored to be chosen for this collaboration; I grew up watching Disney and using Beats headphones. Now I get to represent them both. It’s unreal.”

“I didn’t think I would work for Nautica. I never thought in my life I would have a Sprite deal, never in my life did I think I would have a Target deal, ever.”

“For the record, of course, having a career in music is a difficult endeavor. Of course, getting on is easier than staying on, but it’s even easier to say these things and far more difficult trying to live them. This sh*t is really f*cking hard. People don’t know that. People feel like it’s so easy, you know. They think you came up overnight. Well, the getting on part is easy, the maintaining success part is very f*cking difficult.”

“I always wanted to be different. Being the same sucks.”

“My only goal is to impress my fans.”

“I love where I’m at now and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

“I want to open a restaurant and I want to start selling properties. I want to own some stock. I just want to do all types of sh*t.”

“Acting is where I want to be, so I’m going to try to make that my thing like I made rapping my thing. Everything takes work and time, but we’re going to get there. Acting… I really want to see if I can flourish. It’s been a dream of mine.”

“I’m just enjoying life countin’ up my change.”

“I am happy every day, because life is moving in a very positive way.”

“I’ve always been a good person, but I wanna be, like, the best person. I just want to be a better person to the community.”

“I’m all about fun. I’m living life and chilling.”

“It always could always be better. Everything in life could always be better. Don’t settle for less ’cause then you miss out on more. Everything in life won’t always be pleasure. You work for the treasure just to live even more.”

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